The Emperor's System
26 Buying a House
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The Emperor's System
Author :Lazyfatmonk
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26 Buying a House

The place descended into an awkward silence, the sales clerk felt that like she was losing her charm, even those great clan leaders would drool every time they saw her, and after a round or two in the private room they would sell their things for half the price, and buy things for twice their original price!

"Are you guys buying or not?"Nick grew impatient, couldn't she get a hint.

"Sir, forgive me for making you wait, may I see what you will be selling?" The salesgirl could only admit defeat, but she swore that if what he was selling turned out to be something with low value, she would get the guards to beat him up, hmph, how dare this young brat not fall for her?!

Nick didn't even give her another glance, he directly opened the duffle bags for her to inspect and started looking around to see if anything caught his eye, but sadly he found nothing interesting.

The sales clerk coldly inspected the bags but what she saw terrified her, there were origin herbs, Origin realm weapons, and lots of them too!

"Please wait a moment sir, and take a seat as a sale of this value demands our manager's presence!"

Nick didn't say anything as he only gestured for her to move it along.

The sales clerk vanished in the next second, after all this was a world of cultivators and even though she was just a sales clerk, she was still in the second rank of the Profound realm.

Nick calmly sat down, closed his eyes, and waited patiently, then after five minutes or so, a young man followed the sales clerk into the room.

"Hi sir, my name is Ron Lemmy manager slash owner of this small shop!"As soon as the young man entered he introduced himself while also releasing his aura as an Origin realm rank 2 expert.

Nick opened his eyes as soon as the Ron finished his introduction, but this small action startled Ron and the sales clerk, Ron had never seen anyone with golden eyes before, while the sales clerk was surprised with how she didn't notice his eyes before.

With his dragon eyes activated Nick carried a sense of sacred majesty, making one feel inferior and unworthy while standing in front of him.

"Oh hi, can you please buy these things and get it over with, I have places to be you know."

The sales clerk just wanted to strangle Nick, can't you hold a proper conversation, my master released his cultivation level demanding for respect and yet you're sitting there with no intention of getting up to greet him!

But Ron didn't think so, he could tell by the other parties indifference towards his cultivation that he must be nothing much to the other party.

Which meant that he was at least a gathering realm cultivator, cause no one in the same realm could hide their cultivation levels from one another, and given by the fact that he couldn't see Nicks cultivation then he must either be in the gathering realm or have no cultivation, the latter was not even an option in this case so he would rather believe the former.

"Ok, sir one moment," Ron said as he started appraising and pricing the things in the duffle bags.

"Sir it comes down to four thousand five hundred origin stones, but since we hope for sir to come to us next time for business we will add another hundred Origin stone!"

Nick finally understood why Mike and Lily were so adamant about him only taking weapons and herbs, just one Origin stone was equal to one hundred profound stones, and that was if anyone was stupid enough to trade them for lower-level energy stones, which no one was.

Nick had used the dragon eyes because he wanted to look like a powerful master that won't fall for their tricks but the truth was he didn't know the value of weapons and herbs so his best bet was to scare them into giving him a fair price.

Nick didn't have anywhere he could store all those origin stones so he accepted some sort of banknote, this was apparently as good as having four thousand six hundred origin stones in his pocket!

Now back in the carriage, he got the driver to take him around the city in search of a house for sale, cause he knew he couldn't carry the kids around with him wherever he went, especially, when he was about to go in search of the building materials for his palace.

And after hours of searching and smiling salesmen, they finally decided to purchase a gorgeous two-story house on the outskirts of the city.

Maggy and Dean kept on asking him again and again if this was really going to be their house, and after finally realizing that it was the truth they ran in and started dividing up the property!

Nick sighed in exasperation and walked in as well, after settling a couple of paperwork to finalize the purchase, Nick gave the driver a room to make it convenient for him when he needs transportation.

The driver's name was Peter and he had a wife back at home, but he weirdly didn't want to go back home as he jumped at the opportunity Nick gave him.

Nick was mentally exhausted from the trip so directly went to bed without even eating dinner, as for the meals for the kids he had already hired a cook to work there part-time for just such an occasion.

Early the next morning Nick was awoken by two shadows looming over his bed, alerted Nick sat up and did a boxing stance to defend himself, but when he saw that it was Maggy and Dean he relaxed.

"What is wrong with you two, neve enter my room without knocking, understand?!" Nick was slightly angry, seeing how the kids had been walked into his room without him noticing, it was a clear sign that his battle senses need sharpening.

"But we cooked for you big brother." After saying that Dean grinned widely.

Only now did Nick notice that both of the kids were covered with flour from head to toe, and Maggy was carrying a covered plate in her hands.

Seeing the anticipation in the kids' faces Nick slowly uncovered the lid of the plate and what he saw made him pinch himself to see if he was dreaming, isn't this the cockroach he saw running around his bedroom yesterday, how did that happy and energetic cockroach end up in his dish.

Nick of course wouldn't eat something like this if anyone else served it to him but since it was Maggy he decided he would do her the favor of trying it in exchange for the spirit stone he took yesterday.

After heavy internal debate, he decided to ignore the impulse to throw the plate, as he slowly picked up what seemed to be scrambled egg with a side order of cockroach, of course, he didn't eat the cockroach, but only ate the eggs around it.

After seeing Nick eat what they made the kids left satisfied but after they reached the living room Nick heard them talk.

"Sis your so smart! From now one we could do things like we did today whenever we cook something for ourselves and it tastes or looks horrible we'll give it big bro Nick and whip up another batch for our selves!"

"Of course, but to tell you the truth even I was surprised a little, big bro Nick even ate that cockroach we killed on the plate!"

"Hmm me too!"


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