The Emperor's System
27 Cooking skill
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The Emperor's System
Author :Lazyfatmonk
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27 Cooking skill

Nick would definitely get his revenge for this breakfast, but not today, today he would go around the city to find information about the building materials for his palace.

Stretching a little to wake himself up, he went to the kitchen to make breakfast.

After looking around, he saw that the kitchen was a mess and the kids were nowhere to be seen, they probably cut their losses after repeated failure.

Nick searched for suitable ingredients to make breakfast and finally found a whole basket filled with eggs, but these eggs were weird, not only were they huge but they were also of different colors.

Curious Nick activated his cooking skill, 'Ingredients'.

[ The Rainbow ostrich(Egg)(aka The Slut ostrich)

This Ostrich isn't actually multicolored but it enjoys decorating its nest, its life goal is to find beasts with different color and mate with them to lay different colored eggs. Their mother died a wrongful death as she saw a human one day and thought he would be a perfect part of her collection but sadly she didn't know that the human was at the immortal realm so as soon as she used her aphrodisiac power the powerful immortal played her to death. Her only hope is that one day her kids achieve what she couldn't and lay a human egg!

Effects: Exp +20, Consuming this every day for a year will change a person's personality into a sleazy cheater that sleeps with anything that moves!

Ways to cook: Scrambled, Omelet, Poached...


Nick shed tears for this bird with such a big ream, if only she met someone with low cultivation, she would have died satisfied and content, why was humanity so cruel...

Nick then choose the Omelet recipe and started breaking the eggs into a wooden bowl, it's not that Nick didn't know how to make a simple omelet any village idiot could make an omelet, but he wanted to see what differences the cooking skill made.

And sadly he didn't see anything special in the recipe but he didn't give up, no, if the system made such a huge deal about this book then it must at least have its own advantages.

As for the effects of one ingesting it every day constantly for a whole year, he wasn't really worried, only a crazy person would eat these eggs constantly every day without skipping a single day!

Nick didn't have to stay in suspense for long, as the skill began using his Origin energy to soak the eggs, seeping into them, perfecting them inside and out, and after a while, they released an aroma so tantalizing that they made one just want to put their hands into the firing pan to grab them.

Nick was surprised he had never smelled anything so amazing and this was a meal cooked with the lowest of ingredients and if he one day cooked something with ingredients of a higher grade then people might really jump into the fire to grab it!

Satisfied with the new skill, Nick flipped it onto the plate, but before he turned around Nick heard an eerie sound of water droplets falling to the ground, startled he slowly turned his head to greet the source of that sound and he saw the siblings drooling excessively.

Their eyes were red, jaws hanging down as they stared hungrily at the plate in his hand, Nick's eyebrows relaxed as a subtle smile surfaced on his face, he put the plate in front of Maggy and started preparing another one for him and Dean.

Because even though he would definitely get back at the kids, he would never starve them or refuse to feed them because that was Nick's principle, he was stingy with money but he was overly generous when it comes to food.

Even though Maggy wanted nothing more than to ravage the delicious-looking omelet before her, but she had gotten used to never eating without her brother so she waited until her brother too got a plate.

Seeing how Maggy refused to eat alone and instead waited for her brother, a warm and appreciative smile appeared on Nick's face, how many in this world could stand this kind of temptation for familial love?

Nick's moved faster seeing how both the kids seemed too impatient and were having a hard time enduring the wait, Dean even waddled over to him twice asking, if he was done yet.

After ten long excruciating minutes, Dean's omelet was finally done but weirdly Maggy's omelet wasn't even cold and looked as good as he first made it, this must be another advantage of the cooking skill, Nick thought.

Dean and Maggy didn't start eating right away though, they both looked at Nick as if they were going to wait for Nick as well, but Nick could see their eyes begging him to free them from their misery.

But Nick was quite as if he didn't notice the look in their eyes and just kept cooking his serving, but after only five seconds the two kids started speaking.

"Big bro, even though we are terribly hungry we will wait for you!"

"Yeah, Big bro Nick, even though we are now orphans and this food will help us handle our sorrows we have decided not to eat without you!"

"Thank you then!"Nick replied.

The duo kept mentioning how it was torcher for them not while constantly reminding Nick that he was the reason they weren't eating, how could Nick not get their hints, but he couldn't let them keep trying to scheme their way through life now could he, if they did that they would be stealing his methods...

After five minutes of hinting at Nick they finally realized that he was a monster, how can a person keep ignoring adorable kids like them? Resigned they could only ask simultaneously, "Big bro can we eat now, please!"

Nick didn't even turn his head as he just nodded to show his approval, and bam the sound of forks slamming onto the plates was heard and so were the violent chewing sounds of the kids.

"Chew with your mouths closed!" Nick was annoyed by the sound and since he had taken them in now he had to at least teach them some manners. And it seemed like they listened as they suddenly turned extremely quite.

After a few more minutes his omelet was done, picking his plate he headed towards the kids but what he saw terrified him, both of them seemed to be lying in the table unconscious, worried Nick hastily threw his plate onto the table and went over to the kids' side to examine them.

And thankfully it was nothing major, even though his cultivation was high and the number of experience points the eggs provided were pitiful him, same can't be said to the kids, they were only in the spirit realm after all, and the cooking skill maintained and added energy into the meal!

So the kids directly fell to sleep after only eating half the of their serving, thankfully the energy in his cooking was the soothing kind unlike the one in an energy stone that was violent and turbulent.

After confirming they were alright and there weren't any hidden problems he carried the kids to their respective rooms, then and only then did he return to the dining room to taste his masterpiece.

One bite, one bite was all it took to surpass all his expectations, it wasn't too greasy, salty, sweet nor spicy just amazingly balanced and succulent.

After eating slowly to enjoy the taste better, he finally finished his meal and left the house to head to the city in search of news on the palace building materials!

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