The Emperor's System
42 Departure final!
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The Emperor's System
Author :Lazyfatmonk
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42 Departure final!

"Okay places everyone, get into position!!" Nick instructed everyone as Silver approached Carmon city again, but now for the last time.

"Hey silver tuck in your belly, that will cost us some points!!" Nick remembered something and yelled at Silver.

"But master, flying with my belly sucked in, is very difficult." Silver complained.

"Shut up and do it, I'll cook you one meal later if you successfully pull this off, okay?" Nick said this in a lazy manner.

Silver didn't complain anymore as it violently sucked in its stomach, causing some of its ribs to show, it had smelled its master's heavenly cooking, it couldn't wait to actually try it.

"Okay, not so hard, we don't want you to look impoverish now do we, that could make us lose even more points! Besides people would get the impression that I'm a terrible master that starves his pets!" Nick was growing tired, this must be how directors feel when they were instructing their actors, so annoying.

'But master you do starve me, you just label it nicely as a, what was it, yeah diet' Silver thought.

Now it was Nick's turn to get into position as he ran onto Silver's head and stood there with his hands behind his back.

And so they flew across the city, the wind tossing up Nick's hair giving him a charming air, but Nick quickly noticed that he wasn't getting any domineering points at all, it seemed he was just too tiny to make out in the sky.

After a few seconds of thinking he remembered something that made him want to slap himself, why didn't he think about this before.


Nick turned gigantic all of a sudden and soon reached ten meters, but Silver only felt his head becoming slightly heavier nothing more, instantly notifications rang out in Nick's head.

+ 5 domineering points

+ 1 domineering points

+ 1 domineering points

+ 5 domineering points

+ 5 domineering points

+ 10 domineering points

+ 1 domineering points

+ 1 domineering points

+ 5 domineering points

But the domineering points varied, which was understandable because the Old geezer had said, that the stronger the people are the more domineering points they provided, and the weaker they are, the fewer points they provide, and if the cultivation gap was too large then they won't contribute any at all.

Peter and the kids hid at the back, making sure that they couldn't be seen since Nick didn't want to share this moment, so as not to lose out on any domineering points.

All the domineering points Nick got, came from cultivators, as for those civilians, they were just spectators and didn't provide anything, and this was because they couldn't see Nick's figure and he looked like part of the beast's body.

But even if they did see Nick they wouldn't provide anything because there was a huge gap in cultivation.

"Wow, look, a giant being riding on a dragon!!!"

"No no no, it's a small beast on top of a giant beast!!"

"Are you this dumb, that is not a giant, but the horn of the beast!"

"What do you know, my wife is a professional beast tamer and has thought me a couple of things, that thing is not the beast's horn, it's the beast's sex organ!!"

"What, really...but it's on its head..?"

"So? Don't look down on it because of that, to them, we are weird because we have our organ between our legs."

The civilians were having a great time chit-chatting, they really didn't care what it actually was as long as they could have a little gossip to distract them from their tiring work.

Nick could hear everything from the sky but didn't know how to respond to it, on one side he really enjoyed all the attention, on the other, it was bad attention...whatever there's no such thing as bad publicity anyway he thought.

The cultivators were in awe at the giant being that was capable of taming the giant beast and gave Nick points left and right. They didn't bother to explain to the civilians that Nick wasn't an organ but a powerful master and owner of the beast.

"What kind of awe-inspiring being would actually fly through a city like this!"

"I don't know my friend, but this being must carry a heroic disposition to not be bothered by all the stares and attention of all these people."

"I agree, if it was me, I would have flown around the city to avoid all this annoying Noise!"

Nick couldn't agree more, it was always the cultivators that understood him best.

"Look he's about to leave the city, sigh, such a magnificent sight has to come to an end this quickly...wait he's...turning around and flying back...maybe he forgot something!"

Of course, Nick didn't forget anything, he was just trying to milk this city as much as he could before leaving.

Then suddenly Nick and Silver stoped in midair while Nick yelled, "Get out!! show yourself!!"

As Nick spoke he activated the Crimsom steps turning the area around his feet into a sea of fire, yet it didn't stop there since Nick's now giant eyes turned golden, and a manifestation of a Lion appeared behind him making him look like a war god incarnate.

The lion manifestation was an effect of the lion's roar skill, the derived version of the skill would create a manifestation of a Brown Lion while the real version would show a giant Black Lion!

What appeared behind Nick now was a Brown one of course, but it wouldn't be long before he would earn enough to get the real one considering how he had already gained two hundred domineering points!!

Silver felt heat appearing on its head but because of the two realm gap between it and Nick, it didn't feel the slightest of discomfort, in fact, it felt slightly comfortable...

The cultivators on the ground were caught in suspense and were wondering who Nick was speaking too.

"Hey, who do you think the giant being is talking to?"

"I don't know, but the enemy must be strong since he can hide himself so well!"

"I think the giant must be equally as strong or even stronger for him to notice the hidden enemy."

Nick stared sternly in front, seemingly waiting for something to pop up, but sadly nothing ever did.

"Hmph, if you aren't coming out then, I'll drag you out!!" Then Nick used the Crimson technique to attack the space in front of him but managed to hit nothing but air.

"Oh, so you're fast, let's see how long you can avoid my attacks then!!" And so Nick put on a one-man show for the audience and the domineering points just came pouring in.

Of course, there was no enemy, Nick was just having a great time hopping around the place pretending that he was facing someone formidable, but the place he attacked weren't random, because whenever he attacked, he managed to swat some flies.

These flies were a larger version of the ones on earth but they served the same purpose, to annoy the hell out of people.

Two hours later...

"That giant must be crazy to fight someone for so long, hey, maybe the giant is crazy and is seeing things."

"No! Can't you all see how many flies he has killed by now, I think that he has a feud with them and is carrying out an annihilation."

"Who cares, this giant is a beautiful pest control device, are you annoyed with flies bothering you, are tired of shoeing them away only for them to return a minute later, then get your very own fly-swatting giant that kills all the flies for you as you sit around and watch."

Nick, "..."

Nick didn't want to stay any longer, why did that sound like a commercial, and a damn good one too, it gave him the itch to invest...

But while Silver was flying away as per Nick's orders, Nick rapidly decreased in size, but he didn't stop once he reached his original size as he kept getting smaller and smaller, and once he become as small as a child he flew down to the ground and searched for the one that created such an amazing commercial.

And finally, he spotted him, pushing through the crowd he soon arrived in front of the person, but the person didn't notice him and was staring at Silver departing back, Nick stood in front of the man and asked.

"Were you the one that spoke that funny line about the giant fly swatter just now?"

The man looked down and was surprised to find such a cute kid staring at him expectantly.

"Yes little boy it was me, was it funny, did you enjoy it, where's your mommy by the way?"

Nick nodded satisfied, he didn't make a mistake, it was this genius that came up with such an attractive commercial.

Deception Fist!


"Ayyyyyyyyyy..."The man squealed a little before kneeling down to catch his breath.

Nick had already flown away at this time, he hated those commercials that tempted everyone to buy useless things that contributed nothing to their daily lives what so ever.

And besides, he had already repeated his debt and earned so much more...

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