The Emperor's System
59 I love you system!
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The Emperor's System
Author :Lazyfatmonk
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59 I love you system!

Nick then looked through all the other techniques but he didn't find any that were particularly interesting, Nick then found a cultivation technique among the other skills which he kept for the kids and Peter, according to what he saw, the kids and Peter all had their own cultivation techniques, but they weren't of a high level.

So Nick was going to give them this one until he could find one that was tailor-made for them, and even though Peter was technically just a hired driver, he was in fact doing so much more, so it wouldn't hurt to reward him a little.

Nick then began to choose all the low or useless skills among the ones he had and began stuffing them all into the fusion function, even the technique the elder used to launch a ghastly figure at Nick was thrown in due to it being a low-level skill.

Nick then closed his eyes and initiated the fusion process, but he was a lot more daring with the techniques because most of them were redundant and useless compared to the ones he had, and if he sold them in imperial the sects might hear about them and head over to Imperial city to find him.

And even though Nick wasn't really afraid of them, he didn't want to call attention to himself, especially when he was going there to rob the royal family itself!!

Ding! Fusion of skills initiated, please wait a ba bo ba ba bo ba ba bo di da do di...

Ding! Fusion success!! Product level-immortal king realm!

Nick had nothing to say to the annoying system, why did it even need waiting music when it was not even going to make Nick wait?

With high expectations, Nick then checked the technique's description.

[Death Monger technique: A technique host created with incredible luck! This technique can unleash phantoms clones that will look, sound, and act exactly as the user, each one capable of unleashing the same techniques as the user of the skill.

But the most deadly ability of this technique is its ability to blow up the clones where they will release an explosion with an attack power of ten-time their most powerful attack! The technique has five levels, and with each level upgrade the host will be able to summon more and more phantom clones!]

Ding! Found new skill 'Death Monger ' does host want to cultivate it?

Such an overwhelmingly powerful technique!! Sigh, Nick could only reluctantly chose to cultivate the technique even though the technique's most powerful attack was going to blow up a handsome clone made by his image.

Nick then checked the system and found that Nick had to spend fifty domineering points to reach the second level of the technique, who knows how much it will cost him to reach the fifth level!

Depressed at the cost of cultivating the immortal king realm technique Nick opened up the mini-fridge by his bedside and took out a bottle of wine, Nick then uncorked the bottle before he began drinking from the bottle, he was really depressed.

Why can't he just suffer and train to raise up the level of his techniques like everybody else, why did he have to spend some stupid point to do it for him!!

"Brat, I think I'm starting to respect you as a man!! Good good, it can be arranged as you want, all you need to do is agree!!" The Old geezer spoke up.

Ding! Does the host want to switch of skill leveling mode, warning once switched off it will cost one hundred thousand domineering points to switch back on!

Nick kept on drinking and cursing the system for making him suffer, why can't he just train like everybody else?!!

Ding! Does the host want to switch of skill leveling mode, warning once switched off it will cost one hundred thousand domineering points to switch back on!

Tears fell down Nick's cheeks, why was life so cruel, why was fate so intent in making him special, why can't it just let him be normal?!

Ding! Does the host want to switch of skill leveling mode, if host doesn't answer in the next ten seconds the system's guide will choose for you!

Nick was having so much fun cursing out fate, the system and complementing himself, and was about to keep doing it when he noticed the last system notification was different than before, it said if he didn't make the choice the system's guide aka the Old geezer would make his choice for him...!!!

"Fuck no, I was just joking, no, abort, I love that function, and I love you system!!"

Ding!! Request aborted, Skill leveling mode will stay on!

Nick began sweating like a pig, if he hadn't paid attention and the crappy Old geezer actually was given that choice...Nick shuddered violently just thinking about it!

While Nick was busy filming his drama, Maggi got bored of the board games and began to walk around the saddle, soon she grew irritated as she saw the chocolate wraps, seeing them just reminded her of chocolate! Not wanting to see these tiny reminders lying around everywhere, she began collecting them, to throw away later on.

At this time a Golden striped eagle could be seen approaching from afar, on its back were five ladies all wearing valiant armor, the eagle was passing by Silver when the girls turned around to glance at the owners of such a magnificently fat beast.

But the thing they saw angered them to high heaven! Nick was on the bed drinking wine, Dean was playing with a ball at the side, Peter was trying to cultivate, and they saw Maggi bending down and collecting trash, as tears fell down her eyes with every trash she picked up!

It was obvious to tell she was a slave those men had brought with them to help them with their cleaning, but she was so young, what kind of monsters where they to subject this child to such a tiresome work, and to the point of her crying too!

The leader of the girl crew then roared out, " Halt!!!"

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