The Emperor's System
58 Waiting music
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The Emperor's System
Author :Lazyfatmonk
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58 Waiting music

Silver had landed a little farther away from the mountain after seeing multiple cultivators heading towards their direction, so it took Nick a couple more minutes than he originally estimated to locate them.

"Okay Silver, get us out of here, quickly!" Nick said as soon as he landed on the saddle.

"Yes, master." The obedient Silver immediately took off.

"Big bro Nick, what was that blue thingy on the mountain before?" The curious Maggi asked, as opposed to her brother who was intently focused on a board game.

"Oh that, it was just the flames of the gods, it is said that no person alive or dead will ever process its power!" Nick said nonchalantly as he looked at his fingers.

"Wow!! Such a powerful flame!!" Maggi praised.

"An annoying flame is more suitable for it, I was just going there to check out the scenery but the flame began groveling and begging your big brother Nick to accept him as a slave!! But you know me, I am always against unfairness, so I told it we can be partners, but guess what little girl."

"What, big bro?" The little girl seemed to be flushed from excitement, apparently showing how amazed she was of her big brother!

"The flames went wild when I offered it a partnership, it found it ridiculous to be partners with someone so handsome, so it gave me a choice, I could either be its master or it would kill itself, so your brother had no choice but to reluctantly accept it as my slave." As Nick said this a blue ball of flames surfaced on his hands.

"Wow, big bro, you are so awesome! Can I please get a bar of chocolate now, you said that we had to praise you for a whole minute before we received it but, you see I have no time, as the only girl in the group it is my duty to clean up after you men, sigh, life is so painful, I have to clean up all those chocolate wraps, big bro, don't you think I deserve an extra chocolate every day for all my hard work?!"

Maggi had a look of reverence when she said her first sentence but it was all gone in the next moment, as for believing Nick's outlandish claims that a flame could possibly think, speak, and even find a human handsome, it was so far fetched that nobody in their right mind would believe it right?!

Nick slowly turned to look around the saddle, it was true that the place was a mess, chocolate wraps here, chocolate wraps there, chocolate wraps everywhere, but, wasn't the one causing all this mess Maggi herself, all of them combined couldn't eat half as many chocolates as she did every day, and now she wanted more chocolate for cleaning up her mess.

"No, your praises weren't sincere enough, you should try something more exaggerated next time like, Oh, my, god, you are amazing!!! Only you can make the flame of the gods submit by using your looks!!!"

"And all of these praises are ones that the other cultivator's on top of the mountain said to me after I subdued the flame, in fact, there was a batch of people that are still sprawled out on the ground because they were knocked unconscious by my handsomeness!!"

"Oh, and there was this moment when all the cultivators at the gathering realm and transcendence realm all kneeled down and addressed me as 'Revered immortal'!!!"

Maggi had come to realize that Nick wouldn't be giving here her chocolate bar anytime soon, in fact, if her previous experience was any indication, he would keep on praising himself while his stories became more and more outlandish, and he wouldn't stop for hours.

Nick kept on talking until he saw Maggi leaving in a huff from the corner of his eye, and only then did Nick turn his eyes toward his spoils of trickery.

All in all, Nick found that he had gained a total of three transcendence realm weapons, fifteen gathering realm weapons, one immortal core realm technique, two transcendence realm techniques, and a dozen gathering realm techniques.

Nick then casually threw in all of the gathering realm weapons into the fusion function, since this was the first time he was using the function Nick wanted to celebrate by taking a big risk, he was either going to go big or go home!!

That's when Nick saw it, a very clear sign from the heavens, a bird flew by, which Nick felt was the way of the heaven telling him he should lower the risk a little, why else would bird appear in the middle of the sky, it was definitely a sign!

Nick then removed ten of the gathering realm weapons, leaving five in the fusion function, Nick then began looking around, why can't he find another bird, no matter how hard Nick looked he couldn't find a single one, which Nick felt was a bad omen, so Nick removed the other weapons until only two were left, he wanted to keep on going but a weapon couldn't fuse with itself right? Nick was seriously asking...?

Soon the fusing process began.

Ding! Fusion of weapons initiated, please wait a ba bo ba ba bo ba ba bo di da do di...

Nick was waiting patiently when he surprisingly heard the system playing some waiting music!! What the hell?!!

Ding! Fusion success!! Product level-transcendence realm!

Nick was filled with joy, the difference in power and price of the weapons had just dramatically increased!! And it was so simple too.

Nick then turned his head to the techniques, specifically the one in the immortal realm, this was one of the treasured possessions he collected from the group of cultivators that he helped enter the trials.

Ding! Found new skill 'Poison breath ' does host want to cultivate it?

[Poison breath: This technique was created by the burping immortal! This immortal was known far and wide for his rigorous burps and iron stomach that could ingest anything without being affected in the least.

And because of his weird abilities he was looked down on and bullied by the other immortals, but one day he mistakenly ingested some poisonous undead leaves which wouldn't affect his iron stomach and headed over to participate in the annual immortals meeting.

But when it came time for him to entertain everyone with his burps, he burped out deadly poison which killed tens of cultivators in the immortal core realm!

The skill can be trained by repeatedly burping and eating poisonous plants...]

Nick calmly entered this technique into the fusion function, who would want to have poison breath really?!

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