The Emperor's System
8 The System Awakening, Part 1
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The Emperor's System
Author :Lazyfatmonk
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8 The System Awakening, Part 1

Five thousand years ago there lived a fortune teller that was respected by all, every thing she foretold managed to come true with out fail. Her fortune telling powers were so scary that the Three top tier family heads themselves had to beg for a reading, but this fortune teller only granted them one reading each.

As for using their strength to force her, they didn't even consider it as an option for a creepy reason. This fortune teller didn't cultivate, yet people couldn't get more that five meters from her before disintegrating. Which meant, using force was out of the question.

The third Michelson head was the second person from the top tier families to get a reading, and this was what he was told. "Relocate your mansion and build it around the black vortex, as the saviour of your family and the entire world will come from it."

The family head didn't even flinch, as he immediately moved as she ordered. He then quarantined that, it into a family restricted area, that only he, his sons and the elders were allowed to enter.

The family then renamed the black vortex, as 'The Hole Of The Saviour'. But although the area was restricted and sacred, the family also uses it for another important purpose, and that was for the disposing of trash.

Yes, as five thousand years have already passed since the fortune was told, nobody really believed in it anymore. And as the things that went into the Hole never returned, This hole got another name, and that was 'The hole of no return'.

And although the area was said to be restricted, there really weren't any people guarding it. It was all for ceremonial purposes.

Mathew was running in the void while sweating like crazy, it was broad daylight so he knew he looked suspicious, as he ran carrying a big black sack. But all he could do was hope that no one would notice him at his speed.

And as if the gods were helping him, he reached the hole of no return, unseen. Entering the area, he looked at the scary black vortex that lead down to god knows where and sighed in relief.

"Young master forgive me for taking your life, I sincerely hope I get to serve you better in the next life." After saying that he threw the sack with Nick still in it into the vortex.


Planet Zora, Continent of the 1st, in the Wastelands.

This Wasteland was known for it's weird black vortex that spits out trash, this vortex was named by the locals as 'The Devils Anus'. But although the things were called trash, these were only because most of the things were damaged, if one somehow managed to find something that works, then they would strike it rich easily.


"Stop yelling Mike I'm right beside you man, I hope it's something good this time cause I didn't make any money from the one last time."

"Me neither, that girl is always taking away anything valuable."

"Yea man one of these days we will have to teach her a lesson."

"You said it, if I get my hands on her I swe.. There she is!, Hurry she's almost got the shit."

"Damn it! How is she so fast?"

"I don't know man, let's go see what she's caught today."

Upon arrival they were greeted by an ugly girl with messy hair and missing tooth who had one leg on top of a big black sack and her hands in a victory pose. Giving the men a provocative glance, she gave them a wink and started laughing shyly.

But with her looks, it only managed to frighten those poor men. After chasing away those men and making sure no one else was around, she lost the shy look she had put on and became expressionless.

She then went on to load the sack onto her rusted metal cart and started to pull it out of the waste lands. But she still remained expressionless, it was as if what she did a moment ago was a facade she put on just for show.

After carrying the sack miles across a dessert, she finally stopped in front of a wooden house, this house stood alone in the empty dessert worn down by the sands of time.

Dragging her cart into the house, she unloaded the sack onto the floor before going into her bathroom and taking of her shoes, her feet were oddly smooth and clean not matching her situation as she had just walked miles in her awfully torn shoes.

After washing off the sand from her face and dusting off her cloth, she went back to the living room and opened the sack only to stumble back from fear of what she saw.

It was a boy, the most good looking boy that she had ever layed her eyes on. He looked nearly dead though, like any one of his breaths could very well be his last.

Debating in here mind on whether to help him or not, she finally took a deep breath as she made her decision and princess carried him into her bed room while murmuring to herself. "Humph stinky boy, you better pay back this goddess when you wake up."
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