The Emperor's System
16 Then I quit!
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The Emperor's System
Author :Lazyfatmonk
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16 Then I quit!

Rafel city was one of the most prosperous cities in the wastelands, its streets bustling and its people harmonious, it was a beautiful place to be.

Hawker lined up the streets as they yelled to advertise their products, kids running around after each other as their childish laughter resonated everywhere bringing a sense of happiness to anyone who passed by.

Even Nick had never felt such a natural sense of ease in his life, this district in the city was for civilians so there were no schemes in the air only closeness and familiarity.

"So are you ready?!"Mike asked.

"Does it matter?"Nick asked back.

Mike and Lily had told Nick their plan with sincerity because a set of extra hands could come in handy.

Nick was really vexed, he hadn't started cultivating for long so he didn't want to get into trouble, at least not until he had some strength to serve as capital.

The brother-sister duo had decided to rob the richest family in the city, The Roland family by impersonating one of their elders, this elder's name was John Roland, brother to the head of the family.

This elder was the perfect target, he had a short build and had this horrifying scar on his face that made terrifying, but what people didn't know was that this elder was incredibly self-conscious about his looks.

Tired of everyone staring and pointing at his scars he started wearing a veil to hide his appearance. And it was exactly for this reason that Mike and Lily choose to impersonate him.

Mike was really talented at mimicking people's voices ever since he was a child and used to pull pranks at the maids and guards in their old mansion.

He had followed john all throughout the day for three days in order to be better prepared for this job, he even followed him to the brothel, but he didn't really enjoy it, how could he when he was so pure and dedicated?

Cause even after John had left that place he sat on the roof and observed the ladies just to make sure John hadn't left anything behind. Yes, that was definitely the reason...

And now it was showtime. After making sure that John had left the city they walked into an alley and started getting to work.

Lily draped a dark cloak on Mike and gently covered his face with a veil.

Seeing them go through all this trouble he couldn't help but ask.

"Excuse me for asking but both of you are already quite strong, especially you Lily...why don't you just go in and take what you want?"

As soon as Mike heard this question he blew a fuse. As he held Nick against the wall by the collar.

"You bastard!!! Do you think we are low lives that would use force to take other people's possessions!!! Do you even know the difference between a thief and a robber?!!"

Nick was surprised by the sudden outburst of the boy and he really wanted to answer.

'Sure I do, Penalties for robbery can include jail time of up to fifteen years and probation, and fines may also be imposed that can reach up to $20,000, while theft....'

But his thoughts were interrupted by Lily.

"Let him go, Mike! could he understand our kindness?"While Lily was saying this her eyes stared at the clouds as if she was an expert that experienced the ups and downs of life.

"Kindness?"Nick was now absolutely dumbfounded.

"What would you know?! What is the source of all evil?"Asked Mick in contempt.

"Money," Nick replied instinctively.

"Exactly!! This is why we can't let these people surround themselves with evil and must, therefore, liberate them from this scourge. And if we enjo...i mean sacrifice ourselves to do this so be it!"

Nick looked like he had gained enlightenment as he stood there In a daze.

So this means....that both of you are utterly shameless! Fuck where did you get all this fucked up reasoning from?

"In that case why don't we just destroy it?"Asked Nick. You are both too young to bicker with me little brats.

Mike and Lily were stunned and looked at each other in a daze...this wasn't part of the script, aren't you supposed to act enlightened then get on board with this heist?

"Sigh...actually we promised our dad before he died that we won't harm people that didn't try to harm us first, which is why we are going through all this trouble." Lily could only admit defeat, this asshole found the most fundamental loophole in their reasoning.

"Alright alright let's get this over with." Nick only wanted it to be over so that he can go back and level up more.

After making sure that Mike's disguise was in order, they too wore veils and followed behind him like servants.

The House of Ronald was situated in the middle of the city, it was eight stories high with statues of warriors surrounding it. There were two guards stationed at the entrance with spears in their hands.

Nick and the other's slowly walked up to the gates.

Mike then started speaking to Nick and Lily in an authoritative manner,

"I want warm water for my bath, also tell the cooks to make my favorite food."

"As for you, you will be in charge of judging which guard I should choose for my personal detail. Let me remind you, they don't need to have strong cultivation but they should be dependable."

Mike spoke loudly to make sure the guard heard him clearly, and they did.

Both guards immediately straightened up their backs to stand out more.

"We will do our best!" Both Nick and Lily said in unison.

Nick then turned around to the guards and had a surprised look in his eyes. He quickly walked to one of the guards and started looking at him as if he had spotted a hidden gem.

"What's your name?" Nick asked with agitation in his voice.

"My name is Curt sir!" The young guard was on cloud nine with happiness, maybe he could get chosen to be Elder John's personal guard.

"Curt, have you ever wondered why your cultivation speed couldn't compare to those geniuses out there?"

"Well...sir...sometimes." Curt never expected this kind of question. He had always wondered why some people were born able to swallow spirit energies by the gallons while he could only take mouthfuls.

"Curt this mainly has to do with the cultivation techniques that people have and their constitutions. Some people are born with a natural physique that can only show its potential when you come of age."

"I have talent in cultivations Curt but I have a mystic skill that can see through the people and their constitutions."

"And you possess the Ultimate unrivaled revered handsome physique that only appears once in a million years!!"

This was their plan, they would entice one of the guards so much that he wouldn't find anything odd when he guided them around the place. Because one of mankind's greatest weakness was the need to feel superior.

"How old are you?"Asked Nick in agitation.

"31 sir!!" Curt was over the moon, he would have questioned what they said but one he didn't think the people of the great elder John would lie or make a mistake and two he didn't want to.

"31!! You are so close, this physique awakens when one turns 32 year old, and after it does you will become a dragon amongst men. about I make you the personal guard of elder john, he will guide you in his free time speeding up your cultivation!" Nick said.

Curt was now filled with pride, who knew he was so outstanding, just picturing himself flying around, destroying those arrogant young masters, and looking down on the world made him just want to go home and start cultivating.

Curt fixed his attire and posture as he spoke with a neutral tone, unlike the previous reverence he carried for them.

"Sir and Elder John if what your saying is true then I don't see the need for your support. I am truly grateful for your guidance in letting me find out my true abilities, but that is as far as it will go."

"I formally resign from my position as guard of the household. And don't forget, even though I'm grateful, if you stand in my way, there will be no House of Ronald in Rafel city in the future."

Hey Buddy could you follow the plan!

Nick was surprised, what gave this guard the capital to claim he could destroy this house when he was personally so weak. If the real elder John was here he would slap him to death then what would he do with his fake physique.

Maybe this was the attitude that all main characters held, what, you're stronger than me by five realms?!! Just wait until I get strong enough and fuck you up.

Until then cross your arms and just send your minions to serve as my stepping stones.

Seeing the guard Curt walk away with his hands behind his back like an experts he couldn't helo but sigh as he thought.

'I seriously wish I could see things from their point of view but... I can't get my head that far up my ass!'

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