The Emperor's System
71 The Royal banquet Part 1
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The Emperor's System
Author :Lazyfatmonk
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71 The Royal banquet Part 1

On the way to the palace, Nick finally decided to check the status of his hidden mission reward, The Godly Emperor Gauntlet!

But when Nick checked the description of the reward...

[The Godly Emperor Gauntlet- (Rank-Unknown): The gauntlet is also nickname as the 'Gauntlet of rule!' Its power is beyond comprehension and its abilities are many. But the one thing that one can be certain of, is that whoever wears the gauntlet, will either have to become a ruler or die trying!]

Nick had never seen a description like this before, usually, the description of a reward would either point out the history, the use, or the composition of the reward, but this time...why did it feel like the System was just bragging?

And Nick even got the feeling, that the system wanted him to explore the powers of the gauntlet on his own.

But that didn't matter for now, what did it mean by saying the owner of the gauntlet has to either become a ruler or die trying? After he took out the gauntlet from the system storage space, Nick finally had a chance to look at its appearance.

The gauntlet was a little long, seeing as how the end of it also connected to his shoulder and acted as a shoulder guard. Another point that Nick found interesting was the color, ever since he came to this world, he found out that no matter what world he was in or how powerful the people in it were, they all had a unique inclination to the color Gold.

Ever the room he was first in when he was brought to this world was golden from top to bottom. And the color was especially attractive to those in power, even the Emperor earlier was wearing a robe specially imprinted with golden dragons.

But this gauntlet was full black from top to bottom, not a drop of another color to be seen. But weirdly around the shoulder area, there was this weird dragon head embedded with its eyes closed, and to make matters weirder, Nick got the feeling that the dragon head on the right gauntlet and the left were alive somehow!

Nick then performed the good old fashioned blood drop to officially bind the gauntlet to him. But sadly no reaction.

"Are you stupid boy, does this thing look like one of those stupid, weak weapons in your storage? This is one of the Godly Emperor set, show some goddamn respect brat!"

The old geezer chided Nick a little before he told him to what to do, apparently, Nick had to fill a tub with his blood and then submerge the gauntlet in there for a few hours. Wasn't this weapon the heavy drinker?!

Nick then Calmy tossed back the gauntlet into his storage space before he went back to enjoying the scenery through the gap in the curtains, he would bind the gauntlet later in the palace when he had time, he obviously couldn't bleed out in the carriage now, could he?

"Stop right there! Announce yourself, and the purpose of your visit!" Finally, Nick's carriage stood in front of the Palace gates, which were sure enough, colored golden.

Peter was a little nervous and scared, this was the palace after all, and so many people dreamed of entering the place including him, but he had never expected he would get this chance!

Then proudly Peter slowly puffed out his chest, his eyes turned sharp and fierce while carrying an attitude of looking down on the guards he took out the token Nick had given him with pride!

"Oh, we greet the honorable General!!!" The two guards immediately fell on their knees. But apparently Peter also fell off the carriage, their thunderous roar and abrupt movement had led him to believe he was being attacked and he was now taking cover beneath the carriage...

Nick who was inside the carriage couldn't be more embarrassed, who was going to drive the carriage now?

And so, in that awkward moment, time stopped, Peter was beneath the carriage refusing to leave, the guards were still kneeling, unable to move without receiving the orders of the token holder, and Nick was just too embarrassed to leave the carriage.

"Cough, Peter, I think umm, it's all safe now, we can go inside..." Nick then slowly opened the door and ducked his head underneath the carriage as he spoke to Peter.

" sure master, they were really fierce a moment ago, is it really safe?" Peter whose eyes were blood red and body constantly shivering asked for confirmation. He was a lowly carriage driver but emboldened by Nick's orders and the General's token he had spoked down to the guards earlier.

But the moment they made the slightest move he nearly peed his pants, what a reliable man, Nick thought.

"Yes, it's all safe now, trust me! They were just greeting you, not attacking, can't you see that the guards are on their knees?"

Peter then, after repeated encouragement by Nick returned to his seat on top of the carriage, but his hands were still fiercely grabbing the General's token. If the guards made the slightest movement Nick had told him that he could wack them with it...

Then slowly Peter drove the carriage inside, as the gates slowly opened themselves automatically much to Peter's amazement. After Nick's carriage had officially entered the palace grounds the gates slowly closed themselves. But the two guards were left there awkward kneeling down.

