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The Emperor's System
Author :Lazyfatmonk
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47 Poof!

Curt rolled around the ground in pain, no matter how one ever cultivated, that area was always the most vulnerable and painful area on the male body.

But it seemed that it was the Deception fists special ability since Curt didn't seem to be in as much pain as his mount was, he didn't even seem to have given up on life as the Donkey did.

Curt took in every breath in trepidation, he had never thought, that his always loyal and obedient Mystical Donkey would backstab him, no, this was worse, it kicked him right on his lady chaser.

"Are you, okay?" Nick asked as he slowly approached Curt, but he also made it his mission to keep a safe distance from the crazy vengeful Donkey.

"I'm okay, consider the inspection over, you all can go now." Curt felt that the only good thing about all this, was him being able to get rid of this sneaky young man and his powerful fat beast.

"Hey buddy, didn't you say earlier that it was a robbery, don't you remember, back when you mistakenly thought my beast peed on you on purpose, you really don't remember?" Nick asked, kneeling down on one knee, as he talked down to Curt who was sprawled on the ground.

"Misunderstanding, I was just saying it all as a joke, how would I dare to rob you when you had such a powerful beast on you? I was just doing my job, listen, do you think a thief like me would stay in a secluded desert like this just hoping to encounter someone to rob?"

Curt, of course, couldn't come up with such a logical sounding reason on the spot, especially not when he had just suffered such a tragic accident. This reason and explanation were ones that took his entire bandit crew to come up with, they had spent weeks coming up with an explanation for the worst-case scenario.

And now that it happened, he felt it was the right choice, they didn't waste their time back then.

The Donkey was looking at the sky in surrender, he had really lost everything it was proud of.

"Hey, ugly Donkey, how long do you think you can entertain the ladies now?" Silver who had just calmed down from losing its hard earn reputation decided to look at the bright side, the Donkey that had made fun of it was now lying hopelessly on the ground.

"Fine, you win, now with my thing broken I can't possibly have children, much less entertain the ladies tirelessly, I would have to just use my other assets to keep them company...by the way, my master is lying, he was going to rob you, and he has a group of bandits stationed not too far from here."

While speaking the Donkey did not forget to throw its owner under the bus.

Silver's ears stood up like a rabbit's, what did it hear, did the Ugly Donkey say something about using other assets to entertain the ladies. But sadly no matter what Silver said, the Donkey didn't respond as it laid on the ground and closed its eyes to sleep through the pain.

Nick was admiring the Donkey's work, he had not expected it to be so fierce with its attack, was he perhaps a bad influence on it, but Nick quickly felt that couldn't be the case, how can a sweet and innocent person like himself lead such a vile Donkey astray.

It was at this time when Nick was condemning everyone's moral actions except his own, that he heard Silver speaking out loud in the human language.

"Master, don't let that man fool you, he was here to rob us, and according to the now sterile Donkey, he has a team not too far from here!"

Curt turned his head towards his Donkey in disbelief, but what he found staring back at him was the Donkey's butt, the butt was so close, that one would wonder the Donkey's intentions, and before Curt could hurl insults at the two-timing Donkey, the Donkey grinned in a creepy manner as it released a putrid foul fart right onto Curt's angry face.


Nick had long noticed the Donkey slowly dragging its rump into position, it even had a look of pure determination on its face, like what it was about to do was a mission sent from the heavens themselves.

Nick stared in horror when he saw what Curt's beast was doing, oh, he should quickly tell Curt!

But how would he tell it to him, also what if Curt didn't believe him and the beast changed its mind midway? Nick didn't want to be called a liar when he was just trying to help someone, besides, he despised those that spoiled surprises, and didn't want to be one of those people.

And so, once he distanced himself from Curt he looked on with expectation written all over his face, but if he had turned around he would have seen the same look on the kids' faces!

Even Peter who was normally quite reserved couldn't help staring in rapt attention, one could say anything about Nick, but it had to be said that there was never a dull moment when one traveled with him.

Peter even started getting the feeling that it wasn't so bad following Nick, at least he got to live a life full of adventure now, which was much better than driving those snotty-nosed Young masters as he did before.

Nick waited for the smell to disperse before having Silver lift the Donkey and Curt with its claws as they headed to were Curt's gang were located, which wasn't difficult considering that the unreasonable Donkey was guiding the way.

The Donkey was truly unreasonable, Nick was the one that caused it so much pain and yet it was venting all its anger at its master. Nick even began to wonder whether it was really him that attacked the poor Donkey.

And just like that, bit by bit, Nick slowly became convinced it wasn't him, how could he do such a horrible thing.

As Nick's thoughts reached along those lines, he started projecting his righteous anger towards Curt, how could one attack their own beast like that, he had basically neutered his own beast!

"Master, the Donkey said something about using other assets to entertain the ladies, could you tell me what it meant by that?" Silver asked Nick, troubled by the Donkey's previous words.

"Hmm...you don't need to know about that now, your still so young, kids your age should only think about school, don't ask me again until your eighteen!" Nick reprimanded nonchalantly but didn't forget to raise his fist and grin in an evil manner to deter Silver from asking any more questions.

Silver felt claimed its mouth and legs shut, it was really scared, it had just asked a question, why was there a need for violence, and besides, what school, what eighteen years old, was there a school for beasts these days, and it was already two hundred years old, how could it possibly go back to being eighteen!

Nick then went back to despising Curt for attacking his own beast...

Silver slowly set down while casually throwing away Curt and his Donkey.

"Silver!! How can you treat an inspector like that?!!" Nick questioned feigning anger.

"Who are you?!!" All of the bandits were surprised at the sorry state their Leader was in, but they calmed their nerves as they slowly grabbed for their weapons, vigilantly staring at Nick the whole time.

"Me?" Nick asked while pointing at himself. As if he was surprised they didn't know him.

"I'm the Inspector that inspects the Inspector, so..." Nick didn't even finish as he began an even more violent inspection than the one Curt had conducted, in fact, it couldn't even be described as an inspection but just violence.

To inspect a hut he would destroy the hut then look at the debris to find anything valuable, he even stomped their armors flat in the name of 'checking if they used illegal iron', they usually left their armor laying around due to the heat, but now had to see them being reduced to metal plates.

"Hey, who started this fire?!" Nick asked, now actually angry as he looked at a campfire before him.

The bandits all turned to an unassuming short guy standing behind the group.

"Did you start a fire in a desert?!!! Are dumb, stupid, crazy, or all of the above?!!" Nick was really angry, this was just like when one saw a beggar, throwing away food, it had nothing to do with them, but one would feel angry at the beggar for wasting resources that should be valuable to the beggar himself.

Nick smashed the fire and wood, before calmly fixing his messy hair and moving on with the 'Inspection'.

There was nothing valuable here, he had tried to looking everywhere, but he couldn't find a damn thing.

"Sir, we really don't have anything valuable, the only valuable things here are the weapons and the armor...the metal plates." One of the bandits voiced out.

"What do you mean valuable, are you perhaps suggesting that I'm a bandit?!!" Nick asked.

The bandits were at a loss, who knew that there was someone else who claimed to berighteous while committing blatant robbery, it seemed that their boss has found a kindred spirit...

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