The Emperor's System
9 The System Awakening, Part 2
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The Emperor's System
Author :Lazyfatmonk
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9 The System Awakening, Part 2

The mysterious girl took Nick to her bedroom, she gently put him down on the bed. Removing his upper wear she started looking for wounds in order to make sense of all the blood on him, yet she couldn't find any no matter how hard she looked.

Finally, she confirmed that his wounds were all internal and if he didn't get treatment quick then he probably won't make it through the night. After standing still for a moment she sighed and said.

"I really would have helped you but the type of medicine you require are too precious to in peace and hope for better luck in your next life"

After saying those words she moved to pick him up from the bed when a deep voice growled at her from behind.

"What are you doing big sis?!! Is this how our dad raised us?!! To see people in need and turn them away?!!"

There was anger and conviction in that voice as it spoke with righteousness making one ashamed of any wrongdoing they have ever committed.

The mysterious girl blushed from shame for a few seconds but managed to get her countenance back quickly as she said.

"Our dad isn't here anymore and we are in hiding, maybe you haven't noticed, but this isn't our mansion anymore, We are living in the desert scavenging for every meal the herbs we brought with us are very valuable now unlike before where we used some to feed our pets. So we can't waste them on any random person that falls on our doorstep."

The mysterious girl was unwilling to back down as the herbs had another value that she wasn't willing to speak off.


A violent cough suddenly interrupted their argument as Nick woke up.

"You're conscious?!!! How??" I could have sworn that nearly all your internal organs had burst!!"The mysterious girl said petrified.

"Sister the questions can wait, lets give him water first."The deep voice spoke as the person brought over a glass of water and handed it to the mysterious girl.

Nick woke up about a minute ago, only to find an unimaginable pain coursing through his body. But before he could scream he realized a numbness washing over him as golden light started being released from the golden orb.

But as he was about to relax he suddenly heard two people arguing beside him, one seemed intent in leaving him for dead while the other seemed to be intent in saving his life.

As his eyelids felt like they weighed more than a mountain, he couldn't open them yet, so he could only picture what they looked like based on their voices.

The girl must be one of those heavenly beauties he remembered from his new memories, those girls are naturally cold and aloof as they only cared about cultivation and looking good.

While the man with a deep voice must be a middle-aged man who has experienced the vicissitude of time and can see through people's facades easily.

But as he processed what they said he grew a little confused, why did the middle-aged man call her big sis unless she had high cultivation, and could maintain her youth while others aged.

Suddenly he started wondering how he should break the ice and finally opened his mouth to speak only for coughs to come out, as he felt his dry throat.

After asking for water he heard the deep-voiced man running around to bring him water which made him really feel touched.

As he felt some on living his head and something cold touching his lips he gently opened his mouth and started drinking.

Only after finishing the whole glass did he feel his thirst alleviating slightly, mustering up all his energy, he opened his eyes slowly but steadily just to be greeted with a face that one could use as a scarecrow to protect a farm.

Seeing this face his eyes lost all their energy and slammed themselves shut again.'Shiiiiiiiiit, could she not scare an already injured person, is this what they call by angering the gods I mistakenly called another person god so in wrath they cast me from my mansion into god knows where only to be greeted by god knows what.'

'Mathew you fucker, your mom and dad both liked dicks that why you were born confused!!! Just let me find a way back I will break you apart piece by piece you fucker!!'

As he rained down curses on Mathew, in his head he started breathing rapidly he never would have thought he would fall into shit because the golden globe decided to absorb the cultivation technique.

'Fuck you too globe what are you supposed to be the god of misfortunes left ball, you got me into this and now you act all generous and release golden light like some hero, fuck you. What I can mold your body what I can mold your mind but cant your will....such awe-inspiring words how long did it take to come up with them a century if your so powerful why can't you mold my will as well...huh what nothing then keep quiet bitch!!'

After another round of cursing, he finally felt a little better.

"Are you done asking to die brat!!!" The ancient voice from the small orb sounded again after so long but this time the voice seemed to trembling in rage.

Nick was stunned, he didn't expect to get a response. But he didn't stay quiet this time when the golden orb spoke.

'Oh, you seem mad, is it perhaps because my servant more than I cursed you, well then in that case...let me add some more for you, everybody has the right to be stupid but you're abusing your privilege, if you were a cookie you' de be a whoreo, you talk so much shit when you talk I don't know whether to offer you a breath mint or toilet paper.'

After saying what he needed to say he closed his eyes and waited for the glob to start smiting, but little did he expect to hear it sigh and say.

"Actually there is a way to increase your will power but I don't know if you're ready for that yet...." The globe spoke every word slowly sending shivers down Nicks back.

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