The Emperor's System
23 Blobfish
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The Emperor's System
Author :Lazyfatmonk
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23 Blobfish

As they recounted their story they began wailing even more violently.

Nick sighed, he could see how much they suffered, even a grownup would have broken from all the stress and violent beatings, but these kids somehow managed to retain the love they carried for each other.

Seeing the two kids crying nonstop Nick could only console them, "Hey it's alright now, Big bro Nick is here!! Look at me, look at my muscles, look at my handsome face, nobody will bother you anymore, okay?"

Nick, did different kinds of poses bringing a smile to the kids' faces, "So does this mean big bro won't leave us?"

Nick frowned hearing their request, it would be troublesome to carry around two kids wherever he went, especially considering how he was now a cultivator who could get into a fight at any moment.

But then he looked at the kids' faces and all he could see was the dire hope that they could finally have someone to rely on, someone to shield them from the pains of this world like their father once did.

Sighing heavily and taking a deep breath Nick became resolute, "Big bro will never leave you alright, so you don't have to worry, but you have to listen to me no matter what I say because this world is extremely dangerous but I don't need to tell you that, so when I tell you to do something you do it without question understand?"

"Yes we understan.....waaaaaa" The little sibling could barely finish their sentence as they ran to hug Nick and started bawling violently, but these weren't tears of sadness like they were before, no, these were tears of joy.

It took them nearly half an hour to stop crying and by the end, both their eyes were violent red, but even then they didn't let go of Nick as if afraid that he would go back on his word and run away.

Nick could only accept that he would have to get used to being hugged by two kids while walking around, whatever it can be considered be weight training anyway.

As they walked out of the alley Nick asked them their names.

"I am Maggy and this is my little brother Dean."

"We're twins how can you be older!!"

"I am definitely older, I remember as soon as I was born I was thinking, 'I wish I had a little brother' then pop you came."

"You are utterly shameless! How can someone remember what happened as soon as they were born?"

"That's because girls have a better memory than boys!"

"No, they don't!"

"Yes, they do! If you don't believe me we can ask big brother! Aren't I right big brother?"

Nick was stumped, did she really expect him to support her claim that his memory was inferior to a girl's...

After they finished arguing they both looked up to him waiting for an answer.

"Well well well, if it isn't the thieving siblings, have you got our weekly payment ready?" A sudden voice sounded out behind Nick and the kids. But seeing the horror in the sibling's eyes when they heard that voice he could easily tell it must be the gangsters that forced the kids into child labor.

Nick slowly turned his head and found a group of people ten to twenty, glaring fiercely at the kids, but he was expressionless, he wasn't angry, scared, or disappointed, there was just a terrifying calm.

He wouldn't be a hypocrite and pretend he stood for the weak, he was the type of person that did things on a whim, he would help those he wanted and found enjoyable, and ignore those that he didn't.

Since he had promised to take care of the kids he will now take them from this place regardless of who tried to stop him.

"I believe your grudge was with their father, and as far as I know, you have already taken his life which means these kids owe you nothing, I have now adopted these two, so back of and go back to wherever you came from!"

Nick didn't take this gang seriously, so what if they had more people only he knew how terrifying the amount of power coursing through his body was.

"What did you say boy?!!!" the voice seemed to be coming from behind the gang as they parted to reveal the speaker.

As soon as the person showed himself Nick immediately lost his cool, he started coughing violently and looked to be desperately trying to get some words out of his mouth.

" like..cough..cough a blobfish...cough cough"

Every person on the street grew quiet and looked terrified, they had gotten used to this gang beating up people in broad daylight so they weren't really surprised about the confrontation, but no one had dared to insult the gang leader before.

Who couldn't see the resemblance, the nose whose tip touched his lips, the eyes that didn't have eyebrows, and lastly the wrinkly fatty skin hanging on every side as if to protect the owner shy neck, but no one has ever dared to say it before.

+2 domineering points

+2 domineering points

+2 domineering points

+2 domineering points

Nick stood there surprised, if insulting a gang leader could get him ten domineering points, what would threatening one get him?

"Boy, do you want to die?!!!! What part of me looks like a blobfish, you're the blobfish, your entire family is a blobfish!! I was tormented by my good looks ever since I was a child, my mother always said I was a work of art!!!"

"Yeah, maybe abstract art...fuck, was your mother blind or a professional liar and you dare to curse back at me, lets just insult each other then!!"

Nick was never afraid of anyone if it was a verbal battle, after all, he was surrounded with thugs growing up, back then, fuck you was a good morning, good afternoon, good evening, and good night!

"You started it!!!" the Blobfish said.

"Shut up....I...I...Slept with your mother!!"The blobfish said, but then he regretted it, what if he crossed the line and the boy killed himself in would he torture him then?

"Wow, that must have exhausted your entire vocabulary! Who knew you were ugly and Stupid?!!"

"Didn't you hear me...I slept with your mother!!" The blobfish was furious, why didn't he know other insults, as a reputable gang leader he must definitely expand his arsenal of vocabularies when he gets back.

"No way my mom would never sleep with a fish. But my dad...?"

Nick was having so much fun throwing insults around and if anyone asked him one of his favorite pass times in his last life it was defiantly googling creative insults and comebacks.

Feeling pleased with himself he looked back to check on the kids when he saw Maggy seriously writing his words down in rapt attention while Dean was just standing there in awe. Sigh is this what it means to give to the next generation?

"Ahh, I will fight you to death!!! Chaaaarge!!!" The Blobfish was enraged, when had he been insulted this way.

Nick didn't even look at the Blobfish as he was too busy watching his newly acquired 20 domineering points being taken to repay his debt.

Dejected, he looked up and realized that the Blobgang were running over, he became even more depressed upon finding out the insult contest was over, but he still decided to get one last insult in before they fought.

"Sigh I would love to keep insulting you but I'm afraid I won't do as good a job as nature did, lets fight then!"

As soon as Nick finished his words his pupil tuned golden and released the dragon eyes suppressive effect.

The Blob gang just felt like an imaginary dragon was pressing them into submission.

+5 domineering points

+5 domineering points

+5 domineering points

+5 domineering points

Nick was surprised to find that his technique was made to act domineeringly, with his golden eyes he had made every Blob gang member kneel.

And in just a few seconds he had earned fifty domineering points. Now all he needed to do was keep it up.

"From now on your gang will be no more!!!"

+5 domineering points

+5 domineering points

"I will end your gang!!"

+5 domineering points

+5 domineering points

"I will end your gang if it is the last thing I do!!"

+2 domineering points

+2 domineering points

Huh? It seemed it wasn't domineering when he just kept talking, immediately he took out a low-level spirit sword from his duffle bag and killed a person.

"Your all next!!!"

+7 domineering points

+7 domineering points

+7 domineering points

And he kept killing and yelling until he couldn't get any more points, after that he outright killed the others.

He wasn't even the least bit conscious when he killed them, cause they weren't good people and neither was he.

"Wow, did you see that, he must be an immortal, to protect two kids he slaughtered an entire gang!!"

'Yeah, so cool, so overbearing domineering!!!"

Hearing their praise Nick waved his hands humbly as he crouched down and started collecting the spoils of his kill driving the whole crowd speechless, brother are you an immortal or a robber?

After Nick finished he walked away in a suave manner, but it really was uncomfortable to walk while being hugged on both sides by the clingy siblings.

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