The Emperor's System
20 First domineering poin
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The Emperor's System
Author :Lazyfatmonk
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20 First domineering poin

Albert Ronald was the current head of the Ronald family, he was known for his skills in business management and even though his cultivation was not high he had almost single-handedly brought the family to its current heights.

Since he realized his talent for cultivation was almost none existent he had decided to groom his little brother John with all his might, and his brother didn't fail him having reached the Origin realm in his early thirties.

Right now he was reading the latest sales report when the twin guards he posted to guard the vault suddenly barged into his office.

These two guards weren't that strong but their mother sure was...capable.

"Sir!! Elder John brought two of his subordinates to the vault and emptied out half of the vault before he left the city!!" Reported one of the guards.

"What?!! Are you sure it was elder john?!"

"Yes sir!! It was him, sir, even though he was dressed as usual and we couldn't see his face we would recognize his voice anywhere."

Albert couldn't believe it, he had already told his brother to take whatever he wanted for cultivation since it was all for him anyway.

But hadn't he refused him already talking all that nonsense about being self-made and not needing to rely on anyone he even left to join a local sect, sigh it very difficult to understand people these days.

Albert then laughed when he heard about how John left the city in a hurry, he must have been so embarrassed to eat his own words...hehe that kid, as long as you get stronger you can take everything, even my position.

"Okay, never speak of this matter to anyone!! He was under direct orders from me to take those things to seal a business deal!"

"Yes sir!!" The two guards saluted in unison and returned to their post.

Nick didn't know that the person he had just robbed only wishes he had stolen more, though if he did he might just return to the place just to admire this generous person.

On their journey back, Mike and Lily had not expected Nick to keep up with their speed, but he proved them wrong since not only did he keep up, he was even slightly faster than Mike.

Lily could have sworn she hadn't found a have a lick of spirit energy in his body when she was treating him.

Filled with doubts she, Nick, and Mike finally reached the rundown shack and had a hearty celebration meal that Nick prepared.

"Okay, now that we have eaten our fill let's share our gains," Mike said staring at the four bags they brought with them in anticipation.

"Okay I will take my two bags with me and you guys can decide with the rest." Nick said, he was never one to be modest and share superficial cutesy, since he had personally acquired the two bags he would of course keep them.

There was a long line of silence before Lily spoke,"Yes you earned them so you deserve to keep them."

Nick was relieved she didn't try to fight him on this but then she said.

"But when you came here injured, my brother used a transcendence grade herb to heal you and I am sorry to say that, even these two bags aren't enough for compensation but since we can be considered partners in crime we will begrudgingly accept your two bags as compensation, what do you say?"

"Sister you know it wasn't a transce...."

"Shut up what do you know about the grade of herbs!"

Mike seemed like he wanted to say more but seeing his sister glaring at him he could only shrug helplessly.

Nick, of course, could understand what was going on, Lily was trying to trick him into believing what he took was a transcendence grade herb but how could a person that didn't even start cultivating yet be able to handle the energy of a Trancendense herb.

Maybe it's because he pretended to have memory loss and asked Mike general questions that she was trying to play him for a fool.

Nick wasn't irritated by her remark, only nodded as he said.

"What you say makes sense and you are truly generous to only demand for these two bags as compensation, sigh since you are being generous how could I not be?"

"I usually receive an immortal herb or immortal stones as compensation for my cooking and seeing how I fed you two twice that means I get four immortal herbs as compensation."

"But inspired by your generosity I am willing to begrudgingly accept the four bags in exchange, what do you say?"Nick said generously. Since you want to be shameless I'll accompany you.

Lily opened her mouth in shock, when did humankind produce such a shameless person? You used our ingredient and equipment to cook and granted it was delicious but to request, an immortal herb...go fuck yourself.

Furious, Lily unleashed her aura to oppress Nick a little, after all, he was becoming increasingly daring with his requests.

Nick was having the time of his life haggling with Lily, he missed debating with people to show off his glib tongue but then he felt Lily oppressing him with her aura.

Nick was always the type of person that dispised threats, you could reason with him but never force him, this could be seen from the time the Mafia threatened him, didn't he still force their organization into hiding.

As soon a he felt here oppress him he instinctively unleashed his new skill, Dragon eyes.

Then all the pressure vanished as his pupils turned golden and a horrific shock wave was emitted as an imaginary claw manifested, directly attacking Lily's soul.

Nick didn't know why but the moment he unleashed his skill the purple dragon roared in excitement, and the Old geezer laughed as he spoke.


Ding! Congratulations, the host can now earn domineering points!

What? Does this mean he couldn't earn them before? Maybe he needed to prove himself to the system before he could get that privilege. Nick then guessed there must be hidden criteria to be met, to unlock the system's other functions as well.

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