The Emperor's System
48 Grandpa, I almost forgo
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The Emperor's System
Author :Lazyfatmonk
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48 Grandpa, I almost forgo

"What do you mean valuable, are you perhaps suggesting that I'm a bandit?!!" Nick asked.

The bandits were at a loss, who knew that there was someone else who claimed to be righteous while committing blatant robbery, it seemed that their boss has found a kindred spirit...

"No sir, we wouldn't dare!! We just mean that there is really nothing to inspect and besides we believe there should be honor among thieves...I mean inspectors!" One of the bandits quickly said.

Nick ignored the bandits, he really felt betrayed, as bandits shouldn't these people be loaded, where was the honesty, where was the trust!

Refusing to believe that someone of Curt's cultivation would be so poor, Nick became even more overbearing with his search, but sadly he didn't find anything other than some dirty underwear under the beds!

Nick became more and more frustrated until it finally hit him, why was he wasting his efforts this way when there was an easy way of doing this.

He could just make the bandits confess the whereabouts of their valubles, right?

The bandits were incredibly scared, they had only experienced fear like this once before, and at that time, they had just begun their jobs as ' inspectors', all of them young and hot-blooded, they were fearless.

That was their first mistake, they were riding around the outskirts of the city when they saw a little girl dressed entirely in armor, she was chasing a butterfly and giggling to herself like an idiot.

The bandits couldn't identify the grade of the armor she was wearing, but they could tell it was very high, approaching quickly they grabbed the little girl and mounted her on of their rides before riding back to their camp.

The little girl wasn't very intelligent since she just played with the butterfly in her hand and seemed oblivious to what was going on around her.

The bandit might be fearless but they weren't stupid, they knew that a kid with such an armor must have terrifying backing, which was why they didn't conduct their inspection on the spot and instead waited to be in the safety of their camp first.

Thankfully they didn't encounter any obstructions on their journey and smoothly arrived at their hideout, the little girl was having so much fun playing with the butterfly.

She would let go of the butterfly and give it the hope of freedom before capturing it again, seeing the butterfly in despair was so much fun, the butterfly was depressed, it had just been dumped by a Caterpillar this morning and now it was captured by this crazy child from another species.

The little girl soon found the butterfly playing dead, and no matter how she poked and prodded it wouldn't get up to play with her, bored she threw the butterfly away and started looking around her to find something interesting to play with.

"Little girl, take off that armor right this instant!" One of the bandits commanded.

The little girl looked at the bandit for a moment, but no matter how hard she looked he didn't seem interesting at all. So she walked past him and began exploring the camp.

"Hey! Where are you going, take off that armor or your going to get hurt!" The bandit scolded as he chased after the girl.

But the girl seemed deaf to all his yelling as she pranced around the place humming a tune.

Yet finally all his yelling seemed to have served its purpose since the girls stopped and stared straight into the bandit's eyes, her eyes pure, untainted by the evils of the world.

"Little girl take off the armor before I do it for you!!"The bandit hollered furiously.

"But Granpa said to never take off this armor, and that he would punish me if I did!" The girl replied innocently.

"What nonsense are you spouting, your dead, we killed him, now tell me are you wearing anything underneath the armor, we wouldn't want you naked when you take off that armor do we?" The bandit said.

The little girl froze and processed the bandit's words, did they really kill her Granpa? After a whole minute of thinking she seemed to have finished processing and what followed was...loud.

"Granpa!!!! No, you're lying, how can you kill my Granpa?!!" The girl went crazy and started roaring to the heavens.

The bandit didn't know what to do, he had said that to make here more obedient but he ended up making her noisy instead.

And just as he was about to console her and attempt to quite her down, the heavens shook as dark ominous clouds approached the camp at rapid speed and, if one looked closely they would notice that a lightning covered figure seemed to be leading those clouds!!

The figure which was quite a distance away somehow appeared right above the bandit the next second staring at both the bandit and the little girl with curiosity.

"Granpa!!! You're alive!! Yay, I knew that Granpa wouldn't die, Grandpa will live forever!!" The girl cheered in celebration and started dancing cutely.

"Dead, me? Hahaha, who could kill this lightning sage?!! Granddaughter, who told you I was dead?!!" The man asked, his tone ever affectionate.

"This man Granpa, he said you were dead and that I should get undressed." The girl replied enthusiastically.

The man froze as countless scenarios played in his head, why did this man want to undress his little daughter?!!!! The other bandits in the camp had also been attracted by he commotion and were now looking over at their unlucky colleague.

The lightning surrounding Mr. Grandpa turned dark red and even his eyes turned scarlet, he appeared to be preparing for slaughter.

"Misunderstanding sir, this is all a misunderstanding, I told her to take off her armor because it looked heavy and uncomfortable, I was just trying to ensure the girl's comfort!" The bandit replied quickly.

The way the girl explained the situation was just too terrible, any person would get the wrong idea.

The so-called Grandpa stayed his hand and went into deep contemplation.

"Oh, Grandpa, I almost forgot, this man also asked me what I was wearing underneath my armor, should I tell him Granpa?!!" The girl spoke suddenly.

The bandit shivered and started scrutinizing the little girl, she must be doing this on purpose, was she so intent in seeing him dead? At this moment a butterfly slowly landed on the bandit's shoulders using its wings to pat the shoulder, as if saying it knew how the bandit felt, and that it too had suffered at the hands of that little girl.

The Grandpa slowly turned to the bandit, as if asking if he had any last words, and the bandit did.

"Screw you, little girl screw you, you are the ugliest little girl I've seen, lord know what you will look like when you grow up and...." The bandit started cursing the little girl, it was his luck that he was tasked with retrieving the little girl's armor, but he was unwilling to die without at least cursing out his mortal enemy.

Sadly he didn't get to finish.


Lightning after lightning struck the camp, the little girl wailed, how could he call her ugly, he was such a bad guy, no matter where she went she would definitely be considered a heavenly cutey.

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