The Emperor's System
33 Naughty dragon!
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The Emperor's System
Author :Lazyfatmonk
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33 Naughty dragon!

Nick couldn't possibly finish the whole Buffalo alone, but he was reluctant to share it with the Dark Nightmare, it was so fat already, to the point of it being slightly embarrassing to fly upon one could only imagine what would happen if he feeds it anymore.

"So master...was the tonic also a lie?" the beast asked hoping against all hope that it was true and Nick could at least cure its ailment.

" don't need a tonic, I believe the reason you can't perform well in bed, is because you're suffering from either erectile dysfunction or performance anxiety both of which quite commonly appear at some point in a persons life." Nick said, sharing his exp...his friend's experience.

Because who would want to ride on a depressed beast, it would definitely ruin the mood of the journey.

"But master I'm not a person, I'm a beast and besides I've never heard of any other beast having this problem." The beast wouldn't belive Nick at face value anymore, he had already been tricked once and that was enough.

"Are you stupid, of course I was talking about beasts too, but which beast is stupid enough to advertise his lack of sexual drive to the world, obviously, they would keep it a secret and never tell another soul, besides what else could explain your present situation!" Nick said matter of factly.

If someone asked Nick if he believed his own words then he would say of course he did, cause if he didn't believe his lies then how will he convince others to do the same...

"Then did master suffer from it as well?!"The beast found Nick's words making more and more sense, and the way Nick was talking made it seem like he was speaking from personal experience so it wanted to know if it's master and it were kindred spirits.

"Sigh, I never thought I would reveal this to anyone, but, since you have chosen to follow me, then I guess there's no harm in telling you. Your master was considered a legend in the bed, and could battle it out with the ladies for weeks without breaking a sweat..."

"But sadly at some point, I encountered an opponent I could not vanquish, she was an immortal that specialized in dual cultivation, it was said that every man she used ended up being sucked dry, and that day, attracted by my handsome looks and charming personality she forced herself on me and..."

"Master!! Don't tell me did it with...the Yin Yang immortal?!!!"The beast was in awe, did his master actually go toe to toe with that crazy immortal!!

"Oh, you know her?"Nick said nonchalantly, but inside he was horrified, there was actually someone that fit such a horrifying description...

"Anyway, when I woke up, I found myself exhausted, and her laying there unconscious. I had always prided myself in being a never tiring worker bee, so when I saw that I slept on the job I became dejected and started doubting my abilities."

"After that I became insecure and all my anxieties pilled up, and finally I found that I could only entertain woman for a week at most before tiring out, so I was as nervous and worried as you are now, but luckily I found a genius doctor that assured me that it was impossible for a handsome man like me to suffer like that for long."

"And thankfully he was right, after persevering through the pains and struggles I went through, I can now even last longer than I did before that incident!! Hmph...I even challenged that ugly immortal for another duel but she refused, knowing full well that she had no chance in defeating me this time!"

Nick was in awe of his own abilities, since when did he become so awesome?

The beast now realized that his master was truly terrifying, here he was plagued with a thirty seconds misfire problem, and yet his master was troubled because he could only last a week?

"So master is saying that if I preserver and stay positive then I can be cured of my illness!!"

"No, I'm saying your master is awesome and you made the right choice in following me." Said Nick, if one didn't know he was doing this on purpose, then one would assume he was nuts.


The beast could swear to the heavens that didn't choose to follow Nick but was instead tricked and had no choice in the matter!

But it gave up and started exercising, as it ran around the forest in a crazed manner, but it wasn't as depressing as it was before, because it now had a goal, to follow it's master and learn his secrets to 'longevity'.

Nick was satisfied with his new optimistic pet, and to think this was all because he gave it a confidence boost. But now he still had the problem of where to put all this meat.

The Meat was enough to feed the giant dark nightmare for two days let alone him, who was scrawny and puny in front of the buffalo meat.

As for why he had chosen such a big target in the first place, it was because he had a different plan at first, he thought he would cook for the beast and earn its favor, then after the two of them became buddies he would gift the beast with the collar...

But who knew that the Buffalo was the Dark nightmare's friend forcing him to come up with a new plan on the spot, and the beast was even fat, indicating that feeding it anymore would make it too unsightly to ride on.

But alas, he could do nothing but try eating as much as he can, and leave the rest. Yet as he ate, he noticed something weird, the buffalo he was eating didn't give him any experience points because of the level cap the system had initiated.

However, the heavenly dragon in his dantain was devouring the meat in a lively manner, and all the energy in the meat he ate just seemed to vanish into thin air.

And he realized the more he ate the livelier the dragon was becoming, and it's color seemed to be changing red, into the same color as the Buffalo's fur!

Then all of a sudden, the dragons seemed to be unsatisfied with the slow rate Nick consumed the food, as it roared and jumped out of Nick's body and swallowed the large piece of meat in front of Nick.

But what terrified Nick, was that as soon as the dragon swallowed that large piece of meat, he could feel his body expanding as he got fatter and fatter by the second!

But the irritating dragon didn't stop there, as it turned its attention towards the large piece of uncooked meat lying on the ground a few feet away, and before Nick could even object, it rushed over and Swallowed it in one bite.

And exactly as Nick feared, the rate at which he expanded became faster and faster as the dragon returned victoriously.

Irritated, Nick wanted nothing more than to slap the annoying dragon, if it wanted to eat then let it eat, but why was Nick suffering for its wild appetite?

As if it did nothing wrong, the vile dragon returned to its original color and returned to Nick's dantain.

And to make matters worse, at that moment he heard the hysterical laughter of the system's guide, as his loud and annoying laughter resounded in Nick's head.

At the same time the Dark Nightmare that was running around the forest, turned its head sensing the dragon's aura, but what it saw drove it to tears!

'Sigh...the heaven have eyes master, here you were, making fun of me for being fat now look at you, so much meat that people can't even see your fingers!! At least my fat is only on my belly and I can convince a girl to love me if I tried hard enough, but I don't think you will get any service even if you pay for it hehe!'

Nick was about to lose his mind from anger when he heard.


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