The Emperor's System
52 Head umbrella?
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The Emperor's System
Author :Lazyfatmonk
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52 Head umbrella?

After that little interval with Curt, Nick and the others didn't suffer any more obstructions, the journey was practically smooth sailing.

And so, Five days went by like this, but Peter and the kids never once found the traveling tiresome, this was because Nick kept on introducing more, and more entertaining yet foreign things. Every night he would show them some new invention he had come up with, and each one was more amazing than the last.

One of their particular favorites was the dark brown thing Nick called chocolate, at first glance it looked no different from an ordinary brown brick, but after one tasted it, they would find that it was so much more, this had even prompted Maggi to dig deep into her heart and come up with a poem.

Little tasty brick is so yummy

It likes to play in my tummy

It looks like mud and dried poop

But no it's not, its not poop

I swear, try it, it's not poop

Why would I eat it if its poop...

Hearing this poem of Nick's, was what inspired Maggi to make her own...

Tonight Nick had decided to introduce hats to them, to be specific these were top hats he had gotten from the system, the reason he was doing all this was for market research, latter if there ever came a time when he needed money he could sell these things, he would buy it for cheap from the system then sell it for a lot of money in this world.

"Ladies and gentlemen, prepare to be amazed! This thing you're about to see is called a hat!! This thing is not only stylish but will also keep your head shielded from the sun, while also warming it up in the cold!!" Nick sounded like an experienced salesman as he showcased the top hat!

Nick was certain that this hat would especially garner interest from Peter and Dean, seeing as how this was a more of a man's hat.

"This is one of my brilliant inventions, it has taken me years to come up with it and perfect it to its present degree!" Nick also didn't forget to brag a little.

"Big bro Nick...isn't that, a head umbrella..." Dean asked in a confused manner.

"Yes, big bro Nick, that looks like the head umbrella, usually worn by farmers...big bro Nick, does this hat of yours do something else besides sitting on your head?" Maggi spoke.


"Then it's definitely a head umbrella!" Maggy said her words with absolute certainty.

Nick was completely stunned, damn, he had messed up this time, he had just bragged about how it had taken him a year to come up with something already invented, what should he do now?


Saved by the explosion, suddenly one of the mountains on the east went up in flames, but what was mysterious, was that the flames were purely blue in color.

"Silver, travel a little further and land with the kids, you will be in charge of their safety, I will go to check out the mountain!"Nick didn't even wait for a reply since he had already landed on the ground before Silver could process his words.

Nick had spent quite a lot of time hearing about the stories of the immortals from Mike, and they all seemed to have obtained inheritances and treasures either in a mountain, a cave, or a gentle tumble down a cliff.

Of course, such a large commotion would attract a lot of other cultivators, especially since this mountain was located in the periphery of a city, Nick just hoped that the fact he was so close to the mountain range would give him an advantage.

Nick had already leveled up Crimsom steps to its third level, meaning if he was running before, now he was flying.

As soon as Nick arrived at the foot of the mountain he found that it had been blocked off by a line of young cultivators with identical uniforms.

"Sir, this place has been occupied by our sect, we're sorry you had to travel all this way for nothing." One of the young men stepped up and attempted to politely send Nick off.

"It's okay, your sect master and I are very close, we share his wife, but shh don't tell him about it." Nick replied calmly before attempting to walk past them.

The disciples took a little while to get the meaning behind Nick's words, but as soon as they did all of them unsheathed their weapons.

"Inscolensce, a little rat like you dares to set his filthy eyes on our sect master's woman?!!! Do you want to die?!!" One of the disciples roared out as his nose flared violently.

"Hey, don't accuse someone of something without any solid proof!!"Nick snapped, as if it wasn't even him that claimed to have had relations with Sect master wife.

"Motherfucker!!"The enraged disciples couldn't help cursing out.

"Well, this is quite embarrassing...did your mother tell you?"Nick asked 'curiously'.

Five minutes later, Nick had run up halfway into the mountain, searching for the source of the fire, as for the disciples lined up at the foot of the mountain, they were all on the ground unconscious, Nick would have loved to continue their chat but he didn't want to miss out on the treasures of the mountain because of it.

The blue flames were incredible, they didn't affect the trees or the animals, they didn't even release any hint to indicate their firepower.

But, when Nick attempted to use his Crimsom steps technique to speed up the mountain, the blue flames wrapped around the flame on Nick's feet promptly extinguishing it!!!

Nick then remembered something terrifying he read in the weird grandpa's diary.

'The Blue life flame has been missing for ages, the flame known for its ability to nulify everything, even time, but I, the great lightning sage have stoped my pursuit of it, mainly because my daughter has warned me not to bring any fires close to my granddaughter...'

Nick had this feeling that this blue flame was precisely that, the Blue life flame!! And if it was, Nick had to get his hands on it!

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