The Emperor's System
72 The Royal banquet Part 2
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The Emperor's System
Author :Lazyfatmonk
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72 The Royal banquet Part 2

Nick had given such a ridiculous title to himself in order to have some fun, it was obviously impossible for the guard to introduce him as such, because if he did Nick would clearly be disrespecting the Emperor by falsifying such a title!

Immediately after Nick entered the main hall he found himself being stared at by countless questioning eyes. All the people in this gathering were seated around a large square table, each one dressed in a luxurious robe.

This was a custom in these gatherings, everytime someone new entered the hall every one would turn their attention to them until they were introduced, after which they would be given a seat worthy of their appropriate title.

At this time the guard walked in to make the introduction.

"Please welcome, The great lord, Peter!" The guard roared out.

"Please welcome, The Cute, Lady Maggi!"

"Please welcome, The Valiant, Sir, Dean!"

"And please, everybody get up of your seats and welcome The Revered Godly cooking Emperor Jack sparrow!"

Nick immediately shivered, what the fuck did that guard say, did he actually say that title out loud?

The Emperor and all the other royals were stunned, what kind of overbearing title was that?! And you even tell us to get up from our seats for him, aren't you the best introducer?

Every royal suddenly felt regret, why did that old man Albert introduce them, the old man was an asshole when he introduced them earlier, for example, the minister of affairs was introduced as, " The Minister, that has a lot of affairs!"

The War general was introduced as, " The War general, which is different from other generals because he has war before his name, please show your respects!"

The Brother to the Empress was introduced as, " The Man with the tiny willy!"

And the old man even nearly lost his head earlier from the excitement and almost introduced the Emperor himself as, " The Closet Perver, that soils the clean streets!" But thankfully the Emperor who knew Albert's annoying habit immediately used his power to throw him out of the palace before he said anything.

As for why the Emperor would keep such a person around, it was because his only sister was married to the old man! And even though his sister was an crude and headstrong, so much so that she left the palace to open her own brothel, he loved her dearly nonetheless. Which was why he could put up with her husband after her death!

And he had tried to kick the Old man out of the palace many times, but sadly every time he tried the Old man would just bring up his dead sister and begin wailing mournfully!

Nick, who was now in the middle of this awkward situation slowly placed the kids at the seats for children and began walking slowly to his own seat. But the whole way there, his eyes were staring at his feet too embarrassed to look at his seat.

As for why this was, it was because the guard earlier was also in charge of pulling the chair for the person after introducing them, and right now that guard was also grabbing a seat for Nick, but the seat he was holding wasn't the seat by the table where the Emperor and other royals were seated.

The guard was standing way in the back, grabbing the largest seat in the palace, the Emperor's throne!

But halfway there a roar interrupted the situation!

"What the fuck is going on here?!! What trashy goldy emperor chef are you talking about?!! And you are even holding the Emperor's throne for him?!!" A fatty stood up and glared at the guard menacingly! He was the brother of the Emperor, and if he didn't get a reasonable explanation today he would immediately kill the stupid guard.

Nick also felt like the situation was too weird, he had been too playful earlier, and he had fooled the simple guard. He had just intended to enter only long enough to mingle with the nobles so that he could gain some information on the materials for the main quest, but now, sigh...

Turning around Nick slowly walked back to the large square table and stood right beside the trembling Emperor, who was obviously enraged and furiously staring daggers into Nick's eyes.

Nick then took a glance at the delicious looking roasted bird on the Emperor's plate, which he apparently hadn't touched yet. Then without any explanation Nick picked up the plate and began using his blue fire to roast the bird further.

The already trembling Emperor's veins began to show, his hands clenched about to commit a blood bath.

The reason the Emperor had been silent until now, was because he remembered Nick from earlier, and even though Nick had apparently done it to protect him, the Emperor still held a deep grudge against him and now that he was here acting so atrociously he was dead for sure!


But then, a wonderful and delighting smell spread throughout the hall relieving the extremely tense atmosphere. Immediately everyone's eyes were glued to the roasting bird in Nick's hands.

