The Emperor's System
38 Unveiling Part 1
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The Emperor's System
Author :Lazyfatmonk
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38 Unveiling Part 1

Arriving at the Golden inn Nick started looking around in hopes of spotting the middle-aged merchant, cause who knows if the merchant decided to ignore him and forget the huge favor Nick had done for him, after all, he did get him out of an embarrassing situation yesterday... Unveiling

However, he didn't know that the merchant had sworn never to see Nick again and to avoid him for the rest of his life.

But the moment he saw this unscrupulous person flying away he understood that he was an expert and might actually be able to help him with his current predicament, maybe he has a skill that can alter her looks...

Therefore the merchant arrived at the inn early in the morning, waiting for Nick to show up.

So Nick didn't have to wait long before he spotted the merchant.

"Hello, sir, I'm glad you could make it." The merchant greeted enthusiastically.

"Well thank you, don't get up please my friend, and don't call me sir, call me Nick, and how may I address you?" replied Nick in a gentle manner.

The merchant immediately tensed up, the way Nick spoke reminded him of those incredibly talented merchants that swindled and toyed with their costumers. But he tried his best not to show his worries on his face and said.

"Oh, your too kind Mr.Nick call me Henery." As he introduced himself he went in for a handshake.

"Pleasure to meet you, Mr.Henery," Nick spoke courteously and shook his hand.

"Well then Mr.Nick, did you mean what you said, can you make her look better?!" Henery said these words, hoping with every ounce of his being that Nick could help him.

Nick just stared at Henery weirdly, is this person crazy, when did he say he could change her looks. But he didn't deny it since it would help as a bargaining chip later when he asks Henery to find him a buyer for the house.

"Sure I can but first..." Before Nick could even say another word Henry interrupted him.

"Great!! Wait for a moment she'll be here soon!!" After saying this the man ran out of the inn.

Nick frowned, things weren't going according to plan.

Approximately two minutes later, the man came back lugging a skinny woman behind him, the woman had a great figure and would be incredibly tempting to look at...from the back...

The only turn off was her face, as it was covered with moles and warts, and everyone in the inn gave her a judging look, but the girl didn't seem to care because her eyes were keenly focused on Henry.

Nick felt slight anger towards the man, true she wasn't pretty, but she loved him and he had married her, was it really appropriate to look down on what was yours because you coveted what others had. And yet for some reason, Nick felt something off about the situation.

"I'm back Mr. Nick, I hope that I didn't keep you waiting." While he said this Henry dragged his wife to sit beside him.

"Hi there Mr.Nick, my name is Linda, excuse me if I seem too excited, but you have to understand that this is the first time my husband has brought me to meet any of his friends!" Linda flashed a bright smile at Nick.

Nick felt sad for her, her husband was ashamed of her and didn't let his friends see her but she didn't seem to mind it at all and was only happy that she met one of them today.

"Hi there Ms.Linda, I am Nick, a pleasure to meet you."

"Ahhh...Linda dear, Mr. Nick, here, has a technique that can help with your umm...problem."

Henery was shocked at Nick's reaction, he never expected Nick not to mind his wife's looks and sound so genuine in his greeting towards her, but it wasn't time to worry about that since he had to explain the situation to his wife.

"What problem?" While Linda asked this she was trembling with her head down, and if one looked closely they could see tears dripping down from her eyes.

But her husband didn't seem to realize this as he continued.

"Well honey, I've been meaning to tell you this for a long time, you see your looks are..." Henry didn't finish his words as his actions had already gotten the message across.

"So why didn't you tell me this before you married me?" Linda asked as tears rolled violently down her cheeks.

"Because he loved your money more than he hated your looks!" It was Nick that answered this time.

Any random idiot could tell why he married her, Henry didn't seem to care about money which means he has an abundance of it, he was incredibly shallow which means he really cared about looks, but since he married her then she must have either money or position.

Nick guessed that she inherited some money and gave some to Henry anytime he asked for it.

Now Nick was not a hypocrite that would claim to not care about looks, he did care, and he even made fun of the ugly Lily sometimes in his head.

But Lily and Linda were different, Lily was ugly but she was confident and considered herself as a heavenly beauty, but Linda was extremely innocent and adored Henry even though she had suspicions on what he thought about her.

"You..." Henry was furious, why don't you mind your own business. Here he was ready with a whole speech about how he didn't care about her looks but she should change for herself instead, but now Nick ruined it all with just one sentence.

"Well, your highness, I guess you have failed." A figure slowly walked out of the shadows and stood beside Linda. The man had white hair, but a young face, he was neatly dressed and carried an impeccable disposition.

"Yes...right minister...lets return." Linda slowly stood up, and her disposition seemed to change as well as an air of nobility befell her.

"This...this...what is going on here?! And who are you?!" Henry was frightened, he didn't understand what was currently going on.

"Haha...fat pig, who knew that you would actually be so stupid, and with only a month remaining too, haha the Emperor will be truly thankful." the so-called Right Minister seemed to be in a good mood.

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