The Dungeon Master
18 The Sassy Alchemis
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The Dungeon Master
Author :Dragoster245
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18 The Sassy Alchemis

Hei stepped into a cave, causing his body to shake as he felt an insane amount of death qi. To which decided to just push his luck, and keep walking, noticing many corpses along the way, realizing that this place wasn't just a pocket space, but an actual alternate dimension.

Hei stopped when he reached the cave's end, and sat down, summoning Vincent and the goblins to watch over the entrance while he cultivated.

Hei had passed out while he was cultivating, and ended up unconsciously cultivating, only to be woken up 9 hours later by a terrifying feeling.

"Child of man, are you the one that has absorbed all the qi here?"

He gulped and nodded. "Yes, that would be me, senior."

"That's interesting. What technique do you cultivate in?"

"Nine death dragons technique."

"Ah, my family's technique."

"Your- YOUR WHAT?!"

"Yeah, my siblings and I made it back when we were 20, and we just kept improving it as we grew. I won't tell you much, but just expect an upgrade." Said the senior before his presence disappeared.

Hei let out a sigh of relief. "That... That was terrifying."

Hei took the corpses with him, before he began coughing blood.

"Warning: Your body contains too much death qi. You will die within 15 days if you don't find a way to stabilize it." The system said.

Hei hissed as he read the message. "Fucking hell. I knew my greed would get me killed, but not this soon." He said, before putting his monsters back in the summoning space.

Hei sighed and stood up, walking outside, where he spotted a figure wearing full green clothing, with several potions on his clothes. "Wizard...?" He whispered.

"Is there some sort of wise, majestic aura about me?" The figure replied, after somehow hearing him.

"How the f-" Hei whispered, before looking at him again. "Witch?"

"Does my voice sound like a woman's?" The figure replied. "But yeah, you're getting closer."

"Your sass will end up being your demise." He said again. "Got it, you're an alchemist."

"So humans aren't as dense as they seem." The man said.

'I will definitely stab this guy sometime soon.' Hei thought to himself, still keeping his guard up. "Aren't you gonna come and fight me with your magic and sword?"

"Nah, that's too much effort for someone like me." The alchemist said, to which Hei replied. "But making potions isn't?" Causing the alchemist to look at Hei in defeat.

Hei grinned at his tiny victory, before heading out of the cave, but was stopped before he managed to leave by the alchemist's voice.

"What do you say about teaming up?" The alchemist said, causing Hei to stop flapping his wings.

'Master, let me handle him.' A familiar voice said in Hei's head.

'Alright, go for it.' Hei said.

Suddenly, Hei's aura changed, becoming more ferocious, and primordial. "And what would I gain from that?" It was none other than the hydra that took control over Hei.

"Potions, and other things. Including stabilizing that death qi in your body." The alchemist.

The hydra was going to say something, but was stopped by Hei. "That's good enough for me. Let's team up." It said, before giving Hei control again.

"Alright, let's get out of here. I sense other people coming." Said the alchemist.

"Can I at least know your name?" Asked Hei.

"My name is Yao, Yao Yang. Alchemist extraordinaire, at your service."

"Hei Long, Dungeon Master. Pleasure to meet you."

"A dungeon master, aye? What kinda stuff do you guys do?" Said the alchemist as he began following Hei.

The alchemist had yellow eyes, orange hair, wore full green clothing, a green wizard's hat, had the exact same scythe as Hei, and an evil magic book around his waist, along with multiple potions.

Hei began thinking. "We're like beast tamers, except we keep our pets in summoning spaces, or our dungeons, and we make money out of either killing, or VR training sessions."

"Ah, that's quite interesting. So what's the strongest monster you have?" Yao said, as he looked at Hei with curious cat eyes.

"Rio, my god level dragon." Hei replied, deciding to say the truth.

"Why so you trust him that much?' The chimera asked.

'I don't know. My instincts say so.' Hei replied.

"Oho?" Yao looked at him, with a raised brow. "How did you get him? And how have you managed to get such a being to submit to you?"

"Quests from the system." Hei said, looking at him. "And he simply decided to be my subordinate. I don't know why he chose to do so, being such a powerful being and all."

Yao suddenly stopped. "We're surrounded. One Ascendance level monster, 5 Overlord, and 10 Kings."

Hei just sighed. "Too many. Get on my back, and let's leave." Hei said.

"How? At least 2 of them know how to fly, and I'm pretty sure they all know how to use magic attacks." Yao said.

Hei gave him a smile. "Just trust me."

"If you say so." Yao said, getting on Hei's back.

Hei's body began changing. Becoming bigger and bigger, reaching a size of 100 meters within seconds, his body changing to the Chimera's, alerting the beasts, whom hesitantly rushed towards the two. "Hang on tight!" Hei said, flapping his wings as he began getting off the ground, before flying at the speed of Mach 1.

While he flew, multiple people saw the giant 10 headed beast as he flew.

A few minutes later...

Hei landed in a forest, hidden with thick, tall trees, as he began changing back to his human form. "We're finally safe." Said Yao. "I wouldn't be so sure about that." A feminine voice said from behind the two of them.
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    《The Dungeon Master》