The Emperor's System
15 Planet Zora
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The Emperor's System
Author :Lazyfatmonk
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15 Planet Zora

Nick will never forget this moment in his life, but he swore that he would try.

"So Big bro Nick do you want to work this job with us?"

Nick was, of course, curious about what kind of job it was, seeing their condition of living and the shady look in Mike's eyes he knew it wouldn't be anything good.

"We will talk about that later, but right now I would like you to tell me a little bit about this world, starting with its name, those guys must have roughed me up real good as you said, I don't remember anything except my name and some basic things."

Nick knew that he had little to no knowledge about the new place he was in, he had gained the old Nick's memories and could have been considered knowledgable if he wasn't thrown into god knows where.

So he used the story Mike came up with as a reason to ask general questions.

Lily once again returned to her cooking, only nodding her head to allow Mike to tell Nick what he wanted.

"Damn them! If we find them later I will definitely teach them a lesson for you Big bro, on planet Zora there are three continents named Continent of the 1st, the Yang continent, and the Yin continent."

"We are currently in the Continent of the 1st, specifically the wastelands under the Nova Empire, cultivation in this world is divided into nine stages...."

"Nine stages?!!!"Nick interrupted, he was surprised since he knew that in the other world there were only five stages with the Transcendence realm experts being at the invincible peak.

Mike was given a fright by Nick's interruption and thought, this fucker must be doing this on purpose to get back at me for the little prank I pulled earlier couldn't you just forgive and forget.

"Yes...they are the Spirit realm, the Profound realm, the Origin realm, the Gathering realm, the Transcendent realm, the immortal core realm, the immortal foundation realm, the immortal king realm, and the immortal Emperor realm."

"But you should forget about cultivating seeing that you haven't even started yet, and instead focus on getting enough money to live your life in comfort with a family."

Nick was excited, there were actually immortals in this world and there's probably even stronger cultivation out there.

As for living in comfort and making a family, he didn't even consider it. He had come to a world where magic and wonder were everyday life, where strength reigned supreme, only a perverted sex maniac would think about girls at this moment.

He was never the kind of guy to just settle down in comfort, he would rather enjoy a life of excitement and adventure creating legends where ever he went.

Just thinking of this made him want to go out and explore the world right away but Mike's next words just poured an ocean of ice water on his burning ambition.

"In the wastelands, death is a common commodity, the weakest people here are at the profound realm with the strongest cultivators reaching the origin realm!!"

"I can be considered as a genius around here since I already reached the 1st rank of the Origin realm, but my sister is even more amazing she is only 23 but she is already at the Gathering realm." Mike said this with utmost pride.

Nick was sad right now, he had thought that after he reached the 9th rank of the Spirit realm he would be considered a tiny expert. He had thought about how he would show benevolence and take this brother and sister as his followers by showing his newfound strength.

But the reality was cruel, he wasn't even stronger than these two weirdos that lived in this dilapidated shack, however, he was curious why they would live in this kind of situation if the strongest experts around here were only Origin realm.

Then he figured that they might be hiding. But he didn't ask them about it because he wasn't snoopy...who would believe a lawyer wasn't snoopy of course he was scare of them, these two smiling wolves whose sense of beauty was warped until it was non-existent.

The sister that had been cooking for hours yet didn't seem to be done was what terrified him most, looking at her add a whole block of salt made him shiver...maybe she wanted to poison him after seeing how charming he was to get rid of future heart demons.

He slowly walked up to the stove to see what she was cooking, what he saw made him want to go outside and eat the desert sand instead, oh the horror how can someone ruin perfect boar meat like this...this was utter blasphemy!!

And he noticed a bag of failed experiments at the side, apparently, she hadn't been cooking one boar but had been experimenting with many.

"Are you crazy?! What are you doing?! These boars will wage war against your ancestors in heaven if they saw what you made of them! Go sit down I'll cook."Nick snapped startling Lily.

"Hmph, let us see if you can do any better!"She was mad.

Nick noticed a red stone was being used as a constant source of heat for the stove, after a minute or two of fiddling he had gotten the hang of it.

No one had ever doubted Lily's cooking, even her brother only complained the first time then he relented after she used a deep and violent convincing technique she learned from her father.

'Nick doesn't know how good my sister's cooking is but he will know soon enough.' Mike thought as his eyes went into a violent twitch remembering his own experience.

20 minutes later.

"Hmm..what's that smell? It smells wonderful doesn't it Mikey?"Asked Lily entranced by the smell.

"Not better than sister's cooking!!"Yelled Mikey constantly twitching.

What was wrong with her brother, this boys cooking skill was miles above hers even she could admit that. Sometimes she even wondered if her brother was alright in the head.

"Bon appetite!! Get it while it's hot."

Nick put the sizzling pot of Boar meat on the dining table as he sat down with them. Nick had cooked for himself and the other kids on the streets growing up.

They had an arrangement of sorts, they would steal some money to buy groceries and he would make sure that all of them were well fed and since there we dozens of them he had gotten used to conserving resources and hated wasting food as a result.

Even as a rich lawyer he never let his chef throw away leftovers but had them deliver it to the shelters instead, cause only those that have experienced true hunger could know that pain.

The brother and sister duo didn't even hear what Nick said as their eyes and ears were all on the pot.

"It looks good! Thank you for the meal."She said sweetly.

"This is no problem if I had better ingredients I would have made something ten times better than this."

Nick was bragging with his head held high expecting more complements when he noticed the duo were quite, confused he lowered his head and his eyes bulged, half of the pot was empty.

'Fuck your daddy! if you are going to be two-faced at least make one of them pretty, Wait for this daddy!'

Nick no longer spoke, he lowered his head and started eating with a vengeance.

"Mmm...this is delicious!"Lily exclaimed.

"Sister's cooking is better!"Mike voiced out of nowhere, he was now eating the food with a smile while tears fell down his eyes and he violently twitched as if he was fighting his programming.

Sigh...these youths nowadays should really stop taking drugs Nick thought. He had seen the same reaction on a pro bono case he worked a while back representing a crackhead.

"About this job you were talking about... what is it?" Nick asked.

But the only reply he got was a violent chewing sound by the duo.

Only after they finished eating did they explained their plan to Nick.

"Are you sure ok?"Nick asked. If there was trouble these two had high cultivation and could escape but what about him.

"Don't worry this is a full proof plan nothing will go wrong."

"Yea trust us we did save your life."

These two must be devils part-time Nick thought as he looked at both of their grinning faces. Just wait for this daddy to level up, I will definitely teach both of you a lesson!

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