The Emperor's System
73 Feed her!
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The Emperor's System
Author :Lazyfatmonk
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73 Feed her!

"Anyway your majesty, I came here because I will be serving as the head chef of this palace for a little while. One of your generals begged me to do it, and I also want to experience the different ingredients of this Empire which is why I took this position." Nick immediately got down to business, what had happened earlier was too ridiculous.

The Emperor who was already hypnotized by the meal had been racking his head trying to find ways to tempt this Chef Jack character into staying at the palace as a chef, and as soon as he heard that he had already been recruited to serve at the palace he jumped off his seat in delight.

The Emperor couldn't be any happier, he would definitely reward the general responsible later!

"Okay then, I'll be taking my sibling and leaving, this seems like a meeting for the nobles of this Empire." Nick then began to walk to the exit as he signaled for the kids to follow him, he didn't even turn toward the Emperor to ask for permission to leave, which was costumery in such a gathering.

"Who the fuck does he think he is?! Who gave him permission to leave?!" The Emperor's brother who had a large boot imprint on his face roared out in his attempt to regain some of the dignity he had lost today.

"Shut up!! What do you know?! This just shows how confident he is in the one supporting him! How else could someone brazenly walk into a palace and speak so arrogantly to the Emperor?!" The Emperor said, as his face grew incredibly solemn.

The Emperor was incredibly troubled, just thinking about how he would have to wait until tomorrow to try another delicacy made him want to drag the Chef onto the kitchen and work him like a slave.

The guard from earlier continued to follow Nick out after receiving a signal from the Emperor. Then serving as a guide he took Nick on a tour throughout the palace.

But, as they were passing by a certain hall they faced some obstruction. Nick gathered that there must be something special going on in that place for it to have this level of security.

Yearning for more information on the matter Nick asked the guard what the area was. Yet the reply he received almost floored him.

"Head chef, that is the Imperial toilet?" The guard was also confused as he explained. Even the guard didn't understand what the heavy security was for.

"Pewpowpangpeeppooppappepptong!" Nick who heard the ever-familiar sound understood immediately.

There must be someone else that was poisoned by the wretched laxative. And since that person didn't have the Emperor's high cultivation base he wasn't able to recover as quickly as the Emperor did.

Nick was right because, at that moment inside the bathroom, an incredibly shriveled figure sat on the stool as he fired away. The person looked so thin and haggard that one would assume he hadn't eaten for weeks! This person was the Third Prince who had taken the laxative but had yet to recover!

"And this is the Emperor's bedroom, where his daily wives live!" The guard said as he pointed at a conspicuous door by the hallway.

"What do you mean by daily wives?" Nick asked curiously.

"Oh, the Emperor has thirty wives, each for the different days of the month." The guard dutifully explained.

Nick, who had previously been ordered by the cruel system has sex with the Emperor's wife was stunned. How was he going to pull that off now? Everyone knows that married women need a lot of convincing to cheat on their husbands, especially when their husband was the Emperor!

But now he would be facing a different target every day, which meant that he would have to convince the woman in one day and sleep with her on that exact same day in the Emperor's room.

"I can retract the mission if you want?" The System's guide offered, scared of the crazy things Nick might do later on.

But sadly, he was too late. Nick was already dead set in accomplishing the mission.

Nick then calmly walked up to the bedroom and began knocking. But before receiving a response and before the guard could stop him Nick had entered inside.

"Hello there, I'm the new head chef in this palace!" Nick introduced himself to the half-naked woman on the bed, who simply turned her head once he entered while maintaining her silence.

The woman sure was easy on the eyes, every curve displayed through the bed sheet that she used to cover herself, her dark blue eyes that were curious but carried no blame, but the most attractive thing of all the features, the large bed she was lying on that was an immortal realm treasure in itself!

Nick just wanted to take his clothes off and dive into bed with her, then, after exhausting her with his incredible stamina, he would steal the bed from under her.

As Nick's insane thoughts kept on racing he soon found that the two kids behind him were staring at him intensely. One wrong move and he would have to explain human biology to the kids, just thinking about it made him lose interest.

Besides he couldn't do the mission now, he needed to prepare and get everything he can from the palace first. Then he would dine and dash...

"Head chef? But you look so young, you must be really good then, can you make me something then? I'm starved!" The girl said, with a smile that could light up the night.

The guard at the back was drooling at this moment as a certain part of his body stood in attention.

Little succubus, you cannot tempt me, Nick thought.

"Sorry little lady, but I officially start tomorrow, which means today, I'm off duty!" Nick said quickly as he headed to the door, leaving was the best option in this situation where he couldn't act on his desires.

"Pretty please, you see, tomorrow won't be my turn in this palace. So I can only try your food a month from now. Can't you please make an exception for me?" Her voice made the guard shudder as he grabbed his sword. If Nick refused her he would immediately attack him.

But it wasn't only him, Peter who was silently following along a moment ago, was also glaring at Nick menacingly. Today if Nick didn't cook for this lady he swore that he would do it instead! He will cook for her, provide for her and when the time came he would show her why the ladies back in the old city called him Missfire Peter!

Little Dean on the other hand had been righting down something on a piece of paper ever since the doors opened and seemed to have finally finished. Shakily walking up to the woman he then presented her the piece of paper.

Curious Nick took a glance at the piece of paper, and it read.

'Even if I'm starving, I'll give you my bread

Please don't cry, let me cry in your stead

Let me wipe those tears and let me defend

These are the things I'll do, If you become by girlfriend!'

Nick stared at Dean in fear, why didn't he notice that he had been traveling with a little pervert?!! Those words were just too well-composed to have been thought of in this short moment, the little pervert must have taken time to perfect it to such a degree!

Staring at Dean's innocent and protective eyes the woman smiled lightly before she said, " Okay little man, when you become as strong or stronger than the Emperor, I'll take you as my boyfriend, okay?"

One could feel the love in her voice, and even Nick was tempted a little to go write her a poem of his own, it definitely would be ten if not more times better than the Dean's.

He would say something like.

'Roses are red

Violets are blue

Let me finish my mission

By sleeping with you!'

Wow, Nick almost teared up at the thought of his heartwarming poem.

"So, will the chef be doing me the favor of gracing me with a meal? It would really make me sad to know that I missed out on it later on." The woman asked as the ever light smile hung on her face.

"That must suck for you then!" Nick said casually as he ran and slammed the door on his way out.

Nick was laughing inside at how he had easily left the succubus hanging when he saw two sets of blood-red eyes staring at him.

The two sets of eyes belonged to Peter and the guard who seemed to be ready to attack Nick any moment now. As for the love-struck Dean, he was just staring at the two men in contempt as he revised and corrected his earlier poem.

"Feed her!" The two men roared out in unison.

Nick immediately recognized the look in the two men's eyes. This was the look of a devoted fan that most idol and celebrity followers had! And he knew that there would be no end to the trouble later on if he didn't do what the woman earlier wanted.

Sighing heavily Nick then opened the door again. But this time he was holding a bar of chocolate in his hands. The casually unwrapping it Nick immediately ordered the woman.

"Suck it!"

The woman who was stunned at Nick's return became even more surprised by the weird brown thing the man was shoving in front of her face. But seeing the palace guard following the man she believed that he wouldn't trick her, so she bit off a small piece and began sucking, and then.

"Mmmmmmm" The woman moaned as she wrestled a little in the sheets.

Nick and the other men shakily walked away. The woman was a demoness sent to control men, she was just too tempting!

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