The Emperor's System
28 Pet soup?
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The Emperor's System
Author :Lazyfatmonk
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28 Pet soup?

Nick was in a great mood, he had a scrumptious breakfast, the sky was sunny, the grasses in the garden were swaying beautifully with the wind and there was a demon beast taking a shiting there...

"What the hell?!!" Just as Nicks mood was about to sour he sighed and relaxed a little, so what if the demon beast to dump there, it would act as fertilizer anyway, thinking this he used crimson steps and instantly appeared beside the beast and violently kicked it away.

The beast didn't even scream since he was probably miles away by now, dusting off his hands he headed to the gates and saw a man standing there with a leash in his hands, the man was leaning on the wall by the gates and seemed to be enjoying the morning sun.

"Hey, buddy are you looking for someone?"Nick asked as he stepped out of the gate.

The man was startled, wasn't this house unoccupied for a long time, did someone buy it now?

"Huh?...yeah, I am waiting for a friend of mine...he is finishing up some business and he will be back soon...pfftt hehe"The guy was amazed at his own creativity, he had sent his beast to shit in this guys house but he was pretending like he was waiting for a friend, genius he was definitely a genius.

"So you aren't waiting for a beast to come out?"Nick asked politely.

"Of course not, I don't know what you're talking about!"As he said this he hid the leash behind his back.

"Phew, thank god, you see I have these two pets called Tom and jerry and they don't like intruders, so today some ugly mutt came in and started shiting everywhere and guess what!"


"Tom and Jerry ate him and turned him into their own shit hahaha!"Almost as soon as Nick finished a carriage came out of the gates and pulled over for Nick to get in.

"Well my ride is here, I hope you meet your 'friend' soon hehe" Then jumping into the carriage Nick drove off sleekly.

The guy was terrified, he didn't even care about his pet anymore, he was more worried about himself, what did the guy mean with' hope you meet your friend soon.' Did he perhaps know it was his pet and telling him he was going to be next? Horrified he swore never to return to this part of the city again!

Nick then spent hours looking into the materials but sadly he didn't even get a single clue, exhausted he decided to eat at the closest inn before he continued with his search, as for the kids, with the amount of energy coursing through them it would be a miracle if they even woke up for dinner.

Peter parked the carriage at the corner and followed him in, after all, Nick insisted on buying, as soon as the two of them entered they were surprised at the inn's chaotic atmosphere, but then they were greeted by a plump Managerdressed in an expensive-looking robe.

"Would the two sirs like to rent a private room, it is only slightly more expensive than staying here." The man was a professional, he had noticed that Nick rode in an expensive carriage and had the air of a young master, so he quickly suggested the more expensive option.

"Sure, take us to a private room and bring us the inn's special!" said Nick, and soon a beautiful waitress came and guided them to their room.

The private room was soon filled with delicious cuisine, and Peter had to swallow several times to stop himself from drooling.

The manager soon entered the private room and started introducing the dishes.

"This is one of our inn's specialty, 'The Firey flame spicy fish soup' This fish was caught by professional cultivators that have made some investments on this inn!"

Nick nodded and activated his skill, to see what was so amazing about this fish.

[ Ordinary fish

This fish was bored with life at sea so it decided to roam the lands but for some reason, he found the air on land unbreathable and when it decided to go back, it couldn't, as the wave that brought him was long gone, angered it flapping around to curse the sea in its own language, after a few minutes a fat inn manager found it and stuffed it in his pocket to be served with incredibly hot spice so that no one could tell the difference!

Effects: no experience points and being labeled a fool by the systems guide

Ways to cook: boiling, grilled, soup...


Nick looked at the fish for a while then asked as tears welled up in his eyes.

"Where did you get this Fiery flame fish?!"

The manager was surprised but asked, "We found it in the sea, is something wrong, sir?"

"Of course somethings wrong!! This was my childhood pet!! I sent it to sea to enjoy itself for a while and maybe find a wife before returning home, but you guys killed him!!!" While Nick was saying this his aura leaked out suffocating manager.

The manager was crying inside, brother how can this be your pet, this is just an ordinary fish, are you perhaps a crazy person parading through town acting like a rich young master?

"Sir, are you sure?"The Manager asked with his head bowed and a pleading look on his face.

"Are calling me a liar?!! See this here, this was a birthmark that my fish was born with, and do you see this, have you ever seen other fish having eyes like these, no, definitely not! Oh, my poor fish Nemo, oh Nemo you have suffered injustice!!" Nick looked and sounded incredibly mournful.

The Manager was now certain that this man was absolutely stupid and crazy, brother that birthmark you are talking about was personally carved by our chief, I even saw him do it! As for those eyes, I have other fish with those exact same eyes how about I give them to you instead!

But no matter how crazy this guy was he would definitely not say what he was thinking, this man might kill him in anger, then who would he cry to?

"Tell the waiters to stay outside, I have something to talk to you about!"Nick seemed to have some of his grief lifted as he ordered the Manager.

The manager was terrified, he felt like this man was going to kill him in private, "Sir, why don't the waiters stay so they can witness.....your charming aura, you see these waiters never get to serve great people like yourself and keeping you all to myself might really be unfair of me!"

There were two waiters there who were standing by the door, but as soon as they heard what the manager said they were terrified and started cursing, did the manager want to get them killed as well, what if that crazy maniac decided to dispose of the witnesses after he killed the manager?!

"Sir it's okay, we have seen enough of the charming young master, and if we see any more we couldn't look at our wives in their eyes so please don't mind us and talk as you please!" As soon as they said this, they ran away afraid that they would be called back.

The Manager felt his heart drop, god if you let me live through this I swear I will only cheat on my wife once a week, no, no, twice a week, ok?

Nick wasn't going to hurt the plump man, he was just going to ask a couple of questions, after all, in his previous life the people with the most knowledge were managers of bars and restaurants as they always listened in to people's conversation.

So after letting the manager sweat a little, he began asking him if he knew any of these materials listed on the quest list.

And what do you know, he did.

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