The Emperor's System
21 The Little Thief
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The Emperor's System
Author :Lazyfatmonk
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21 The Little Thief

Lily hadn't expected Nick to be able to handle her pressure let alone fight back, As soon as his eyes turned golden she and Mike experienced an explicable terror in the depth of their soul.

Mike was anxious, wasn't everything joyful a moment ago, why did both of you suddenly start fighting?

Lily had to use all her energy to destroy the dragon manifestation, what kind of technique was so overpowered? She could see Nicks cultivation base as soon as he attacked her, but she couldn't understand how a person in the Profound realm rank nine could unleash such a horrifying attack.

Nick was filled with happiness seeing the power of his attack, and from the way his body had activated Dragon eyes by instinct, he could tell that the technique had fully integrated with him and didn't need any special preparation.

"What is the meaning of this?!!!" Lily was furious, she had used her pressure to instill fear in him so he can back off from the stolen goods. She had made sure it was only enough to scare him and not cause him any harm.

What she didn't expect was this boy was ruthless to the extreme, that attack could have killed her if she hadn't reacted fast enough.

But she had wronged Nick, he didn't mean to attack and it was his bloodline that reacted instinctively and attacked.

Nick knew he had gone overboard with his attack but he wasn't the type of person to wallow in his mistakes, after all, she was the one that interrupted their civil conversation first, so as far as he was concerned she was the one at fault.

"Well, as thanks for saving my life and for that uncalled for attack I will leave one of my bags for you, but if you still insist on acquiring the other one, then we could try fighting I might not necessarily lose."

Nick said with a straight face, he was of course bluffing, that one attack had almost emptied his profound energy. Nick was betting on the fact that she was wary of his mysterious technique and her promise to her father.

"Hmph, who needs your smelly bags take three of them if you want, but don't let me see you around here again or I will bite you to death!" She had said the last few words with her cheeks puffed up in a cute manner as tears welled up in her eyes looking extremely wronged.

Nick frowned as he walked to the bags and hesitated for a while before he sighed as he leaned down and slowly grabbed one bag before heading to the door.

Seeing this Lily's eyes glinted as a smirk slowly surface on her face but then she saw Nick stop and hit his head as if he forgot something, then he briskly walked back and picked up two more bags before walking out of the rundown shack.

Lily was stunned, are you even human? Can't you see that I the heavenly beauty am about to cry? If it was any other man they would have begged to stay under the same roof as me but

Lily, of course, wouldn't cry because someone attacked her, she was after all a cultivator, she had planned on using her beauty and her womanly charm to make Nick regret his actions but it seemed like the man was too dense.

How could Nick not see when a girl was trying to take advantage of him by using her looks, he was even slightly angry, what a shameless thing to do...if only he had thought of it first.

Nick was now running with the three bags for fear that Lily would change her mind and chase after him but it seemed her pride didn't let her since he successfully made it to Rafel city.

He didn't plan on staying in the city since he had robbed the richest family here, but he wanted to get a map of this world and means of transportation to make things a little more convenient.

Rafel city didn't charge entrance fees since most of its population were not cultivators, so Nick leisurely strolled into the city and after asking a local he managed to find a book store that sells a map of the 1st continent.

And even though it looked to be missing a lot of detail it was the best one they had.

Since it was already dark out he decided to find an inn to rest for the night.

After another round of bothering the locals, he found the directions to the closest inn.

Joy spring inn looked like those shady motels in his last life but it was filled with rowdy atmosphere people were drinking and throwing cheesy pick up lines at the waitresses like' Are you religious? cause you look like the answer to all my prayers!'

Nick was not interested in drinking or the waitresses, as the only thing that could arouse him right now was the thought of a bed.

After getting a single room from the manager he walked up to his room.

Finally seeing a bed he didn't stand on ceremonies as he dropped the three Bags and jumped onto the bed.

Early in the morning, Nick woke up feeling refreshed and relaxed, opening the window he closed his eyes and bathed in the morning sun. After standing like that for half a minute Nick heard screams and yells down the street and noticed there was a large commotion.

"Ahhhh thief!! Where are you?!! Guards I've been robbed!!"

"Little bitch get back here!!!"

Some people were screaming in agony over their wealth while others were frantic with rage.

Nick was curious and started looking down on the crowd to look for anything out of the ordinary and soon notice a little girl slipping into an alley.

Nick was really curious why a cute little girl would walk into a secluded alley, but he quickly figured that she might be the thief that the crowd was raving about.

Nick's interest grew as he grabbed his bags and jumped from the window, his room was on the second floor so such a feat was incredibly easy for him.

As soon as he landed he ran into the alley to find the little girl, he didn't plan on apprehending her but was just curious.

Stepping into the alley he heard a verbal argument taking place around the corned between what seemed to be two kids.

"Sis when the Mr.David comes I will be taking the beatings this time!!"

"No! Their beating will be lighter on me since I'm a girl!"

"No! You were the one that took the beating last time so we should take turns and let me take it this time!"

"No! Listen to me I'm older!"

"What?! We are twins how can you be older?! Listen to me since I'm taller!"

"Look at you, a boy being proud that he is taller than a girl, aren't you ashamed, you should instead listen to me since I have longer hair!"

"What does that have to do with anything?!!"

Nick was stumped as well, what does that have to do with anything? Unable to hear anymore he walked over and coughed to announce his presence.

As he walked over what he saw was two terrified kids looking at him warily. Then they both yelled out in unison startling Nick, "Beat me instead!!!"

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