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The Emperor's System
Author :Lazyfatmonk
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62 Shit!

Little Maggi who seemed to be thinking about changing her name seriously then acted like a drug addict because as soon as she grabbed the chocolate, she unwrapped it and stuffed it in her mouth at rapid speed, cause as far as she was concerned everybody was after her chocolate, they just didn't know it yet!

"Maggi..." Dean who was about to ask for a small piece became dejected as soon as he saw his sister stuffing the entire piece of chocolate in her mouth, she even made sure to lick the wrapper in case there was any chocolate sticking to it!

"Look, Jack, look!" One of the ladies on the eagle suddenly said.

"What is it Greybeard?!!" Jack who was busy scrutinizing Nick's luxurious saddle asked.

"Look, the man is feeding the girl shit!! And she's enjoying it!! Oh, god, how starved must this poor little girl be, to actually enjoy eating shit?!!" Greybeard explained before she began vomiting to the side, and following her example, the other women also began to vomit.

At this time on land, a group of mercenaries was traveling by foot, one of them who also appeared to be the most handsome of the lot suddenly said.

"Sigh, this journey is so tiring, if only there were any women on the way, we would at least find a way to relieve our stress, well I know I would, I can't say the same for the rest of you ugly guys!"

The man said all this knowing how annoyed the rest of the mercenaries were at him, they all despised how he rubbed their faces in the fact that he could get any woman he wants.

"Seriously though guys, I'm so desperate that I would even settle for a woman covered in vomit right now!" The man said.

And just at that moment, as if divined by heaven, piles upon piles of vomit started falling from the sky and began landing on the mercenary group, only to stop half a minute later.

Miraculously though, not an ounce of vomit landed on the handsome fellow! This was proof that there was no justice in this world, the man was the one that talked about relieving stress but it was the other mercenaries that got relieved on!

The handsome man said he would settle for a woman covered in vomit, but now the vomit somehow settled on all the men except him.

At this moment Silver felt a certain calling, this calling didn't come from anywhere in particular, but Silver got the feeling that it should answer this call of justice no matter what, and so, following the instructions of this heavenly mission, it positioned its butt to the ground and let loose a violent string of shit.

The handsome man...was no more!!

Nick saw all the crazy women vomiting and Silver randomly shitting and grew confused, what kind of shit show was this?!

"Little girl quickly, spit it out!! We'll give you food so spit it out!!"Jack who was done vomiting began imploring Maggi to spit out the 'shit'.

Maggi then turned solemn as she turned to Nick to ask for permission to say it! Nick quickly understood what she was going to say, how could the little girl standstill while these women insulted her way of life? So Nick nodded to show his consent.

Having received Nick's approval Maggi turned to Jack and said in a loud yet domineering voice.


"Little tasty brick is so yummy

It likes to play in my tummy

It looks like mud and dried poop

But no it's not, its not poop

I swear, try it, it's not poop

Why would I eat it, if its poop..."

Nick admired this poem, the words all rhymed...

"Bastard, die!!" Jack couldn't take it anymore, these people had broken such an innocent little girl!! Unwilling to stand this injustice any longer she unsheathed her sword and jumped over to Nick's saddle.

Nick calmly saw the lady heading towards his hull and by the rate she was going, she would at least break one of the beds when she landed, so just as her feet were about to touch down Nick appeared right beside her and kicked her back!

"Jack!!!" The other women grabbed her and placed her safely on their saddle.

"You!! How can you hit a lady like that?!!" Dick asked angrily after checking Jack for wounds.

"No!! He's right, in fact, had he attacked me lightly because I was a woman I would have looked down on him!!" Jack said as she struggled to get up.

Nick really admired this woman, such fighting spirit wasn't that common in a cultivator.

"Okay, the girl is my little sister, and what she's eating is not shit, it chocolate, an invention of mine!" Nick decided to put an end to this mess, who knew when he would get rid of them otherwise.

"Hmph, who would believe that, if you're telling the truth why don't you eat that chocoshit?!!" Jack questioned.

"Fine!" Nick replied nonchalantly as he bought another chocolate bar from the system and began unwrapping it.

"Big bro let me prove it to them, let me eat it and prove it to them!" Maggi anxiously said. It was such a waste of chocolate for anybody else to eat it except her.

Nick looked at her as if he was looking at a moron, how would that work?! Nick than calmly ate a piece before he threw the rest to the silent Dean whose eyes were tinged with sadness ever since Nick gave the chocolate to Maggi only.

"Happy now?!!" Nick said before he instructed Silver to continue flying.

"We're sorry we doubted you then sir, please have a nice evening, oh, and if we can trouble sir for one of those chocoshits." Jack seemed a little more reasonable after that kick, as she became more courteous.

Nick really wanted to correct the lady, it's not chocoshit, it's chocolate. But he was too lazy to do it, let them call it whatever they want, they would never meet again anyway.

Throwing the ladies five chocolate bars Nick then got Silver to leave at its fastest speed, Nick really didn't want to stay with these women a moment longer. But it wasn't only him that wanted to get away, Silver too wanted to get away from the crazy eagle, so unleashing all its energy Silver sped away.

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