The Emperor's System
54 First, passed!
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The Emperor's System
Author :Lazyfatmonk
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54 First, passed!

Nick was a little scared to be honest, but this was just because the side effects advertised by the instructions were terrifying, what man wouldn't be scared of going balding?

As for the death warning, that didn't really frighten him, at most he would just use the teleportation talisman to teleport away from here, he had already changed the teleportation mark to Silver's saddle, meaning if he used it he would be teleported onto Silver's back.

Slowly but surely Nick approached the door on the left side of the main hall, and above this door were golden words that were written to inspire the heroes accepting this challenge.

While Nick read the words he found himself suddenly being filled with a warrior's spirit, the words were just too awe-inspiring. They read, ' A man unafraid of going bald, will one day slay the gods!!'

Nick puffed up his chest, wasn't the door speaking about him, Nick now began to feel that only this door understood him, he was just practically fearless!

By using the same warrior's spirit, Nick then began to look for a crack on the door, hoping to find a hole big enough for him to look through in, but this wasn't because Nick was afraid, it was because Nick had a natural habit of peeping through cracks, don't judge him...

At this moment the golden words that were so awe-inspiring just a moment ago slowly receded, disappearing and in return new words took their place that read, 'Analysis error, please try again later'

It was so embarrassing to be proved wrong so quickly, looking at how Nick was on the ground on his four limbs trying so hard to take a peek inside made the golden words regret and retract their first statement.

No matter how hard Nick tried though he found that he couldn't even catch glimpse of what awaited him inside, and could only resign himself to grabbing the handle of the door and began opening it slowly.

Seeing that Nick had firmed his heart to enter the first trial the previous golden words slowly returned and took their place above the door, but were chased away again when Nick opened the door only until it was large enough to fit his head in, Nick then began to look inside to see if he can understand anything about the trial.

But it seemed that whoever was controlling the trial was irritated since the doors slammed open, and before Nick could even understand what was going on a figure consisting of entirely blue flame appeared behind him and kicked him in before slamming the doors shut.

Being cautious and calculative was one of Nick's strong suits, but it could also be considered as a flaw, he was never one to take a leap of faith, he would rather take a ladder so that if there was nothing at the bottom, he can return safely to the surface.

After entering the trial Nick began walking through the eerie walkway calmly, only when he was calm and collected can he react to any threat.

After many twists and turns, he soon arrived in front of the main trial space, and what he saw made Nick want to turn around and go back to the comfortable saddle on Silver's back.

It was a sea of fire, hovering a few feet above the ground, and in order to pass the trial, Nick had to squat down and walk like that until he passed the test and if he made a mistake and stood up in the middle it was guaranteed that he would either lose his hair or his head.

Nick swallowed hard before he steeled himself and got into position, that was when he noticed the tiles underneath the flames, there seemed to be a trap in these tiles and Nick didn't want to find out what would happen if he stepped on the wrong one, but conveniently the ones that Nick can step on were marked with a safety sign for him.

As Nick began squat walking underneath the flames he noticed that the way tiles were organized made it so that Nick had to spin every time he wanted to step on the next tile, and so, spin by spin Nick proceeded onward, he even mocked the trial for being too easy, even a mortal could do this right?

That's when it happened, the flames behind Nick began to flood to the ground scorching it, the flame soon began to fall at such a rapid speed that they were only meters from catching up to Nick, seeing the terrifying sight behind him Nick began spinning faster and fasted while moving forward.

Nick now began to understand the warnings from that table, he was already dizzy, if he stood up even for a second he would become bald, and by the end of this trial, he was definitely going to vomit, what an honest trial...

After half an hour of this torture, Nick arrived in front of a clearing, he then quickly crawled in, and it was just in time too as the flame crashed onto the ground creating a beautiful sight to behold, but sadly Nick was too busy vomiting his intestines out to appreciate it.


Then as if a drain had just been unclogged the entire river of fire was absorbed into the ground, Nick then found the room that the trial had taken place in familiar, it was the main hall he had started out in!!

Huffing in anger Nick walked up grumpily to the engraved table, it was weird, the table must have been exposed to the horrifying flame before, but there wasn't a single burn mark on it, Nick even to wonder if it was a treasure.


[Ancient table-(Broken)

It's a table, are you really going to eat this? This table is made from two hundred kilograms of melted Divine steel, twenty kilograms of Star confining space stones, and fifty-six kilograms of Ancient silver, making this table very had to chew...]

Nick felt all his nausea and anger being washed away, that one particular material was just too eye-catching, the star confining space stone was one of the materials the System asked him to find on his main mission, but sadly this was only twenty kilograms, he was asked to collect fifty!!

Nick shakily stretched his hand and landed it on the table, he hoped so much that the system would be able to accept the table as payment.

Ding! Congratulation on acquiring twenty/fifty kilograms of the Star confining pace stone for the main quest, will the host be submitting the stones for the quest?

Retracting his hand Nick swore he would take the table after he was done reading the three instructions engraved in it.

Nick then read the second instruction, it read.

'You have passed the first trial, congratulation, you have successfully amused me, but don't think that the trial was just for my amusement, it was also testing your ability to spin, and I have to say that you are a natural-born spinner!!

Now go to the door on you right for the next trial, unlike the first trial the second one isn't really dangerous, but it is really important, in there is a manual you need to cultivate before you can acquire my power, good luck hero!!'

Nick also felt he was a natural-born spinner.

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