The bird was already cooked, and Nick was just reheating it, but the cooking skill still considered it as Nick's cooking and so, it was soaking and perfecting the roasted bird by using Nick's energy!

Then before the shining eyes of the royals, Nick placed the dish in front of the Emperor. The Emperor had no appetite to eat after what happened three days ago and hadn't eaten anything since. Even the thing on his plate was for show, to show the other royals that he was indeed fine and healthy.

But deep inside he was traumatized, he had forbidden his family from ever mentioning the words, shit, toilet, and wine in front of him ever again. Yet now, none of that mattered as he stared at the piece of tantalizing bird, so without further hesitation, he began eating.

"Ummmmm!" The Emperor moaned out loud.

"Ohhhhhhh!" The Emperor moaned even louder.

"So goooood!" The Emperor now had tears in his eyes said as he devoured the bird bite after bite.

The Brother of the Emperor, who was also mesmerized by the food slowly stretched his fork to the plate, only to be welcomed by a foot to the face.

Silence slowly swallowed the hall as the only sound left was of the Emperor chomping violently on the bird.

And finally, after a minutes, the Emperor finished his plate and gave a satisfied burp!

"What's this brother's name?"The Emperor asked, but this time his voice carried utmost respect for Nick.

Because not only did Nick manage to create such a delicious meal, but he had also made the meal carry unbelievably bountiful energy that was easily absorbable!

"This chef's name is Jack Sparrow, I was nicknamed by as 'The Godly cooking Emperor Jack sparrow' by one sage, if I remember his name correctly it should be, The lightning sage..." Nick spoke not too loud, but his words reverberated like thunder to the ears of the others!

What did sage represent, they were people that could reverse the oceans by a step and transverse it by the next! They were being of unimaginable power that was much stronger than this Emperor, and if he gave this man such a title then it would also explain his miraculous cooking skills!

Nick came up with this response after remembering the diary of the sage he had in his possession because he thought that if he did get questioned and doubted he could at least show some signs of validity.

"Ahhh, forgive me for not recognizing brother sooner, earlier when you defended me I was so touched!" The Emperor began to sweet talk Nick because a man was usually ruled by his stomach.

Nick had never expected that thing could come so easily to him, he had just arrived at the Palace, but he became a brother to the Emperor, how awesome was that?!!

And then it happened again, what Nick dreaded the most in this world!

"Hmph, such disrespect! How dare he refer to the future one true Emperor as brother?!! This kind of disrespect cannot be left to stand!!" The old geezer cried out all of a sudden.

Nick immediately new what the dirty old bugger wanted to do, that asshole could never let him have it so easily could he?! So Nick Immediately began to beg the Old geezer in his mind.

"Please Old geezer let me off just this once, just this once, I swear that I will never insult you again if you do!" Nick begged and pleaded with all his heart, but to not avail!

Ding! Sudden mission by the System's guide, Sleep with the Emperor's wife then run!

Nick then looked at the smiling face of the Emperor and nearly cried, why are you smiling at me when I'm planning on sleeping with your wife!

The Old geezer immediately understood that Nick had misunderstood him so he explained.

"Little brat, why are you so impure, I meant to sleep with her on the same bed, no one told you to have sex with her alright! Just sleep in the bed with her and disgrace the bed of the Emperor that's the purpose of the mission! Don't get intimate with the man's wife, that would just be too cruel!"

Nick was irritated, why did he have to sell his body like this?!! Sigh, but there was nothing he could do since the mission told him to have sex with the Emperess then he will have to do it!

"Brat, are you even listening?! You don't need to have sex, just sleep on the same bed as her!" The Old geezer repeated, but why did he get the feeling that Nick didn't want to listen to him?

Nick was determined to accomplish this mission, even if it meant his little guy would have to work extra hard at night!

"You're a beast!" The old geezer scolded.

"And a virgin in this life!" Nick snapped back.

"Why do you sound so proud of that fact?"

"Because I can change that, but I don't know if you can do the same though..." Nick replied.

"Fuck, shit, ass, hairy, dumb, ugly, bald, useless, trash..." The old geezer began cursing. (Author's note: Try saying this quickly and loudly five times... now tell me, is the person beside you judging you yet?)

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