The Emperor's System
22 In hea
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The Emperor's System
Author :Lazyfatmonk
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22 In hea

From the argument between the two little kids, he had learned that they were twins, but except for their ragged clothes, they couldn't look any more different.

The boy had a calm silver hair and looked mature for his age, he could be considered a cute little boy if it weren't for all the scratches and bruises on his face, while the girl had scarlet hair and retained a hint of her childishness on her face but her darting eyes showed she was a natural-born rascal.

Nick was surprised by their request for a beating but he didn't let that stop his movement as he approached the kids swiftly.

"I mean you no harm kids, I was just passing by when I saw a little girl entering a secluded alley so of course as a righteous person I came to help!!" Nick said in a righteous manner.

"Oh, sir you came to help us?!! Wow, you must be an awesome cultivator then!!" The little girl exclaimed.

"Of course, not to brag but there aren't a lot of people that are my match in this city!"

"Wow, brother did you hear that he is here to save us, we are saved!!" The little girl did a merry little dance.

Nick was feeling heroic right now, and thought, this girl sure has talent in buttering people up. As he was wrapped in his thoughts he felt a violent tug on his right arm.

He then saw the little girl was pulling one of his duffel bags in an attempt to rob him, her face was red from the amount of force she was using.

She was furious inside, she had buttered up this weirdo with all her might just to rob him when he was distracted but who knew that this guy had such a strong grip.

Noticing Nick was staring at her now she wasn't the least bit embarrassed as she stared at Nick with her cute wide eyes and asked, "Sir, could you please let go of my bag?"

Nick's eyebrows jumped in surprise, this girl was really shameless, why does he have bad luck in meeting people.

He was such an upstanding person but the first siblings he encountered forced him into becoming a thief and kicked him out after he served his proposal, while the second siblings he encountered were trying to rob him in broad daylight.

Maybe he didn't have any affinity with siblings, Nick thought.

"Aya is this your bag I am terribly sorry about that little girl I will return it right away! Just let me put the things inside into another bag, sigh...little girl you must have been sad without your bag."

The little girl didn't really expect her plan would work, as she only used it as an excuse to explain her behaviour since her plan had failed, he would say this isn't your bag and she would say oh, sorry it looks similar to mine though.

But for some reason, his words irritated her, bro can't you pretend that your dumb and give me some face why do you have to be so sarcastic, you won't find a girlfriend if you keep acting this way.

But as she thought about the beating they were going to take from the gang later, she couldn't help but start sobbing violently.

"Sir cultivator I'm sorry, I'm really sorry for my sister's actions, she was just trying to protect us, Please forgive her and don't take offence." The little boy couldn't watch his sister crying and knelt down to apologies.

He remembered what his father told him,' A man can Kneel to their king, to their family and to the heavens bit never anybody else.' But what can he do, his sister was a spirit realm rank 6 expert same as him, but she couldn't even make the man's arm budge.

If in anger he decides to kill them no one would question him cause in this world the strong are just and the weak were wrong.

Nick couldn't help smiling seeing their antics, he could never understand their bond since he never had any good siblings but he could understand their situation.

"Alright alright why are kids these days so dramatic? Quick tell me what is going on, and let me see if I can help you."

Nick was not a saint, far from it in fact, but he kind of liked these two nutty kids, the boy was stubborn and honest while the girl was sly and cute.

Apparently, their dad was a great thief, he was this worlds version of robin hood except he was a little more reasonable, he stole from the rich and gave to the poor then he stole from the poor and gave to the rich so no one would feel left out.

The poor would get money and the rich would get bed bugs, worn-out underwear and chamber pots.

Everyone loved this thief since the poor got richer and the rich got to understand the poor but one night as this noble thief stood outside a house waiting for the owners to sleep he overheard their conversation.

"Why can't you get it up?! Am I not beautiful anymore?! Am I too old for you now?!"

"No!! Baybe don't be angry, don't be angry!! Who can be as young and beautiful as you?! You just need to pet it a little longer, it's only because it's shy."

The none thief was sad, why couldn't other people be as naturally endowed as he was, why are women suffering this way?

Once everything quieted down and all the candles were blown out, he waited patiently for hours, then made his move, he jumped onto the balcony of the bedroom and quietly picked the lock.

After entering he noticed that the place seemed to be filled with all sorts of weapons notifying the thief that this house most probably belonged to a warrior, knowing this he increased his vigilance as he stuffed the things of value into his bag.

After cleaning the bedroom he looked over and notice a man and woman laying on the bad, the man was sleeping all curled up at the edge of the bed while the woman took the rest.

The noble thief sighed and thought, this lady must be suffering from terribly intense heat. Sigh he contemplated whether he should give her a treasure to pass through this difficult time and finally took out something from his breast pocket and laid it by her side.

But he didn't expect the husband would suddenly jerk up and take a sword out from under his pillow, and before the noble thief could explain his actions he was stabbed to death. The husband was the leader of a dangerous gang so he naturally assumed the thief was going to assassinate him.

The wife screamed as the husband lit a candle to take a good look at the intruder but what surprised him was in the hands of the man was not a weapon but a long wide carrot.

The husband was furious when he thought about the news spreading that he was almost killed by a carrot, filled with rage he ordered his gang members to track down his family.

And when he found that the man had two kids he was even more furious, why was it that he a majestic gang leader could not have kids but a petty assassin can.

After that, he forced the kids to be thieves, and if they didn't fulfill their weekly quota his men would give one of them a good beating.

And this week the kids were missing nearly half of their quota meaning that the beating would become even more violent

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