The Emperor's System
24 First Mission!
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The Emperor's System
Author :Lazyfatmonk
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24 First Mission!

Nick was satisfied with the number of domineering points he had gotten, and now he knew how to gather the points in the future, basically, domineering points were given if he acting cool or fierce.


[Name: Nick Michelson

Title: The Slayer Of Scorpions

Cultivation Level: Profound realm rank 9

Physical Body Level: None

Cultivation Technique: Star Devouring Dragon manual

Physical Body Skill: None

Skill: Dragon eyes


Domineering points: -800

Bloodlines: Heaven devouring Ancient Dragon bloodline]

Now he only needed 800 more to get out of his debt and unlock the shop, but sadly since the Blobgangs cultivation levels weren't high he only got a few experience points not even enough to advance to the Origin realm.

After buying a Luxurious carriage and hiring a professional driver, he set off to adventure around the world with the two hyper kids who couldn't stop jumping around in the carriage refusing to let him close his eyes and relax.

Since he couldn't rest he decided on opening the system gift bags, in anticipation he first opened the spirit realm gift bag.

Ding! Opening the Spirit realm gift bag, the host has obtained-one hundred spirit stones, Main quest card, and cooking skill book.

Since he knew what the spirit stones were he decided to check out what the other two gifts meant.

[Main quest card: Gives host a certain objective to be completed within a set amount of time, after completion the host shall obtain a substantial reward.]

[Cooking skill book: Seen from the host's sincere love of cooking, the system has provided the host with a cooking manual that has instructions on ways to cook everything between heaven and earth.]

Hmm? The Main quest card looks pretty good, but the cooking book is a little bit overpowered isn't it?

You have to understand this book represented not only cooking knowledge but also lists out and identify ingredients meaning he will have knowledge of all creatures between heaven and earth.

Satisfied he opened the profound realm gift card next.

Ding! Opening the Profound realm gift bag, the host has obtained-one hundred Profound stones, Fifty percent discount card from the system shop, and the Disguise skill book.

Nick's jaw dropped, A hundred spirit stones were considered not bad since each stone gave him fifty Exp each, but a hundred profound stones was another matter entirely since each stone gave him two thousand Exp.

As for the fifty percent discount card, it didn't need an explanation but he wouldn't know if it was useful or not until the systems store is unlocked and he could see the merchandise.

Finally, he turned his head towards the Disguise skill book.

[Disguise skill book: has ten levels and in the last level host can impersonate a creature's cultivation level but without their actual power of course. And with each level increase, the host can deceive any being with a higher rank.]

This was even more overpowered than the first book, this means if he could deceive people two ranks above him before, then maybe when he reaches the next level of the technique he could deceive someone that is three or four ranks above him then.

Also, it said impersonate any creature meaning it didn't have to be human.

Oh, long live the emperor meeee! Nick was so excited he grabbed the to kids and gave them a good wet kiss on each of their foreheads!!

Then he yelled, "Isn't your big brother the most handsome, isn't he the coolest, isn't he the strongest?!!"

After asking the kids he didn't even wait for a response as he immediately turned his attention to the last gift bag.

Dean and Maggy started questioning their choices, did they choose to follow a crazy person?! But he was alright a moment ago, what happened to him?!

But then, they remembered, whenever their mom acted unreasonably and did weird things around the house, their dad always used to say 'It's her time of the month again!' then maybe it was also Nicks time of the month too...

Then after they both took another glance at Nick they found him giggling cross-eyed which only served to prove their previous theory even more, so they decided to do what their dad always did in these situations, they would agree with anything he says with a smile and nod, just smile and nod.

If Nick Knew what the siblings were thinking he would have jumped out of the moving carriage and asked the driver to loan him the whip, to teach them a thing or two.

Ding! Opening the System activation gift bag, the host has obtained-Long distance teleportation talisman, 500 domineering points, and Transcendence level Crimsom steps skill book.

[Long distance teleportation talisman: the host can mark a place in advance and use the teleportation talisman to teleport to where the host previously set the mark. (One use item)]

[Crimsom steps: has three levels and is a transcendence level speed technique, it uses powerful sky flames to boost the hosts' speed and can even allow the host to use the flames for attacks!]

Nick was extremely happy with the rewards he obtained, the Long distance teleportation talisman was a great escape treasure that could one day save his life, the only sad part was that it was a one-use item.

Now the crimson steps speed technique was transcendence technique unlike the other two unranked skill books, which meant it was a technique with a cultivation limit, unlike the other two.

Nick was happy with his gains, but he couldn't wait to start cultivating so he stared at all the gifts revolving around in his head and first accepted the spirit stones.

At that moment Dean and Maggy saw one hundred spirit stones appearing in the air and falling down in the metallic carriage.

They had never seen these many spirit stones in their life so they were tempted to grab a few, but then they saw them vanishing one by one as soon as Nick clutched them.





After absorbing ninety-eight spirit stones he gave the remaining two to the drooling kids, one spirit stone each.

After that, he accepted the Profound stones from the system and the same thing happened as the carriage was now filled with profound stones but before the kids could even process what was happening, Nick began absorbing the stones.

Ding! Congratulations host for reaching the Origin realm rank 1!

Ding! Congratulations host for reaching the Origin realm-Reward-Origin realm Gift bag!

He had just finished opening the gift bags when he got another one, Nick felt dejected, it was so tiring opening bag after bag...

After he reached the Origin realm the amount of Exp the profound stones provided decreased, but that didn't stop him from absorbing them all!

Seeing that he had reached the fifth rank of the origin realm so quickly he couldn't help feeling that cultivation was not that exciting.

Sighing heavily he activated the Main quest card.

[Main quest

Every Emperor needs a palace, and as the one true Emperor how could the host be any different. This quest's objective is for the host to collect building materials for host's Imperial palace! The host can not level up to the gathering realm before completing the quest and shall remain within the origin realm.

Objective: Dark heavenly gold-five hundred tons, Holy spirit jade-Five hundred tons, Star confining space stone-fifty kilograms, and two dragon eggs of any kind!

Reward: The blueprints and building of the imperial palace and level up directly to the transcendence realm!

"Fuck!!!!! Fuck you, system!! Fuck you old geezer!!!"

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