Because of Nick's lack of military knowledge, he didn't know that the two guards couldn't move unless he personally, or someone of the same rank told them too...but what was truly scary was that Peter knew this, but he was getting revenge for the embarrassing situation he put himself in earlier.

"Greetings, can I ask who this royal is so that I can personally announce your arrival to the Emperor and his guests."

When Nick's carriage finally arrived at the doors to the palace, his carriage door was opened by a finely groomed old man wearing a Daoist robe, the man spoke with such politeness that even if he cursed at you, you might bow down to accept it.

Nick didn't know the answer to this question so he simply shoved the General's token in front of the man, he also suddenly remembered the gathering the Eunuch was talking about earlier, apparently, the Emperor has called for a gathering of royalty!

Then, the calm and polite old man only shot one look at the General's token before he said.

"Oh, so you are a from General Jonathan's bloodline, I'm Albert, its a pleasure, how is your aunt doing these days by the way, is she handling the pregnancy well?" The old man apparently had a way to differentiate to whom the tokens all belonged, which was weird considering that the token had no initials on it.

But Nick could also tell that the old man was suspicious of him for he had never seen Nick before, and the question at the end there was meant to test him, so Nick decided to play along, to see where it will end up taking him at the end.

"Oh, which aunt are you talking about?"

"Lady Emily of course, you don't have any other aunts do you if I recall correctly, you only have two uncles and one aunt!" The old man could no longer hide the suspicion in his eyes.

"But aren't my uncles married?" Nick asked, curious.

"They are, why?"

"Then what should I call their wives?" Nick asked, again curiously, he was just making things up at this point, but thanks to his years of bullshitting, his words always tended to carry hints of logic.

"Oh, I see, forgive me then, so, how is lady Emily?" The persistent old man asked.

"She's constantly breathing, and you sir, do you have a wife that's breathing?" What Nick said could annoy anyone, of course, she was breathing who asked you that?!! And what was with the last question, why are you asking if the man's wife is breathing anyway?!!

But contrary to Nick's expectations, the old man suddenly broke into tears!

"Kaiiiiiiiiiii, why did you remind me of her? Kaiiiiiiiiiiiii, if only I had died and she had lived, she was a treasure to this world, her brothel brought so much happiness to the world? Why did she die?" The old man began to sob as he beat his chest violently.

Nick, feeling slightly embarrassed at his word opening up old wounds, slowly walked by the wailing old man and walked into the palace. He couldn't stay there any longer, and following Nick, Peter and the rudely awaked children followed.

Dean and Maggi having been startled awake by the old man's loud wailing.

"This way, please!" A guard suddenly popped out of nowhere and began leading them in.

The guard then noticed that Albert who was usually in charge of announcing the guests was nowhere to be seen, so he began asking for their names so that he could introduce them instead.

Nick then casually told the guard his name and walked in.

"The name is Jack Sparrow!" Then Nick walked inside leisurely.

Peter who saw Nick giving a fake name also followed suit.

"Lord Peter!" Then he walked in, he didn't mean lord as in the title but the name instead, but the guard mistook him and became a little more respectful. But it was Peter's fault for lacking imagination that caused this misunderstanding.

Dean and Maggi saw this and stared at each other wide-eyed, in each other's eyes they saw unbelievable excitement!

"Princess Maggi the first!" Maggi said ambitiously.

"King Dean the second!" Dean immediately got competitive.

"Oh yeah, then I'm Empress Maggi the cute!"

"Hmph, then feel my wrath, for I'm the god of all Emperor's dean!"

Nick who had stepped inside just a few seconds ago rushed over and clammed both their mouths shut! If they were introduced like that then wouldn't the Emperor feel embarrassed later.

"Damn, such ambition!! I love it!! Let them go brat! I want to see how far they can go today!! To think one could become so powerful in seconds!" The old geezer, on the other hand, was extremely excited by the little war among the kids.

"Hahaha, kid am I right...they are my little siblings, Maggi and Dean!" Nick then quickly told the guard to clear up the misunderstanding, as for Peter, Lord wasn't too high of a position in comparison so it wouldn't draw too much attention.

"Oh, I see, then does sir here have a title?" The guard asked.

"Umm, yes, just call me, 'The Godly cooking Emperor'!" Nick then walked inside with the kids in tow...

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