The Emperor's System
5 First time training
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The Emperor's System
Author :Lazyfatmonk
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5 First time training

An hour later Mathew came back to Nick's room.

Mathew was over the moon right now, he had always been mocked by the other head servants for the weakness of the young master he serves.

But from today on he can hold his head high in front of anyone, because with a little effort, guidance and that monstrous talent in the boy's procession it will be a cake walk to the top.

"Young master it's time for your training, today we will only start with the basics of cultivation and nothing difficult. In fact we will have a lot of fun to day." Mathew spoke with a voice that one uses to manipulate a child.

"Mathew I j..." Before Nick could even finish he was interrupted by Mathew who started speaking in a solemn tone.

"Young master, we of the Michelson household have two things we never break, one is the duty bestowed upon us by our ancestors and the other is our word which we never renegade upon."

"And this holds true especially for you young master, as you are one of the heirs to the family, this qualities are what's excepted of you an..."

"Would you please calm down Mathew I was just going to say, that I would meet you on the training ground after i change my clothes, you know I almost died in these ones. So I thought it would feel weird to continue wearing them." Seeing that Mathew was still worried that he would go back on his word to train Nick interjected and pacified him.

Only after hearing what Nick said did Mathew finally manage to calm down.

"Ok, I will be waiting at the training ground for you." After saying that Mathew walked out.

While chuckling at his new servant's antics Nick took a bath and started changing his clothes. And after looking at the model of perfection in the mirror Nick walked out of the room and started heading towards the training ground.

Earlier he didn't dare to look outside for fear of finding out that he was in hell, but now that he knew he was sent into another world he wasn't afraid anymore and beside after gaining the old nicks memories he knew this mansion was the safest place he could be right now.

As he walked along the mansion he couldn't help but marvel at the sheer size and beauty of it all, no matter if it was comparing the designs or the heights of the buildings here, they by far outclassed the ones from his previous world.

And soon he arrived at the training ground, this training ground was so big that one wouldn't be able to see the end of it from the gates, as this was a space that was detrimental for the strengthening of the family, they didn't spare any expenses in hiring the best space manual cultivator on creating this self repairing space.

This place looked like it had tided through many wars with all the burn marks, scratch marks and even man sized holes all around the place.

But one has to know that this place fully repairs itself every night, which means that all these holes and marks were made only from people that were training today.

Right now the place was quite and there weren't any people training in sight.

"Young master, your finally here. I hope you don't mind, but I have taken the liberty of emptying out the training ground for your first day of training." Mathew started speaking as he appeared beside him out of nowhere.

"I-it's ok." Nick was a little scared right now, Mathew's temperament had changed completely from one that was subservient to that of a stern teacher.

"Good, now before we start let me tell you about the two things that you should never do while cultivating, first never cultivate without a proper manual, our surrounding is filled with all types of energy, so if you just wantonly absorb them, you will most likely cause a clash between the elements in your surrounding then you will destroy your dantain if your lucky and explode if your not."

"The second one is, don't cultivate if you are not in the peace of mind to do so, as cultivating requires patience and the concentration, and any type of distraction will result in the shaking of your foundation or even worse crippling you for life."

"Now that we have gotten that out of the way, let's begin."

As soon as he finished telling me the ways that i could hurt myself we began my training.
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