The Emperor's System
57 Who is it?!!
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The Emperor's System
Author :Lazyfatmonk
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57 Who is it?!!

All of the cultivators bowed to Nick before handing over their valuables and standing in front of the entrance.

And after the last cultivator handed over his treasures, Nick filled the flaming insignia above the door with the blue life flame to open the ancient door, the cultivators then all jointly walked inside, each one of them, filled with heroic spirit.

Happy couldn't express the feeling Nick was experiencing right now, not only did he gain all their treasures, but they had also earned him an extra two hundred domineering points!!

But Nick has come to notice that he could only earn domineering points when he was acting as a strong cultivator. Because back when he had that little run-in with Curt and his crew he didn't earn any, and that was because in their eyes Nick was just a petty thief pretending to be righteous just like them.

Nick stood there until he couldn't see their back views anymore, and then turned to make his escape, but just as he was about to run he noticed the door slowly shutting itself, apparently the flames he had fed it had run out.

Unwilling to harm these cultivators that had shown no animosity towards him, Nick fed the door with enough flames to keep it open for six hours before he proceeded to run down the mountain.

But when he got halfway down the mountain Nick encountered the same group of disciples he had previously, and this time they seemed to have an elderly figure with them, they seemed to be waiting for someone in particular since they were squinting and glaring in his direction.

The disciples were all injured and most of them had a large bump or two, Nick even saw a couple of people that had shaky legs, apparently suffering from being attacked right in their family maker.

Nick felt a sense of righteous anger envelop him, who could be so merciless with their attacks.

"Hello there senior, hello there brothers, are you looking for something, and can I help?" Nick asked earnestly.

The elderly figure in the group appraised Nick a little before nodding in a satisfied manner, it was rare to find such a respectful man in the younger generation these days, he had even offered to help without knowing the dangers of what they were doing.

"It's okay, we can handle it, but thanks for the offer young man." The elder replied courteously.

The disciples behind him were tongue-tied, wasn't this the man who had attacked them, he was the person they were looking for. They had even employed the services of one of the elders to help them catch him!!

But now the person came to them all by himself and even offered to help them in their search, and he was even getting chummy with the elder?!!

"Elder that's him, that's the man that claimed to have shared our sect masters wife!!" One of the disciples screamed as he used his sword to point at Nick.

"Where, where is this handsome bastard, how can a person disrespect a sect leader so blatantly, don't stop me, I will be the first one to fight him to death!!" Nick roared as he took out a random sword inconspicuously from his storage space and began looking around in search of this bastard.

The elder also turned alert as he began to scan his surroundings, but deep inside he was amazed at the capable young man beside him, maybe he should try recruiting him...

"No, beside you, he is one beside you!!" The disciple screamed even louder.

"Beside me, do you by chance mean this elder, have you gone mad, do you have proof, don't accuse this nice elder without proof!!!" Nick snapped.

The elder began sweating furiously, were these disciples trying to get him killed, everybody knows how short-tempered their sect leader is.

The disciple turned anxious, no bro, please stop pretending, we are talking about you! It was just that Nick was so convinced of his innocence that the elder didn't suspect him at all!

"Wait!!! Isn't that the sect leader's sword?!!!" One of the more observant disciples pointed out.

Nick was stunned, he looked down to the weapon he was holding, it was the sword he got from one of those cultivators that went inside the trial, damn, and here he was ready to keep on acting.

"Oh, this, it was a payment from your sect leader for satisfying his wife, and keep this between us but I have also given them a child, if any of you need my services I will be demanding to inspect your wives first." Nick said earnestly.

The elder was horrified, where did the honest and respectful Youngman from before go! But the elder was a cultivator in seventh rank of the Gathering realm after all, he managed to quickly stabilize his emotions and quickly launched his attack!

Five fingers of decay!!

Nick suddenly saw a ghastly figure appearing before him, the figure held out his five fingers up and attempted to grab Nick's head. Nick wasn't slow either as he dodged to the side before extending his right hand which was now fully covered by Blue colored flames, grabbing the ghastly hand.


In seconds the ghastly figure went up in flames, and this was just the flame natural ability to burn, Nick hadn't even used the nullifying ability yet!

The elder then began to cough violently, and from him mouth ash and smoke spread, it seemed that the ghastly figure was more than an attack, it was connected to the elder somehow.

Nick then activated the Crimson step technique to appear right beside the elder, then without an ounce of hesitation, he sent a vicious fist covered in flames right onto the elder's face.

The elder used his energy to create a barrier to lower the impact, but sadly Nick had used the nullifying ability of the flame this time so his fist went right through the barrier and land squarely on the elder's face


The elder was immediately knocked unconscious, but his face wasn't burned, this was because Nick had only used the nullifying ability of the flame, Nick then proceeded to pummel all the disciples to the ground before he robed them and the elder.

Only then did Nick fly over to where he had ordered Silver to land, this little detour was quite fruitful, and he had even made lot of friends...

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