The Emperor's System
14 The Powerful Technique
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The Emperor's System
Author :Lazyfatmonk
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14 The Powerful Technique

Mike had never heard this kind of music before, he felt like he should dance but he didn't know how too, this was just torture.

Nick was having the time if his life right now, what kind of progress was most exciting? Of course, it was the fast kind, if one could see and feel their muscle growing with every pushup, then would there even be obesity in the world?

Right now he had lost himself to the excitement and couldn't even bother to turn his head to look at mike's expression.

He had already reached the seventh rank in the spirit realm and the number of experience points the scorpions gave him had drastically decreased, but he was still madly stabbing and even sometimes stomping on a few weak looking ones, there was just too much of them there.

Finally, fifteen minutes later he stopped as his arms felt extremely sour, but then, rich spirit energy washed over them returning them to their peak state, looking at the twenty scorpions left he did a mental calculation and killed five and as expected.




Ding! Congratulations host for leveling up Spirit realm Rank 9!

Thinking about how he leveled up nine levels in a few minutes made him wanna kiss those cartel members that killed homo.

As he was about to drop the spear and ignore the remaining scorpion...he noticed they looked at him with questioning anger.

As if saying what do you mean by this, are you perhaps looking down on us because we are too few now...come kill us if you dare...these granddads are not afraid of you.

Nick was furious upon interpreting the looks on the scorpions' faces, how could he allow a bunch of tiny scorpions insulting him.

Filled with rage he continued stabbing them to vent his anger.

If the scorpions heard his reason for killing them they would have haunted him even if they became ghosts, what do you mean we insulted you?

We haven't even gained intelligence yet, but you dare to claim we insulted you by just observing our faces, we can't even make expressions...we were born this way...just like you were born with a personality of an asshole.

After finishing them off he turned around and walked away with a posture and air of an expert but he heard something that all most made him Tripp.

Ding! Congratulations host for gaining the title The Slayer Of Scorpions-Reward-All Creatures with scorpion blood will have their power halved when in close range and feel instinctual hate for the host.

I always knew that awsome ends with me....but to make an enemy of an entire race...forget it at least now I can be considered a cultivator.

Mike and Lily didn't notice he was breaking through due to the system covering the energy fluctuations he released, but they felt for some reason that he was way stronger than he was before.

Nick walked in and sat down again on the dining table and started checking his new stats.


[Name: Nick Michelson

Title: The Slayer Of Scorpions

Cultivation Level: Spirit realm rank 9

Physical Body Level: None

Cultivation Technique: Star Devouring Dragon manual

Physical Body Skill: None


Domineering points: -1000

Bloodlines: Heaven devouring Ancient Dragon bloodline]

Nick saw the changes to his stats and couldn't help but feel happy about his progress and, he also noticed that there was a new title bar on the screen but what made him \u003cspan style="font-size: calc(var(--rem) * 1px * 1.0625); letter-spacing: 0px;"\u003ereally \u003c/span\u003e\u003cspan style="font-size: calc(var(--rem) * 1px * 1.0625); letter-spacing: 0px;"\u003ehappy was that his bloodline had lost its inactive form, waiting for him to explore its miraculous uses.\u003c/span\u003e

Mike suddenly woke up from his daze and ran in and asked in an enthusiastic and young voice"Big bro what can I call you?"

Nick gave a side glance at this naughty, annoying brat that he had once guessed was a middle-aged man, then he said.

"The name is Michelson.....Nick Michelson."Nick spoke in a cool James bond manner.

"Oh, hi big bro Michelson Nick Michelson I am mike and that is my sister, the beauty empress of our old city Lily but I guess you already knew that. Also, big brother, I hope you take our newfound friendship into consideration and you won't pursue my sister." suits him right, who told him to use a movie reference in another world now he would be known as the guy with the weirdly long name. And Nick could see that the boy wasn't joking or being sarcastic when he called his sister the beautiful empress.

Nick even started doubting if it was his eyes that were failing him, as for the last statement about him pursuing the boy's sister, Nick could only say' roses are red, violet are blue, I have five fingers, the middle one is for you'

Mike was born from a different mother but he loved the sister of his. He had also at one time questioned his sister's looks. So he went to his dad's study to consult with his father about his doubts.

Hearing his son's doubts his father put on a loving smile and gently walked to the door and locked it as if what he was going to say was a huge secret that shouldn't be heard by the outside world.

Then two days later, Mike limped out of the study with bruises all over his body. After that every time he looked at his sister she somehow managed to look better and better.

Nick didn't know that Mike had been brainwashed by his father but he did know one thing, that by the way this boy was looking at him if he didn't quickly promise not to pursue his sister, he would definitely fight him here and now.

"My name is not Michelson Nick Michelson just call me Nick, okay, and I swear if I ever pursue your sister may I be castrated for the rest of my life."

Hearing Nicks solemn vow Mike relaxed but he didn't fell it was the slightest bit excessive, his sister was a beauty after all and no one can stay clear-headed in her presence for long.

"Okay, then Nick what was the song you were singing before? It made me want to find a couple of bullies to trash, did you come up with it?"

"Oh that, a friend of mine called Marshal came up with it."

"Really?! That friend of yours must be a genius! Hey, by the way, do you want to come and work a job with us?"

"Are you crazy Mike how can we bring him? We don't even know who he really is how can we trust him? Don't forget he came from the Devils Anus."

Lily that had been silently cooking the whole time finally erupted, even though they now knew his name this guy had incredibly mysterious origins.

"Sis you're overthinking it, according to you he has no cultivation then how did he safely travel through the hole...most probably someone around here injured him then threw him into that area to die and be buried with the trash."

"But luckily you were there to save his life big sis, you even used your ultimate technique the naughty empress beauty technique to drive away the other scavengers!"

Hearing her brother mentioning her technique she couldn't help but strike out her chest in pride.

She came up with this technique by accident when a scavenger wanted to fight her for a broken treasure she removed her silk mask and pouted to distract the scavenger long enough to get close and stab him, but who knew he would scream and run away before she even got close.

And after countless trials and errors, she finally perfected her technique.

"Naughty empress beauty technique? May I ask what that is?" asked Nick asked. The technique sounded so sexy.

"Oh, you want to see?" Asked Lily in an arrogant tone.

Nick nodded waiting to see what all the fuss was about.

"Don't say I didn't warn you?!"

Lily let go of here cooking utensils and assumed the aura of an expert as she moved her hip seductively, smiled then moved her brows up and down in a provocative manner.

Nick only had one thought in his head at this moment.' What a Powerful technique...'

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