The Emperor's System
39 Unveiling Part 2
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The Emperor's System
Author :Lazyfatmonk
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39 Unveiling Part 2

"What are you talking about?! Also what thankful Emperor, what remaining time, and who are you calling a fat pig?!!!" Henry's head was hurting from all the nonsense going on, but for some reason, he felt like he lost out at something big.

"I believe that he was referring to you as a fat pig." Nick quickly threw some wood into the fire and sat there enjoying this dramatic show.

"haha I like you brat, and yes I was referring to you Henry when I said fat pig, as for the situation I will explain it to you since I'm in a gracious mood."

"You see, princess Linda was blessed with heaven-defying talent and could reach great heights if she cultivated seriously, but she was incredibly willful and didn't want to cultivate, instead she wanted to find her prince charming, or in your case prince pig hehe."

"But the Emperor told here that men were a waste of time, and being with one would only serve as a distraction to her cultivation. But the princes said she could do both and wouldn't be distracted."

"Angered by her unwillingness to listen to reason her father the Emperor made a deal with her."

"The deal was, that if she could marry a man and stay together happily with him for five years then he would allow her and her husband to stay in the palace, but if she failed, she would have to return home and cultivating wholeheartedly."

"Of course, there was a condition, since the princes was a beauty blessed by the heavens, it would be terribly easy for a man to stay with her for the rest of his life let alone five years, so the condition stated that she would have to disguise herself into an ugly woman during the duration of this deal."

"The Emperor did all this in the hopes of his daughter understanding the fickle heart of man, and you taught her just that, and with only a month remaining in the deal too."

The Right Minister waved his hands naturally and a veil seemed to have been lifted as Linda's face slowly transformed, Nick was amazed at all the plot twists unfolding in this drama and had just taken a sip of water when he immediately spat it out upon seeing the gorgeous Linda.

Damn, she was beautiful, even Nick who could claim to have been with countless supermodels felt that they were all lacking compared to her.

Oh my god, what kind of cruel trick was this, she was so beautiful, and was a princess as well! And to think all this would have belonged to Henry in just a month if Nick hadn't invited him here to talk!

"Henry, the right minister had repeatedly told me that you only loved me because I provided you energy stones."

"But I refused to believe him because I firmly believed that you loved me, and I loved you too even though you were fat, and you had a bold head but too much hair everywhere else!"

Nick felt that Linda was slightly savage with her insults, but if one looked at her face then one could see that she wasn't insulting henry but just speaking from her heart instead.

However now he understood why he felt something off about the situation earlier, it was because he couldn't sense Linda's cultivation.

Moreover, it wasn't like it was nonexistent, but more like shielded from prying eyes, yet now after her looks returned, her cultivation also showed itself as a strong aura of a transcendence realm expert enveloped her.

"You tricked me!! You tricked me!!" Henry was about loose his mind, how could he be so stupid, how could someone ordinary possibly walk out and immediately return with bags full of profound stones, he regretted it, he really regretted it, if only he had been a little more patient.

"But wait, I slept with her! Yes, I slept with the princess so that makes me a prince as well!!" Henry seemed to have caught a lifeline as he yelled crazily.

The Right Minister looked at him like an idiot, "Are you really that stupid, do you think I would let you sleep with the princess before the deal was over? But it was funny seeing you make love to a pillow hehe."

Nick was horrified right now, this world was still so foreign to him, everybody seemed to be trying to trick somebody, maybe everyone in this world liked acting like a frog and was just waiting for a kiss to transform into a princess.

'Then what if Lily was also...' Nick thought about Lily who was ugly but considered herself to be a beauty empress, and even her brother seemed to think she was gorgeous, so maybe she's like Linda, pretending to be ugly to fools the masses.

But Nick hurriedly shook his head, no, he couldn't think like this, if he started doubting his eyes, then he might really go crazy.

Linda and the right minister seemed to have said all they needed to say as they stood up and walked out of the inn.

Henry was frantic, was he about to lose everything like this, then remembering something he quickly turned his head towards Nick but found to his surprise that Nick wasn't there but was instead chasing after Linda and the Right Minister.

Wow, what a devoted man, to actually try to help him at a moment like this.

Nick quickly caught up to the two people and shamelessly put his arms around the Right Minister neck, as if they were old friends.

The Right Minister was shocked, when was the last time somebody dared to touch him, instantly he turned alert and warily looked at Nick.

"Wait a moment Right Minister, let talk in private for a moment, you don't mind do you, Linda?" Nick spoke with a shining smile, which disarmed others.

And besides, Linda had a high opinion of Nick since he tried to help her earlier, so she nodded to show her approval before she walked further away to give the two their space.

"Hey sir, you weren't really going to leave without compensating me were you?"Nick asked in a joking manner as if the Right Minister would never do such a thing.

"Compensation?" The Right Minister asked curiously.

Nick acted shocked as he said," Of course, don't tell me after all I did for your Lion Empire you would actually refuse to compensate me!"

The Right Minister immediately became on guard and released enormous amounts of pressure at Nick, he had never mentioned that they were from the Lion Empire, so how did this man know.

Nick obviously found out by using the ingredient skill, but he couldn't say that now could he?

"Hey don't be so tense, I was once a citizen of the Lion Empire and was lucky enough to have seen the princess, and since I cultivate a technique that identifies most deception, I obviously saw through her disguise as well as you standing there to protect her."

"So when I heard that pig Henry, calling our princess ugly I called this meeting to expose him to the princess and to you, but I seem to have underestimated the Right Minister since you had apparently seen through him long before I have."

The Right Minister had a headache, it was difficult to hit a smiling face, especially if that smiling face was praising you.

"So brat, what do you want?!" the Right Minister swore to smack the boy if he made any unreasonable request.

"Anything would do sir, but if you have any space stones that would be..." Nick stared at the right minister, waiting to see his expression, and if he seemed angered and about to attack he would just laugh it off and pretend he said nothing, or maybe he would try his luck with the princess instead...

"Oh, that's all?" The right minister was surprised, yes space stones were valuable, but they needed a forger to forge them into special rings, and to a minister like him Space stones were dispensible, to say the least.

Nick regretted as soon as he saw the old man's expression, he should have asked for more. but it was too late to regret now, if asked for anymore he might not even get the space stone!

"Of course sir, but if the minister were to gift me other rewards then I would surely accept hehe." Nick nudged the Right Minister with his elbow playfully.

The Right minister stood there petrified, since when were younglings so daring, even after knowing who he was, he was still acting so immature.

But looking at Nick 'honest' expression he could only throw a stone and parchment at Nick before flying away hurriedly, he couldn't risk someone seeing how he was being treated by some green brat even if he was far away from the Empire.

Nick also didn't hesitate as he stuffed his gains into his pocket and walked back calmly to the inn.

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