The Emperor's System
2 Meetin with god?
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The Emperor's System
Author :Lazyfatmonk
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2 Meetin with god?

'So this is how death feels like? I feels like I'm on a comfy bed that was made with the finest cotton.' When I opened my eyes and looked around, I saw that I was in a room and this room was decorated with golden walls, a golden roof and even multiple golden dragon statues, the room was clearly designed by some one extremely eccentric.

'So is this like a waiting room? maybe I wait here until the portal to hell or heaven opens. All in all, not bad customer service I would give them Five stars if they send me to heaven. after all, the reason I died was because I defended someone innocent. That has got too count for something around here.'

As a myriad of thoughts were going around my head I caught the sight of some light shining in the darkness through the window, although slowly it was getting brighter and brighter. Seeing this I started to feel fear, was I really going to meet my end like this.

No! I won't let this happen I'll just stay in this luxurious waiting room forever, at least here there aren't any men with horns and pitchforks trying to torture me for eternity. As I was about to ignore the light and go to sleep the door to my room opened to reveal an old man with an incredible aura around him.

The old man had an amiable smile on his face as he stared at me. So this must be god right? So what should I do now, should I beg for forgiveness or should I start ass kissing? Hmm, maybe I should do both.

After sorting out what he wanted to say he started speaking.

"Your highness...Your lordship...Your majesty, I don't even know what to say, it's just that I'm overwhelmed by staring at your greatness, and whatever judgement you pass on I will accept it without flinching. But before your awesomeness decides on anything may I say one last thing in my defence."

Before the god even responded he continued speaking.

"I really would have loved to have become one of your devoted followers. But as you already know I was born an orphan and I grew up from foster home to foster home, some times I didn't even have anything to eat. which not only caused a mental scar but also one on my soul, as a result I decided to worship money instead."

"Now, I am not trying to find excuses, nor am I trying to indicate that this is all your fault, even though you are the main reason. What I am trying to say is that if you had let me keep my parents then maybe I could have become your most loyal and devoted follower."

Right now the old man had a terrified expression.

His name was Mathew, an old servant in the Michelson family. He was assigned to the second young master as a trainer for cultivation and etiquette.

He was first happy and proud to be selected for this task, as it was well known that the second young master had the best talent out of the other two. But never did he expect that this talented young master to be so lazy. He was so lazy that he didn't get out of bed unless it was to go to the toilet.

And this led to him being the weakest of his two other brothers. But even though he was the weakest, he was still the prime choice for the family head's position since his talent out classed the other two by so much that it was believed, he would only need to train a little to reach great heights.

Today he came here to do what he always had, which was to convince this lazy bastard to do some training. Although he didn't have much hope in it working he still had the duty to try this every day, so he expected rejection and even some priceless treasure to be thrown at him.

But what he didn't expect was his young master to already be up and not only that, he even had some light in his eyes as he got out of bed. Seeing his young master getting up from bed he was stunned and surprised, but what followed next left him terrified.

His young master actually started kowtowing to him and as if that wasn't bad enough he started calling him things like 'Your highness, Your majesty and Your lordship' while spouting some nonsense about an orphanage and something about loyalty and devotion.

Fearing that his young master might have lost his mind he was terrified and started thinking about what he should do.

Nick was worried right now, from the expression on this god's face, it was pretty clear that he was terrified of him. Which made him think of a saying back on earth that says, a lawyer's tongue is so scary that it can even scare the devil back to hell. But was it really true?

Mathew was racking his head to find out what was happening when suddenly it hit him, maybe his young master was on some kind of drug that induced hallucinations. thinking this, he disappeared into space to look for the family physician.

Nick finally started believing those rumours, because if this god wasn't really scared of him then why else would he run away like that. As for the questioning of that old man being god, he didn't doubt it for a second, who else could have such an incredible aura and he even vanished into space just now, he was definitely god.

After a few minutes god returned, but this time with another old man who also had a slight smile on his face. But there were some differences between them like this new guy had pride oozing out of him, he couldn't even hide his pride in that smile of his.

Nick started laughing inside thinking 'So you brought backup huh? One wasn't enough to handle the great me was it? hahahhaha, damn I always knew that I was greatness itself.'
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