The Emperor's System
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The Emperor's System
Author :Lazyfatmonk
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After chanting the motivational quote a couple of times The Dark Nightmare finally calmed down and realized that it shouldn't be ashamed of it's fat, but should instead embrace it. But then it noticed something, it noticed that the boy that claimed fat to be important, was, in fact, thin and fit...

"Boy, are you saying you want to be fat?" The Dark nightmare asked.

"Uhh...Don't worry I'm fat on the inside..."Nick didn't expect the Dark Nightmare to be so generous...

"Oh look the tonic is ready!" Nick quickly changed the subject in case the beast resorted to drastic measures, what if it force-feeds him to turn him into his kind...a fatty!!

The Dark Nightmare immediately forgot about all distractions and stared wide-eyed at the glistening meat, it had to use all its strength to restrain the impulse of snatch the food because it didn't want the tonic it's friend sacrificed his life for to go to waste.

"Ok preparations are complete, let me now do the magic chant!" said Nick.

And soon Nicks aura changed as he turned solemn, he stood up and started doing the Macarena, as he sang the 'magic words'.

"All the single ladies..all the single ladies...all the single ladies...all the single ladies...Oppa Gangnam style...opp..opp..opp.opp...opp Gangnam style...heeeeeeey sexy lady opp..opp."

Then Nick turned and said in a grave tone, "You too must do the chant for it to work!!" Of course, Nick wouldn't let himself be the only one doing this embarrassing action.

But, the Dark nightmare didn't think that way, it also wanted to do the cool moves the man was performing but was embarrassed to ask permission, but now that he was actually supposed to do it, it was delighted.

So two individuals one man and beast stood around the campfire doing the Macarena while singing two iconic songs, the man with a grave yet sincere tone, and beast jiggling its stomach to the beat and mumbling while pretending to know the lyrics.

As for all this being necessary of course, it was necessary, how else would he make the tonic seem significant!

After a minute of this just as the beast was about to get bored and lose its patience Nick stoped his weird dance and ran towards the meat placed on the fire and sliced a small portion, and at the same time, he removed the weird collar on his neck and presented them both to the Beast.

"Quickly!!Quickly!! The meat's effects will run out in about a minute, quickly wear the collar of eternal happiness and eat the piece of meat, but it has to be in that order or it won't work!!!"

The beast also turned anxious, why didn't the human tell it about this before, now he didn't even have time to be conflicted about the fact that he was about to ingest his best friends private parts, and also how was he going to put on that tiny collar?!

Nick obviously thought about this before but the system has explained it was a one size fits all type of collar, and it was right because as soon as the beast held the collar in its hands the collar enlarged and turned into a size fitting the beast!

The Dark Nightmare had lots of questions but sadly, time was running out and it didn't have time to ponder over matters now, but it swore that after finishing the medical procedure it would definitely teach the human a lesson for putting it on the spot!

So quicky wearing the collar it picked up the piece of meat to eat it.

Ding! Congratulations host has accomplished sudden quest, Rewards-Unlimited pet space!

As soon as Nick heard the system notification he hurriedly snatched grilled meat in the Dark nightmares hand away unwilling to share even that small peice.

"What are you doing boy, give me my best friend's meat!!"

" say it again?!" Nick was laughing inside, ever since he came to this forest he's been incredibly stressed, what if the beast killed him before he used the teleportation talisman, or if he failed and the system took away one of his cute skills?!

But as soon as the beast put on the collar he could sense the inseparable connection he had with the collar, and that any command he gave, would force the beast to obey.

The Dark Nightmare grew anxious, time was running out, and there were only about ten seconds left, so it decided to snatch back the meat then deal with this crazy human.

But it found out that its body wasn't responding to it, frightened the beast tried moving its leg yet there was no problem but as soon as he thought about moving toward the human it legs just wouldn't listen.

And then the Dark Nightmare found something even more frightening, it found the collar on its neck slowly sinking into its skin and very soon it would vanish but no matter how it tried the beast couldn't move its arms to stop the collar.

Nick didn't even glance at the distressed monster, as he slowly sliced a large portion of grilled meat for himself and ate it while enjoying the show that the frantic beast before him was putting on.

This was how the pet collar tamed beasts, it would only retain physical form until it finds its target, but once it does it slowly turns into a seal that burns itself into the beast's soul!

And just as the system's guide said, the collar vanished and the beast roared in pain, apparent the pain of a seal being burnt into your soul was painful, who knew?

By now the Dark Nightmare had realized that it had been tricked, it wasn't cautious because of the human's low cultivation, but now it could only lament at how wrong it was.

"Master!"The beast said unwillingly, it was a weird feeling, wanting to say one thing but saying another, what he wanted to say was'Fuck your mom!' but what came out was a formal salute.

"Hmm... your too fat, run for two days straight at your highest speed for exercise!" Nick ordered while enjoying the delicious buffalo grilled meat.

"But master didn't you say my fat was handsome?!"

"What...when did I say that?"

"Before when we were chanting together, remember I'm fat and I'm proud!"The beast was desperate.

"Why would you be proud of your fat? What a ridiculous chant is that?!" Nick didn't even bat his eyes as he lied through his teeth.

"But master how about it being an extra layer of armor?!! Remember how you said it could protect me from all kinds of internal injuries!!"The beast's voice grew horse by this point, it felt so betrayed.

"How is that fat an armor, it more like useless a heavyweight that slows your flight speed!!"

"Master...sob..sob...i'm fat and I'm proud!!!"

"Good for you, but you still have to exercise."

"Master...I'm fat and I'm proud!!"

"No, your fat and you need exercise."

"Master...I'm fat and I'm proud!"

"Say it one more time and I'll make you exercise for two weeks!!"

"Don't worry master ill make sure to slim down quickly!!"

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