The Emperor's System
56 The Mighty ruler
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The Emperor's System
Author :Lazyfatmonk
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56 The Mighty ruler

At this time deep inside Nick's body, the blue-colored flame stood in front of Nick's soul and began its attack.

"Hahaha, human, face my wrath!!! Can you feel it, can you feel the heat?!!! Are you regretting it, are you regretting looking down on me?!! Burn baby burn!!" The blue-colored flame roared as it attacked, but it soon found that its flames weren't causing any harm to Nick's soul.

"Hmph, it seems you have some skill, but no matter how strong your soul is, it is bound to melt under my Super spinning hot scorching lava magma nova flame attack!!! Hahaha, any day now your body will be mine!" The flames attacks became even more deranged.

Nick found the flame incredibly cute, this was because Nick knew, that no matter how it attacked him and swore to kill him, this was just an innocent flame that firmly believed Nick to be the most handsome, intelligent, and brave human being in existence, why else would it complement him several times during the trial...

What worried Nick now, was how he was going to leave this godforsaken place, after all the flame that controlled the main entrance was now a part of him.

Nick soon arrived in front of the entrance and began to look for a hand or latch that could help him open the door, but sadly all he found was a dusty hand-shaped hole on the door.

Nick then slowly rested his hand on the hand-shaped whole, he figured that it might be some kind of handprint device, but sadly, nothing happened, then as if a bulb had been switched in his head Nick decided to try something.

In front of Nick's soul, the blue flame which was attaching fiercely soon felt a calling and immediately answered it, handing over its flames and abilities to Nick.

And out of Nick's palm blue-colored flames flooded into the hand-shaped whole!! Pretty soon, just as Nick figured, the doors began to show signs of movement until finally.


Nick then retracted the flames and began to walk out but found himself surrounded! The group of cultivators must have become impatient when they received no word from Nick.

"What is the meaning of this?! Did you..." The one speaking was one of the cultivators at the transcendence realm, but he was interrupted before he could finish his statement.

Nick definitely couldn't allow the cultivators to keep on thinking, because the more they thought the worse things they were going to come up with, so he would rather come clean and speak the truth himself because, if there was one thing Nick could always be proud of, it was how honest and he was innocent he was...

Suddenly blue flames sprouted out and engulfed Nicks's body, but these flames didn't seem to be able to harm Nick and instead gave off the feeling of being a part of him!

"You are all filial!!! I, the flame extinguishing immortal, have chosen this mountain as my final resting place, this body was made to guide you through my trials, and those that succeed, will become my successors!" Nick began 'honestly' introducing himself.

"What?!! Its the tomb of an immortal?!!! We pay respect to revered immortal!!!" Immediately all the cultivators got on their knees as a sign of respect, you've got to be kidding, how precious was legacy of an immortal, none of them were willing to give up on such a precious opportunity.

"Hahaha, who knew that there would still be honest and respectful cultivators like you in this day and age, this old one is proud of you all!!" Nick said as he rubbed his beard made up of blue flames.

"Senior is to kind with his praises, can senior please guide us through the trial?"

"Please guide us senior!!"

"Please guide us senior!!"

"Fine, fine, but first you need to answer my question. The question is, what is fire?"Nick was acting mystical as he said this, not forgetting to add special effects by making the flames on his body act wildly.

"I know senior, I know." One of the cultivators said as he suddenly turned sharp and an unbearable heat enveloped him.

"I have asked that question many times my self senior, and to find the answer I have traveled to the flaming rivers of Lonia, the magma faucet of Yan city, and even the holy fire temple of the powerful Holy flame sect!"

"And they have all led me to the same conclusion, they led me to believe that fire is brave, it will forge forth without fear, but it is also calm it won't harm unless someone uses it, it has charm, strength and will, so fire, is everything!!" Once the cultivator finished speaking the flames on Nick's body seemed to agree as they burned more brightly.

Nick looked at this cultivator with a smile, damn, he didn't expect someone would have such high attainment in the Dao of fire, Nick then purchased a Profound realm weapon that was shaped like a ruler before smashing it ruthlessly on the cultivator's head.


"Wrong!!! What is all this fancy pant speech about some faucet of magma and a stupid holy temple, the answer to what fire is can not be found there, look!" Nick said as he pointed at a small tree up ahead.

Nick then used Crimson steps to unleash the flame under his feet to burn that tree, " Do you see that, the flames in all those places you mentioned are just a bigger version of the one on the tree, and only if you can gain insight from small fires like these can you confidently be able to answer my question!!"


Then suddenly the person Nick had just wacked shook violently, and as if a volcano had erupted he immediately broke through to the next rank!!

The cultivator then knelt on his knees and said, " Thank you senior, thank you for enlightening me!!"

Nick looked at the ruler in his hand with awe, if Nick had to describe how he felt about the ruler at this moment it would be, one wack to raise one rank, a thousand to reach invincibility!!!

As for believing it was his words that caused the breakthrough, Nick wasn't shallow enough to think that any random bullshit he spouted would cause such a miraculous breakthrough.

But Nick was wrong, the thing he believed to be bullshit had slowly become Dao once the cultivator believed in them, which was the actual reason the cultivator made a breakthrough.

Chaos then erupted.

"Senior please wack me as well, I was also wrong!!"

"Shut up, I was here first!! Senior, look at my bald head, doesn't it just make you want to wack it? Go on senior, wack till your heart's content!!"

Nick had to admit it was an inviting bald head.

"Enough!! It's about time to enter the trial space but before you do, I will have to remind you any treasure or techniques that enters the trial space will be incinerated immediately."

The cultivators who were excited just a moment ago immediately became conflicted, they each carried some treasure or skill manual on them, which, none of them wanted to lose.

Then Nick suddenly used his storage ring to take out and then store some random things, hinting to all of the cultivators that he had storage ring to help them carry their treasures which have now become their burden.

Enlightened one of the cultivators suddenly said, "Senior, why don't you hold on to our thing for us?"

"Yes, that's smart, senior please do us this favor!"

Nick's expression then turned conflicted as said, " Ok, but please come out quickly, I don't like carrying other people's objects."

And so Nick collected all their 'burden' before sending them all into the entrance which now leads to an empty area. None of them doubted this senior which could raise the rank of others with a wack of his ruler.

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