The Emperor's System
18 Dragon eyes
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The Emperor's System
Author :Lazyfatmonk
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18 Dragon eyes

Cultivation in this world was not easy, when one reaches the spirit realm they absorbed spirit energy to strengthen their dantain, the higher your rank the more energy you can accumulate in the future.

The profound realm is where the physical body achieves a qualitative change, the muscles and meridians absorb the energy around them to strengthen themselves to a profound degree to accommodate faster energy absorption.

By each increase in rank, the cultivator gets physically stronger and stronger until his body and meridians are strong enough to handle the absorption of origin energy.

Then comes the origin realm, this is where one can fly since the energy in their body slowly turns into energy of origin. Origin energy is extremely pure, second only to immortal energy.

But when a cultivator absorbs this energy, they also absorb the impure energies all around them. So in the gathering realm, the cultivator slowly gathers the Origin energy in their dantain while separating the impure energies to one side and the pure Origin energy on the other.

And on the last rank, they use the heavenly tribulation to remove those impurities and form a transcendent core. This core will help in absorbing Origin energy without mixing in any other impure energies.

Nick understood that geniuses had to sit in meditation day in and day out swallowing countless herbs to reach the profound realm in a year.

While he mistakenly reached the profound realm by hugging spirit stones.

Ding! Congratulations host for reaching the Profound realm-Reward-Profound realm Gift bag!

Ding! Congratulations host has unlocked Bloodline Secret Skill-Dragon eyes!

Nick was excited about the triple rewards he had gotten, first he found a new way to level up, second, he had gotten another gift bag which makes it three now and lastly he got a bloodline technique.

Just as Nick was relishing in happiness, he felt an extreme stinging pain in his eyes, which only got worse by the minute, but he didn't make a sound for fear of attracting Lily and Mike's attention.

He knew this must be the bloodline technique that the system talked about. So he could only grit his teeth and bear it.

He could sense the dragon in his dantain releasing purple energy that kept entering his eyes and remolding them into a dragon's.

Just when Nick thought he couldn't bear it anymore he found the pain in his eyes subsiding, and a feeling of relief and power surged in his eyes.

He slowly opened his eyes and found he could zoom in and out of every nook and cranny in the vault.

It felt like he had a high definition camera in his eyes, satisfied with the improvement he opened his stats.


[Name: Nick Michelson

Title: The Slayer Of Scorpions

Cultivation Level: Profound realm rank 2

Physical Body Level: None

Cultivation Technique: Star Devouring Dragon manual

Physical Body Skill: None

Skill: Dragon eyes


Domineering points: -1000

Bloodlines: Heaven devouring Ancient Dragon bloodline]

[Dragon eyes-Are the eyes of the Heaven devouring Ancient Dragon, they instill fear on all creatures except other dragons. They release an unfathomable aura of royalty that forces others to submit and can attack other peoples' souls. Any creature no more than three ranks higher than the host will be forced to submit.]

Nick was now really satisfied but he didn't have time to test his new eyes right now, seeing how Lily and mike were stuffing weapons and herbs in their closes since they had no more room in the bags they brought.

If only they had a storage ring, they would have taken away everything without a sweat but sadly storage ring can only be afforded by those cultivators at the immortal core realm.

Nick started stuffing spirit stones in his bag.

"Why are you stuffing spirit stones in the bag?" Lily was confused, every weapon here was worth a hundred stones at least but he was filling his bag with stones instead.

"Ah.... you're right I lost my senses for a moment." Nick was embarrassed, they had already told him to only take the weapons and herbs because they were the ones that contained real value.

But he was also happy since they didn't need these spirit stones he could absorb them instead.

Nick quickly got to work and so did the dragon in his dantain.






Huh? Didn't each spit stone give him 500 before, what happened? Did the system glitch?

'It's your mind that's glitching not the system brat!! Energy stones are divided into nine grades in this world, with the ninth grade being for the spirit realm and the first grade being for the immortal Emperor realm!'

The usually quiet Old geezer suddenly spoke.

'Each grade has better quality and quantity of energy than the last. These are spirit stones because they are mostly only useful to spirit realm experts.'

Nick finally understood why Lily and Mike insisted on ignoring the spirit stones. In the other world, spirit stones only had one grade for all cultivators, but it seems the other world lacked various resources compared to this one.

Nick quickly finished absorbing the tiny mountain of spirit stones and what they lacked in quality they made up for in quantity since he reached the six rank directly. But he also noticed the amount of Exp points needed was increasing rapidly.

After he absorbed all the spirit stones only a single one was left in his hands but no matter how he tried he found he couldn't absorb this one.

Ding! The host has acquired a space stone (1/3) that can be used to activate systems space storage!

Nick now realized when it came to him fortune never came alone but came with more fortune.

To get a storage space before even reaching the immortal core was amazing, but where would he find the rest of the stones.

Nick then turned his head towards the tiny pile of Profound stones in the corner, these were grade eight profound stones so they must provide ample experience points.

The vault was huge so even though the three of them were in the same room it was really difficult to make out what each person was doing.

Nick quickly grabbed the Profound stones and started absorbing them.




There was truly a world of difference between them.

Ding! Congratulations host for reaching the Profound realm rank 9!

'Hahahaha who is stronger than this Emperor here?!!' Nick felt a sense of pride well up in him and didn't realize that he had already started thinking of himself as a future emperor.

Nick quickly got back his senses and walked back to his bag to fill it with weapons and herbs, as for stuffing his clothes, you've got to be dreaming, these weapons were all extremely sharp, what if he mistakenly cut off his little prince?

Nick didn't dare to gamble with that, but herbs weren't an issue for him so he stuffed as much as his clothes could take.

Soon he was done and so were the brother and sister duo, Lily couldn't help frowning as she noticed the missing energy stones but she sighed and choose to ignore it.

They had warned him to only take the weapons and herbs since they were the truly valuable things here, but since this idiot chose the energy stones then he could keep them then.

The guards had left and shut the door to give their elder some privacy, so Mike walked to the door and knocked and told them to open the vault.

And soon the vault opened and what greeted the guards was the most shameless display ever.

Why do all your clothes look stuffed, how can you, an elder shamelessly pretend that the sword in your pants was natural or are you going to say that you are that blessed and why do you suddenly look pregnant.

What about you lady? Okay, we won't question the fact that you suddenly grew a figure, but why doesn't your ass look proportional?

And then there's you!!! The shameless young bastard, why are you simply carrying around all those herbs in your hands? Aren't you being a little too greedy?

You've already stuffed your clothes, isn't that enough? Can't you at least try to secretly Embezzel like the other two?

And all three of you are even carrying heavy looking duffle bags that were never there when you went in!!

Nick didn't feel the slightest bit embarrassed, since he was robbing them he might as well do it justly and openly.

As the three were leaving Nick accidentally dropped one herb and froze, the place fell into an awkward silence.

"Damn it! It fit perfectly in my pocket when I went in, how come it can't fit when I am leaving? Hey guards could you get me a bag to store my herbs, sigh it seems like my pockets shrunk!"

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