The Emperor's System
4 Do you want to train?
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The Emperor's System
Author :Lazyfatmonk
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4 Do you want to train?

In Nick's room there were two old men standing on a bed side, staring at a shirtless boy. This boy had a charming aura around him, his dark red hair coupled with his muscular defined thin physic, made him look like he was blessed, by the goddess of beauty.

Right now staring at the boy sleeping, those old men didn't have an admiring or an envying look on their faces that most people usually had when they looked at him. But were instead, frowning so much that you would guess they were looking at a monstrosity.

"Mr. George is what you said true? Is that poison really in our young master's body?" Asked the servant while visibly trembling from anger and fear. Anger for letting him get poisoned and fear for what will happen when the family head finds out.

"Yes, although I don't approve of my lazy nephew like the rest of the clan does, he is still my family. And nobody messes with my family, I will find the culprit if it's the last thing I ever do. But for now, what I want to know is how he is still alive. I mean, this poison is called the mystic soul poison for a reason and it is considered the second most deadliest and undetectable poison in this world."

"As it would usually attack the soul of the patient, it leaves no trace because it would leave the patient's body with the soul. But in his case it's as if it can't defeat the soul and it's just waiting for a momentary weakness to attack. This is so interesting, to think he would have the soul strength to fight a poison of this level, it's just unimaginable."

But what he didn't know, was that the poison had already worked and killed the previous Nick and the only reason it hasn't dissipated with the soul yet, is due to the golden orb that had absorbed and assimilated the previous host's soul while at the same time detoxifying it. Which made the poison sit obediently and helplessly at the corner with no way to attack or to escape.

"So what should we do now?" Asked the still shocked servant.

"What can we do? There is no antidote for this kind of poison, all we can do is wait and pray that he makes it out alive." Said George while sighing heavily.

After having his head stuffed with those foreign memories, Nick was having a splitting headache as he started to wake up. He found himself in his room which he previously thought was the waiting room of the afterlife, and only after getting the memories of the previous Nick was he able to know that this was a room designed for him by his eccentric father.

As he started to slowly open his eyes, he found that everything was blurry and only after blinking a few time was he able to clear his blurry vision. The first thing he saw was the worrying faces of his uncle and servant.

"Sorry for worrying you two, I didn't know what came over me earlier." Nick said while blushing as he didn't know where to put his face after that terrible show he put on earlier.

But as a lawyer's skin is unusually thick, he recovered quickly as he said,

"Hmmm it's just that both of your auras, powers and charms were so awe inspiring that I actually mistook you for gods." There was a hint of jealousy in his voice as he said this.

When the two old men heard his first sentence they were both relieved, but when they heard his next one they became dumbfounded yet again.

Since when did he care about their auras and power, hadn't they been trying to make him jealous with their abilities, in order for him to seek power since he was five. But he never even gave them a second glance before. But now their was a hint of jealousy in his words as he mentioned their power, the both of them could even see a hunger for power in his eyes.

"D-does young master want to t-train today?" Asked the servant as he stuttered in agitation.

"Let me rest for a little while as I have a terrible headache right now, but first thing tomorrow, we will begin our training Mathew." Said Nick in unusually stern manner.

"Of-of course of course young master just go ahead and rest, you may not know this but you have just escaped death as you were poisoned by the Mystic soul poison, which also explains your actions earlier, but the poison's effects seem to wearing of so an hours rest will be sufficient. And as you only need an hour at most, we will start our training in a hour then would that be fine?"

"Y-yes wa..."before Nick could eve reply the was interrupted.

"Great! Since young master agrees, I will come back in an hour after escorting Mr. George." After saying that the servant started walking out of the room in a fast pace, what a joke, he had been waiting a long time to hear that his young master wanted to train and he would obviously not give him another day to think about it.

The way he saw it, an hour was the bare minimum of the rest his young master needed to recuperate. So he won't have enough time to think about his decisions. In fact although he said he would be escorting Mr. George out he didn't even glance at him as he left, for fear that the moment he looked back he would be faced with the continual of the conversation with his young master.

Seeing the way the servant was leaving with out even giving him any face, George wasn't the least bit angry as he new that the servant did it for the boys sake. In fact he has even decided that he would talk to the family head to give him a raise. He was naturally also happy that the boy has decided to train after that near death experience.

It's just that he is more worried about the poison that is still inside his body and it's after effects.
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