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The Emperor's System
Author :Lazyfatmonk
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43 Shop

Deep in the night, a silver maned creature flew majestically through the sky, and the only thing that could ruin this image was the large belly that hung low making the beast look pregnant.

This beast was obviously Silver, three people slept on it's back peacefully, while one just stared ahead, dazed, this person couldn't understand what had transpired today, this person was Peter, and the three sleeping beauties were Nick and the kids.

On one day, he had seen more crazy things than he had in his entire lifetime, at first there was this giant beast that he had to fly on, then he saw his master throw their large carriage into a dark vortex, after that he saw Nick uprooting the house that he had already sold and throw it into an even bigger vortex.

And finally, as a grand finale, they flew across the same city multiple times and stoped in midair only so Nick could hunt down some stupid flies, then they left the city like it was none of their business.

But there was a silver lining to all this madness, Peter had been utterly distracted with all the drama going on that he actually forgot his fear of heights and even slightly felt that, right now, what was truly scary wasn't flying on the beast but flying with Nick instead.

The kids didn't overthink things as he did and instead felt that today was fun, they snatched their house back and got to ride on Mr.Silver Fatty, and to top it all off, Nick put on a live show as he danced and kicked in the air, giving them sufficient entertainment.

As for Nick, he was just too tired and felt that he had enough excitement for one day, because not only had he repaid his debt, but he had actually earned an extra thousand domineering points as well.

But that wasn't the end of it since the system had announced the official availability of the two functions, shop and fusion!!

So all in all, he felt that if he got any more excited today he would harm his precious health, and it would be better to inspect these two functions in the morning.

Sadly, he had only slept for thirty minutes when he woke up, it seemed the more eager one was about something, the harder it was to sleep through the night!.

Nick calmed down his nerves as he checked his stats.

[Name: Nick Michelson

Title: The Slayer Of Scorpions

Cultivation Level: Origin realm rank 9

Physical Body Level: Origin realm rank 1

Cultivation Technique: Star Devouring Dragon manual

Physical Body Skill: Gluttonous dragon body tempering technique

Skill: Dragon eyes, Deception Fist, Cooking, Disguise Level 1/10 (Ten domineering points to level up)

Technique: Crimson steps Level 1/3 (5 domineering points to level up), Lion's Roar (Incomplete)(Five domineering points to complete skill)

Exp:(Finish the main Mission to access)

Domineering points: 1000

Bloodlines: Heaven devouring Ancient Dragon bloodline]

Damn, he still couldn't believe it, he had been so troubled about his debt ever since he got the system, but in one day he had not only cleared the debt but also gained nearly the exact amount of what he owed previously.

Nick immediately completed the Lion's roar technique and then upgraded his disguise skill.

Immediately more information on the two skills surfaced in his head, and the changes also took effect on the status menu.

Before the upgrade, the Disguise skill could only deceive those that were one realm higher than Nick's level, but now it could deceive those that were a realm and three ranks higher!!

This meant that Nick could now deceive those at the third rank of the transcendence realm!!

Nick really loved the disguise skill, it was so practical and not overpowered at all...

Next was the fusion menu, Nick was surprised that the system didn't just fuse skills, but also weapons and bloodlines, it was so practical, not overpowered at all just the way Nick liked it.

The shop was the last one Nick checked, but it was also the one that made him most expectant.

The shop was divided into different categories and they were, Weapons, skills, bloodlines, and miscellaneous.

On the weapons category, there were weapons ranging from spirit realm weapons to Immortal Emperor realm weapons, each ranging from a different variety, there were bows, spears, just every kind of weapon that you can think of.

And there was also a sign at the bottom that stated that the levels of the weapons were limited due to the level of the world he was in, insinuating that there were stronger realms as well as stronger level weapons in the shop waiting for him to unlock.

Nick then finally came to the most important part, the price, and surprisingly it was reasonable, Gathering realm weapons just required five hundred domineering points.

And although this might seem like a lot, one has to understand that gathering realm weapons were sold for two thousand gathering energy stones out in the world, so didn't this mean Nick just earned that many by swatting some flies?

Nick checked and realized that most of the things sold by the system came reasonably priced and decided to buy a weapon to celebrate the unlocking of this function and for the kind-hearted system that gave him such a discounted price.


At this time in a world far far away, a mysterious blacksmith stood in front of a bow, he embraced it and even gave it a little lick to show his affection.

"With this Bow in hand, the world is mine!!!" The mysterious Blacksmith roared.


Suddenly the void cracked and a wrinkled old hand stretched out of the void, and then slapped the mysterious Blacksmith away before grabbing the bow and vanishing!


Nick was really satisfied with the Bow he just purchased and adored his first personal weapon.

"Hey old geezer, what is this wet thing on my bow, you didn't lick it before I acquired it did you?" Nick joked.

"What nonsense are you spouting boy?!!! This a high-quality weapon forged by the system itself!!" The Old geezer sweated a little, why did the brat have such good intuition, he should clean the weapons before giving it to Nick in the future, why did that Blacksmith even lick the bow?!!

Nick didn't understand why the Old geezer was so uptight about a simple joke, the old geezer didn't even have a physical body so it was obviously impossible for him to lick the Bow.

But since Nick felt the Old geezer's reaction was a little unnatural he didn't take chances and had the already awake Peter wash it with some of the cleaning supplies he carried in his storage space.

While Peter was busy cleaning his Bow Nick turned his head to the other categories in the shop, and soon noticed that all the others were basically the same, but Nick saw most of the bloodlines were terribly weak compared to his.

"Hmph, what do you know, this bloodline won't even be available in the shop until you reach a higher world, it was just dumb luck that the Heaven devouring dragon was found in this world, and it was even in its blood essence form too, it was as if it was served on a plate for you!!"

The Old geezer scoffed at Nick's unrealistic expectations.

"You are right for once Old geezer, I must have been so charming that I even enticed the luck goddess!!" Nick agreed wholeheartedly.

"Well, that just might be the case, but I should tell you that the god of luck is male, and he is known for carrying a large spear with him..." The old geezer replied nonchalantly as if there was no falsehood in his words.

Nick quietly pretended he heard nothing and checked the miscellaneous section of the shop, but his butt tightened fiercely as if to protect its self from the terrifying scenario.

"What?!!!" Nick jumped up in excitement.

Inside the miscellaneous category, there were medicine, teleportation talisman, some clothes, just pretty much all the things one would need for the road, but what caused Nick's outcry were the computers, TVs, and other technologically advanced equipment in there.

There were even cars in there, but these weren't from Nick's earth since they were more technologically advanced and were each designed exquisitely.

"Hey old geezer, where do you get these things?!!" Nick asked in wonder.

"Hmph, the stupid belief that only your world can be technologically advanced is truly laughable, besides the means of the system aren't something that you can comprehend boy!!" The Old geezer replied sternly.

"Damn, why do you sound so angry all the time? Can't you try speaking with a calm tone once in a while?"

"Shut up, boy!! When did I sound so angry?!!!" The Old geezer was really angry, he had always prided himself on his mellow temperament, and anyone that disagreed deserved to die.

"Just my imagination then, it must be just my imagination, okay?" Nick replied hurriedly, what was truly scary wasn't a madman but rather a dull-witted madman.

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