The Emperor's System
70 Regeneration!
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The Emperor's System
Author :Lazyfatmonk
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70 Regeneration!

As soon as the barricade was lifted everyone quickly disappeared into the city.

But sadly, the naked people, that had come here with so much hope, excitement, and ambition earlier were now all wandering dejectedly because their first visit to Imperial city didn't go as they had expected.

First, they were expected to undress to get this chance, then they were greeted by a perverted Emperor who enjoys shitting in front of people, and finally, they were forced to stay beside the shit for three days!!! They truly felt wronged, why didn't this place seem like the Imperial city they heard so much about?

Nick didn't hurry to leave like the others though, after all, Peter was still sprawled out on the ground, and who knows what will happen to him if Nick just left him there. So Nick closed his eyes in the carriage and took a short nap.

About three hours later Nick was woken up by the sound of rapid footsteps approaching his carriage. Nick then waited to see what the person needed, after all, it could be a person sent by the Generals to reward him for his efforts in defending the Emperor earlier.

Soon the person stood in front of the carriage and began fiddling with the carriage lock! Usually, parked carriages had this safety mechanism to keep them from being stolen. Nick couldn't understand what the person was doing, why was he fiddling with the lock, Nick hadn't even locked it!

Then several minutes later the person began yelling and cursing in frustration. The person just couldn't understand, his master had told him that there would always be a clicking sound when he successfully lockpicked carriage doors, but no matter how the person tried, he just couldn't make the door make that noise!

"Come on baby! Click for me! Click for daddy!" The person soon found that yelling and cursing weren't the answer and began sweet-talking the lock.

"Sir, the door is unlocked." Nick who felt bad for the burglar decided to help him out a little.

"Ahh, really? Let me see!" The Burglar who was in the middle of caressing the lock grew excited and tried opening the door.


"It worked! Thank you brother, I couldn't have done it without your help!"The Burglar, who was now staring face to face with Nick said excitedly.

Nick was stunned, he had expected the man to run away as soon as he heard his voice, but it seemed that the man was either stupid or simply unafraid of him.

"Umm, it's okay really, I always like to help where I can, but can I ask, what were you trying to accomplish by fiddling with the locks?" Nick was so calm and relaxed that those who didn't know him would lower their guards involuntarily, as for those who did, they would all guard their groin!

"Ahh, that, well I was going to rob you brother, but after the favor you just did me, I've decided against it!" The carefree burglar said.

"Oh, that's interesting, is brother not afraid that I would get you arrested?" Nick asked.

"But...I didn't steal anything yet?" The burglar said innocently.

Nick really enjoyed reasonable people like this the most! The man was right, he hadn't really done anything wrong yet, he was just thinking about it. And could one arrest him for that?

"Wow, you're so smart! But...what if I lied and said you stole something?" Nick asked.

"Then I would deny it, after that it would just be your word against mine!"

"Second Prince, what are you doing here?!! Your father has called for an emergency family meeting, and all royals must attend!!" Suddenly a slightly feminine figure walked over, hands on her hips as she swayed the whole way over, but if one looked closely they would find that this woman actually had a stylish mustache.

Nick knew this person, this man was the eunuch that introduced the Emperor earlier with his loud shrill voice. But what did this man call this burglar, second prince? Was the royal family so dysfunctional that a random thief could become the second prince?!

"Okay, you may leave now, sorry for scaring you earlier, but think of it as a chance encounter that led you to meet a prince of the kingdom!" The burglar then did a cool looking salute before turning around to leave.

Nick really liked this guy, he was so direct, confident, and most of all honest! Nick really wanted to befriend this crazy prince, so he ran up and caught up to him, then without saying anything he stretched his hand out.

The second prince who was stunned by Nick's abrupt behavior soon recovered, what stunned him was that the hand was being stretched out by the man he had almost robed earlier!

Chucking softly at the wonders of life the second prince then reached in for a handshake as well but soon turned awkward once he saw Nick turning the previously stretched out hand into a fist!

And before the prince could even react...Deception fist!


"Little fucker, did you think that I would let you go just because you were a prince?!! Fuck you!! Also, who the fuck were you acting cool for? There are no women here, only a stupid eunuch!!" Nick then let loose a barrage of curses, he really hated those that acted cockily, those people that acted like the world revolved around them.

"No!!! My prince, you have hurt my prince!!" Suddenly, behind Nick, the crazy eunuch began screaming and pounced at Nick in crazed manner.

Nick then used Deception fist involuntarily, usually, when Nick used the skill there would be a thin blue line that started from his fist and connected to the most vulnerable area of his enemy, but this time for some reason, the line was purple in color!

But Nick still didn't stip his fists, as they landed squarely at where the eunuch's genitalia was supposed to be, but even though Nick had expected a lot of things he didn't expect that the person would have the exact same reaction as the prince. The Eunuch, who wasn't supposed to be affected by that strike was now wailing while clutching that area.

Unable to handle the weird situation any longer Nick actually grabbed Peter by his shoulder and shook him awake, he had to leave now or he would attract trouble when the guards got here later.

The second prince, who was so relaxed and carefree just a moment ago was nowhere to be seen, instead, what was left was a prince clutching his groin and mumbling something incessantly while lying face-first on the ground lifeless.

"It was a stretched hand, then it was a fist, baam, deception fist. I thought he wanted to be my friend, but all he wanted was to punch my little friend. He was so friendly and nice earlier, he even told me the carriage was unlocked, with inexperienced I opened the door, only to be greeted by the devil!"

The eunuch on the other hand was a different story! When Nick had punched him earlier he had felt an enormous amount of pain, but what followed it was bliss! He could actually feel his little guy after all these years, and it was growing larger by the second, regenerating!

Thankfully Nick had set off right after he had beaten the two up, so he didn't witness the hair raising scene of the prince talking to himself and the eunuch smiling and rubbing that little area blissfully.

As for where Nick was heading, it was obviously the palace, since he had been given a position there then it only made sense that he lived there for free right? That way he could save up money on renting a house and collect some information on the materials he needed for the main mission.

As Nick's carriage traveled through the city, he was excited to find that the city was much more prosperous than he thought, the place was truly ten times better than any other city he had visited earlier just in terms of scenery alone!

Trees swaying by the roadside, gorgeous ladies walking around, and even little beasts getting intimate by the alleys, it was truly picturesque.

"Hey handsome, do you want to have the night of your life?" A shady looking lady walked up to Nick's side of the carriage and spoke through the curtain.

"Sigh, I don't think you can afford me, I'm just coming back from servicing one of the princesses!" Nick replied before the carriage went on its way, while the lady just stood there stunned and horrified.

"Big brother, when did you meet the princess, and what kind of service did you provide her?" Dean who had just woken up asked.

"Oh, umm its nothing, I just helped her relieve some stress!" Nick said as his eyes darted about in the exact same way as the shady woman from earlier.

"Brother, can you help us relieve some stress too?" Dean asked eagerly.


Immediately Nick conducted an ass whooping, it didn't really matter if Dean knew why he was getting punished as long as Nick knew right?

Sigh! Nick wasn't enjoying parenthood at all, it was just too violent for his taste...

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