The Emperor's System
11 The System“s Guide
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The Emperor's System
Author :Lazyfatmonk
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11 The System“s Guide

After reading those words made from golden letters, he felt a rush of excitement and pride wash over him.

One had to understand that before he became a lawyer, he was born an orphan in a nasty neighborhood filled with nothing but drugs and violence.

Yet, through sheer grit and determination he somehow managed to straighten himself out and became a lawyer, but just being one wasn't enough for him. He wanted to be the best, he wanted to have both power and money.

Finding a new goal that fueled him, he studied every loophole and inconsistency in the constitution to an unprecedented level even though he still died in the hands of those thugs.

And now that he had been given an opportunity that one could only dream off by transmigrating into a world filled with adventure and excitement, he had yet again found a new goal, which was to be strong enough.

As for how much exactly was enough....heheheheh... of course it was enough to stand above all!

But he was confused about what exactly the system was? Filled with curiosity he spoke.

"I accept!"And as soon as he did a mechanical voice started rambling in his head.

[Ding!!! Requirements for system installation met... Proceeding onto installation..... Installation complete.....Analyzing the host's body.....Analysis complete.....Establishing a connection with 'The Emperors Guide'...Connection established...Loading all files and booting in 5,4,3,2,1.]

[Welcome host, and rejoice, for you have been selected as the sole possessor of'The Emperor's System', from now on, you will tread the path of the emperor and never look back. Would host like to learn of the main uses of the system?]

"Yes" he replied without hesitation.

[Calling the system's guide to explain the system's features to host.]

"Well brat, I hope you don't make me regret my choice. I am the system guide but you can call me 'great domineering yin yang black hole punch king'"

Feeling satisfied with the name he came up for himself, he waited patiently and silently for Nick to address him with his proper title.

Nick was now completely speechless, the ancient being that was so awe-inspiring was actually some kind of guide to the system like an old male Siri and what the fuck was up with that bull shit name it gave itself.

Of course, Nick wouldn't call him with that long-winded name that probably had nothing to do with anything.

So he ignored him again and started checking out the system on his own. As a young man from the twenty-first century he could recognize a Gaming system when he sees one.

It had three categories, they were the Stats, Store, and the fusion button. Sadly the Fusion and store buttons were grayed out making them inaccessible for the time being.

So he went and opened the stats category,


[Name: Nick Michelson

Cultivation Level: None

Physical Body Level: None

Cultivation Technique: Star Devouring Dragon manual

Physical Body Skill: None


Domineering points: -1000

Bloodlines: Heaven devouring Ancient Dragon bloodline(not active)]

Seeing that he was being ignored the System's guide could only relent and do its job in explaining the system's functions.

"As you can see your cultivation level is nonexistent and so is your body cultivation, Exp points can be gained from killing demonic beasts or humans."

"As for the bloodline, I can only say you are the luckiest person I have ever seen."

"That sly reptile must have been severely injured for it to put all its essence and soul into that book."

"After waiting for enough people to cultivate the manual and absorb tiny strands of its essence it would eventually rise up and absorb the people that trained in the technique, then it would rebuild its body with all their essence."

"It was a brilliant plan if it wasn't because I the Great Domineering Yin Yang Black Hole Punch King was there it would have succeeded."

"I took the liberty to use 500 domineering points to kill it and absorb its bloodline for you, and then when you got thrown into the unstable space tunnel by your servant I used another 500 domineering points to keep you from being shredded."

"Keep in mind boy that to buy that bloodline from the system would have cost you an arm and a leg, also after the activation of the system the domineering points loaning function is now officially closed."

"Aren't you touched boy, Are you feeling bad about doubting me? How about you call me Granpa Black Hole from now on and we can call it even."

Nick processed what the system said and finally relaxed, with this system even if it wasn't guaranteed that he would be awesome it was at least implied.

Nick smiled and said, "Wow you sure did help.....but was I not saved by using my own points if you truly want me to be thankful how about you erase my debt? Until then I will call you Old geezer"

Hearing Nicks words the old geezer was hopping mad but had nowhere to release his anger, afraid of being angered anymore he literally kicked Nick out of the space and into consciousness.

Nick only saw the old man running and kicking him before he woke up. But this time most of his injuries were healed which surprised him considering the shape he previously was in.

When Nick was about to slowly sit up he heard the mysterious girls voice ringing beside him in a cold and detached tone as she said.

" have wasted one of our most precious herbs, the least you can do is lay down and let it do its work!!"

She was clearly dissatisfied, when she left to make dinner, that sneaky little brat snuck into their secret storage and fed the boy one of their most precious herbs.

She had spanked the brat for an Hour before she felt her hand get sour so she came to check if there was any of their herb that was leftover from feeding the boy only to see him wake up and look around innocently....he really was a bastard.

Nick didn't turn around to look at the girl as he continued to lay down, you have to understand that this wasn't because her looks scared him or that she was too ugly, but because he knew himself pretty well.

He had grown up in New York also known as the rudest city in America, their people sometimes insult each other for fun, so even as a rich lawyer he had retained this habit of his.

One time a big client came over who had everything except a good personality, as soon as he got to the office he yelled 'bring me coffee black' to the owner of the firm, the owner was furious so he appointed that client to Nick so that he can be thought a lesson and oh did he.

The client walked into Nick's office and then sat down quietly with his feet on the table.

Nick was surprised but still asked with a smile"Why don't you slip into something more comfortable like a coma?"

The Client furiously Got up and said, "What did you say, boy, do you even know who I am?"

"Of course I do, you sir are the big zit on the ass of life."

"You bastard!! Do you want to die?" The client said with his rage trembling finger pointed at Nick.

"Shut up! If I wanted to hear from an asshole, i would fart!"

The client calmed down after being insulted for 10 more minutes then yelled"I've changed my mind, any firm that allows an uncultured person like you to work for them isn't worth my time."

" changed your the new one any better?"Asked Nick in a serious tone.

The client fainted from rage and had to be carried out of the firm, sigh.....good times.

Rehearsing the words he was going to say and making sure there weren't any curse words in them he slowly turned his head towards the ugly lady and spoke.

"May I ask the name of the beautiful maiden that saved my life?" he said those words fluently as if they were the truth.

At this time on earth, Nick's office phone rang, and when the receptionist answered, the client whom Nick had insulted into fainting was on the other line.

He asked the receptionist to speak to Mr. Nick Flames. "I'm sorry, sir," the receptionist said. "Mr. Flames passed away yesterday." "Oh, is that right? Goodbye." he hanged up the phone.

But everyday for the next two weeks that same client called back again and again as the same exchange occurred. Finally, the receptionist said, "Sir, I have told you repeatedly that Mr. Flames died, why do you keep calling and asking for him?"

"Oh," the giggling client replied, "I just like hear it."

The receptionist was speechless.

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