The Emperor's System
30 Annoying Old geezer
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The Emperor's System
Author :Lazyfatmonk
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30 Annoying Old geezer

Nick had found the perfect target after paying five Origin stones for the information.

The beast was called the Dark Nightmare, it lived in the barren forest not too far from here.

The beast shop manager said, that there was once a group of transcendence realm experts who had gone to capture this creature, to tame this fierce beast. The creature was incredibly furious and in the end, it managed to defeat them without a single injury!

And it didn't stop there, angered by humanity's high opinion of itself, the beast tied them up and used them as its pets instead but sadly not even those incredibly powerful experts were able to handle such an enormous beast riding on their back as they died from exhaustion.

Nick knew that there was no way he could defeat this creature with his current abilities, at most he could defeat those at the gathering realm, but the transcendence realm was a little too far fetched.

So Nick debated whether he should risk it or not before finally deciding against it, so what if it was a cool beast, if he went against it, who would know which one of them would become the pet instead.

As soon as Nick calmed down and decide to aim a little lower the old geezer or more commonly known as the system's guide made an announcement!

"Hmph!! As the future being that would stand above all, how could you retreat in the face of adversity!!"

Ding! The system's guide has used his position to issue a sudden quest!

[ Sudden Quest

The host shall head to the barren forest to tame the mighty Dark Nightmare beast, this mission was initiated due to the system's guide believing that the host needs to toughen up! Good luck host!

Reward: Unlimited Pet storage space!

Failure: The host will lose a skill at random


Nick jumped at the sight of this sudden quest!

'Fuck why didn't you tell me the crazy old geezer could in fact hand out missions!!'

"Grandpa black hole punch king...can you please take back the quest? You see I want to stay alive a little while longer in this world if it's not too much to ask..."

"Haha...boy, now you remember my name huh? Sorry, but this handsome old man can't help you hehe good luck! I wonder what kind of person the next owner of the system will be..."

Nick was furious, what did he mean by, next owner of the system, is he insinuating he will die on this mission, is he perhaps doing this on purpose because he was jealous of his heavenly looks and personality?

But sadly no matter how he pleaded and cursed, the old geezer acted like a mute and didn't say a word.

Nick finally gave up after hours of cursing the old geezer, because he felt his throat go dry and his stomach empty. Deciding to continue after having a decent meal he returned to his house to appease his anger with a hearty meal.

But on his way there something occurred to him suddenly, and he came up with a perfect way to accomplish the quest!

Immediately informing Peter to change directions he went to the market and bought lots of seasonings.

Then informing Peter that he won't be returning for a few days and intrusting him with looking out for the kids, he packed a change of clothes and left the city as he journeyed to the Barren forest.

The Barren forest got its name due to only having one high-level creature residing there, usually, every forest has a couple of high-level beasts that divide, then stay in their own territories, but this forest was completely monopolized my the fierce Dark nightmare!

Standing before the forest Nick repeatedly motivated himself, in an attempt to calm his nerves, then with little hesitation he walked into the creepy forest.

Nick already had a map entailing the general area of where the beast had been spotted so he didn't need to search for it, but after walking a little deeper into the forest he spotted a beast that looked like a buffalo, except, it was at least five times the size and its fur was red in color!

According to the cooking skill, this beast was called a Fire buffalo and was known for its incredible stamina. It was at the third rank of the gathering realm meaning it was three ranks higher of Nick.

Nick slowly dropped his baggage and got into a fighting stance, this would be a perfect opponent to test his skills on, the bull also noticed Nick but chose to ignore him seeing that he didn't look appetizing.

So froze a picturesque moment of a man in a heroic pose thirsting for a fight and a buffalo walking away like it wasn't any of its business.

Nick became infuriated, how dare some ugly boar turn it's back on him, didn't it know anything about basic courtesy.

Angry and feeling betrayed Nick used the Crimson step technique as incredibly hot flames surfaced on the bottom of his shoes burning all the vegetation around them, but weirdly they didn't affect his shoes even though they were made from ordinary material.

Appearing behind the beast Nick threw a punch, angered by the unappealing creature that dared to attack it the Buffalo turned its head and struck back with its horns.

Nick's fist didn't appear to be imbued with any Origin energy, making the buffalo scoff at his attack, but at the last second, the fist that was inches from his horn vanished and fist appeared inches away from its sex pistol.


Another picturesque moment froze as a beast with tears in its eyes and its legs quivering sat on the ground in a human manner and looked mournfully at its pride and joy.

The beast then turned its head towards Nick and issued an accusing cry, why are humans so petty, do you have to be so jealous just because we beasts have been blessed with larger tools, is it my fault you can't satisfy your women?!!

After that, the beast didn't fight anymore, it just closed its eyes and waited for death. What was the point of living if it didn't get to harass its neighbor's wife...and daughter...and mother...

Nick filled with guilt swore to never use this technique unless absolutely necessary, just looking at the presently hopeless beast before him, filled him with heartache and sorrow.

After putting the beast out of its misery, he skinned and prepared a portion of its meat for grilling. Starting a fire was easy since he just needed to use the crimson step technique to walk on some wood he chopped from the trees earlier.

After all the preparations were done, he started using the cooking skill and choose the grilling recipe for cooking Fire buffalo.

Then after ten minutes or so a heavenly scent permitted around the forest provoking many beasts to awake from their deep slumber howling and salivating, and it just so happens that that one of them was the king of this forest the tyrannical Dark nightmare!

The beast let out a roar as a reminder to all beasts in the forest that it had awoken from its slumber and that the source of the smell was its prey.

And even though those beasts wanting nothing more than to dispute its words they decided that they ought to be the bigger men...biggers beast and not bicker on minor detail as these...

Satisfied with the beasts heeding its commands it slowly walked out of its large dark cave, grooming itself a little it walked towards the source of the scent with its wings behind its back like a master inspecting its territory.

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