The Emperor's System
49 Gloves
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The Emperor's System
Author :Lazyfatmonk
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49 Gloves

The other bandits could only run for cover as lightning after lightning stuck the camp killing most of the bandits.

Only after his rage alleviated did Mr. Grandpa notice the destruction he had caused, he had really taken out his anger on the innocent villagers in the camp.

Of course, had he known that this was a bandit camp and that they had cooperated with each other to kidnap his granddaughter, it would be a different story.

The little girl noticed that the bandit who called her ugly was nowhere to be found, it seemed that he felt guilty for lying and ran away in shame, slowly she turned her eyes to the remaining bandits.

"Do you guys think I'm ugly too?" She inquired.

"No, no, how could we, you are so cute I only wish I was half as cute as you." A bandit confessed.

"Hehehe, you're a boy silly, only girls can be cute, boys can only be ugly." The little girl said, looking at the ignorant man in pity.

"That's right sweety, only girls like you are cute, and guys are ugly, so make sure to stay away from them for the rest of your life!!" Mr. Grandpa said, making sure that no boy would steal his granddaughter from him.

"Mmm, Grandpa is so unlucky to be a boy, if only you were a girl, then you would be cute like me." The girl said.

The bandits held in their laughter, because their lives depended on it, is this what one is meant by being harmed by one's own blade.

"I apologies for the harm my anger has caused, this man had angered me, so I took my rage out on you, innocent people ." The Grandpa didn't seem to mind her hurtful words and instead turned to bow to the bandits.

The bandits grew quiet and looked at each other, then behind them, attempting to find these so-called innocent people the man was talking about, it was at this time that Curt showed his leading abilities as he did something daring and unthinkable.

Curt searched his immediate vicinity, he was searching for a suitable corpse to hug, one that wasn't heavily damaged by the lightning, sadly he only found one that fit that description, gritting his teeth he leaped onto the corpse and began wailing.

"Son!!! How could the heavens be so cruel, you were so young, so innocent!!" Curt roared.

The bandits looked at the corpse intently, why did that person look older than Curt, how did he look like your son, and how was he so young.

Most importantly, before his death, the man was famous in the camp. He was known for his weird habits of chopping feet hence his nickname, feetchopper. So how in the hell did this crazy bastard turn innocent all of a sudden?

The bandits increasingly felt that there was something scandalous going on at their campsite.

The already remorseful Grandfather became even more ashamed, he really should have restrained himself more, as for questioning Curt, he didn't, it was normal for one to age faster than their parents if their cultivation is lower.

"As penance for my sins, I will grant you three things in my possession!" Saying so the man took out all his valuables from his ring for Curt to choose.

Curt immediately dropped the body of his 'son' and headed over to appraise the man's valuables closely in order to choose the best of the lot.

The bandits couldn't help admiring their Leader for his quick and decisive thinking and had sworn since that day, to follow their leader to hell and back, to never betray him, to remain eternally loyal.

Nick saw that all of the bandits seemed to be daydreaming, but he didn't mind it since he was busy making a purchase from the system.

"Come on geezer, one domineering point for surgical gloves is just plain crazy!!"Nick argued.

"What do you know brat?!! The System's gloves are made of different polymers including latex, nitrile rubber, polyvinyl chloride, and neoprene; they come unpowdered or powdered with corn starch to lubricate the gloves, making them easier to put on the hands." The Old geezer argued back.

Nick knew that the point grubbing system wouldn't make a discount and was just using this opportunity to yell at the Old geezer. Having no other choice he purchased the gloves.


At this time on earth in a Hollywood studio.

"Doctor, the patient's heart rate is dropping and fast!!" A 'nurse' spoke.

"I guess we have bo choice, we have to operate on him here on the floor!!" The 'doctor' said in a cool manner before taking surgical knives from the nurse and wantonly cutting up the patient.

Five minutes later!

"You did it doctor, you saved him!!" The 'nurse' screamed before she started kissing the doctor vigorously while the patient laid there unmoving.

"Cut!! That was good James, you were incredible!" The director of the movie complemented.

"All in a day work!" The actor replied in a cool manner before taking of his surgical gloves and throwing them to the side.

It was at this moment that a dark vortex appeared out of nowhere, and from that vortex, a hand stretched out and caught those gloves, but the hand didn't stop there as it threw the gloves into the vortex before giving the actor a nice warm slap!

"What are you acting cool about, you aren't even a real doctor!!" A voice emerged from the dark vortex before it the dark vortex vanished.

If Nick was here he would recognize this voice, it was the old geezer!!


Nick looked at the bloody gloves in his hand speechlessly, did the system operate with the glove before giving it to him?

Actually it was Nick's fault for not knowing that all of the materials the system said the gloves were made of were standard materials that all gloves were made of and they weren't special in the least.

The bandits seemed to have awakened from their daydreams at the sight of the bloody gloves.

"Could we ask what sir Inspector is doing?!!" One curious bandit asked.

"Oh, you mean the gloves? Well, its standard procedure to wear gloves when an inspector inspects the buttocks." Nick replied nonchalantly.

The bandit group shivered simultaneously as the stared agape at Nick.

"Okay now, who's first, you, bend down and open wide!" Nick said as he smiled creepily.

The man shivered and turned to Curt for help and found his Leader instantly closing his eyes acting as if he was unconscious.

"Hmph, no matter what you do to me, I won't say a word!!" The bandit roared in determination.

All the bandits praised the man for his bravery, what a brave little bandit.

"Okay then, come over." Nick was unfazed as he calmly instructed.

The bandit walked forward with determination as he said, "Hmph, try as you may, I won't tell you a thing about the spatial ring on our Leader's finger!!! Oh no, I revealed the secret by accident, oh I'm ashamed, so ashamed."

As he said this the bandit walked back with the same determination he came with.

Nick and every bandit looked at this terrible actor trying to bullshit his way through, and they could only say, bravo, bro, bravo.

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