The Emperor's System
74 The Hug
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The Emperor's System
Author :Lazyfatmonk
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74 The Hug

"And, this is the official residence of the Imperial chefs, and as their head chef, you will be in charge of them moving forward! As the Imperial head chef, your position in this palace is only below the royal bloodline, and the chief Minister!" The guard introduced while standing in front of a large residence outside the palace.

The residence was built on the palace grounds and was really close to the back door of the palace. Nick immediately approved of the residence. When he leaves later on he would have to remember to take this residence with him.

Then, formally saluting Nick, the diligent guard walked away.

At this time, inside the main hall of the palace, everyone was sitting around listening to the Emperor trying to explain himself.

"Sigh, I would like your support in spreading the word, the impersonator must be caught at all costs! To think, that someone would dare do such a disgusting thing while disguised as me!!!" The Emperor kept on rambling, as he repeatedly emphasized how he wasn't the one that did all that shit...

"Oh, we believe you pfftt! It's been hard on you pfft..." The person making these sarcastic remarks was the Ministery of war, who was the second most powerful in the Empire both in terms of cultivation and status. As an ambitious man who desired the throne more than anything else, he definitely wouldn't let the Emperor have an easy time!

"Pour the wine!" The Emperor ordered the waiters standing by the side.

Immediately the crowd of waiters walked to the large table in an orderly manner as they poured wine into each glass on the table.

"To catching the culprit!" The Emperor toasted as he downed the wine in one gulp.

Immediately everyone raised their glasses and downed their glass after repeating the same salute of the Emperor. Except of course the Minister of war that said, " To catching the incredible culprit!" Before downing his glass.

The Emperor wasn't even the slightest bit angry as he turned toward the waiters and gave them a signal to fill up the man's wine. And so, for the next two to five minutes, the Minister's glass was never empty, as every time he finished drinking the wine a waiter would rush over to fill it for him.

But he wasn't the least bit surprised. This was because he felt that the waiters were treating him so well because he had shown incredible composure and dignity while making fun of the Emperor. He even feared that maybe he had acted just a little too cool!

It was at this moment that all hell broke loose!

"What is this?! What is happening...Poooppappeeppong!"

"Oh my god, it's coming out! Peewpeewpeeew!"

"Take this! BangBangBang!"

"Who dares to fight the mighty me poooooooooooooooooK!"

Immediate diarrhea! Everybody was in the same situation the Emperor in was earlier, relieving themselves disgracefully! The Emperor also didn't tarry as he hurriedly grabbed all the Nobels and threw them out of the palace and onto the crowded main street.

This was the Emperor's master plan, he would mix the remaining poisonous wine with a large vat of wine and serve it today at the banquet. And if he succeeded, and all of them made fools of themselves according to plan, then he wouldn't have to be the only one convincing the public.

Instead, the large group of nobles would do it for him. They will begin using their ample resources to spread the news of a group of impersonators whose aim was to tarnish the pride and legacy of the Empire.

At this time, Nick, who was just about to enter his new residence received a system prompt.

Ding! Sudden mission from the System's guide, poison the entire royal family with laxatives! Completed amount (70%)

Nick immediately began to inspect the system window. The system was definitely either buggy or virus-infected, but he wouldn't say that now since this virus was helping him not hurting him. In fact, he hoped that this virus also manages to infect the system's guide.

"Short willy having, ugly bastard, disgusting womanizer that attacks married women..." The old geezer that had begun insulting Nick two chapt...hours ago was still persevering on. In fact, Nick even felt like the Old geezer's insulting skill have been upgrading and leveling up throughout this time.

Calming down his extremely happy heart Nick then walked into his new residence, with the two kids and Peter following on his tail.

"Who are you?!! This is a place where only chefs are allowed to reside, please leave before we take violent actions!" Two fat men in white chef robes barred Nick's entry by standing in his way. The two fatties were both carrying pots and spoons as if they were going to cook Nick if he didn't comply.

"How dare you speak so arrogantly to your new head chef?!! Do you perhaps want to die?!!" Peter roared out, which would have been intimidating if he wasn't still standing outside the residence staring at the two fatties warily as if he was going to escape the moment the two made their move...

Nick was now waiting for it. This should be the type of situation he heard about after coming to this world. Apparently every time the main character such as himself achieves a high position, he would face countless challenges, but with his sheer will and determination, he would then emerge victorious.

Countless immortals seemed to have face this situation just a few years before they achieved greatness.

The two fatties would now say, " Hmph, how dare you, a measly bratty outsider, pretend to be head chef?!!"

Then Nick would say, "I don't need to prove myself to you, but just because I think you guys are pathetic, here!"

Nick would then grab a random bird from the sky before he would use his powerful blue flames to roast the bird and turning it into a delicacy.

"Forgive us Chef God!"

"Please take me as your disciple!" The two remorseful fatties would then say this as a gorgeous lady would appear out of nowhere with mysterious origins and jump into his arms.

Nick was excited as he thought about all this, But then, contrary to all his plans and expectations, the two fatties just scratched their butts for a while before they ran over and gave him a hug.

Nick who was thin and tiny compared to the two meaty giants immediately disappeared from view. This wasn't because Nick used some special speed technique or something, but because the two giants had swallowed him with their bellies and he was now trapped in the middle.

Then after a few minutes, the two men stepped away merrily. But when they looked towards Nick, they were surprised to find the man kneeling down as tears violently fell down his eyes.

Nick had never thought that he would be molested so brazenly in broad daylight! Oh where is the humanity, where is the trust, where is the respect to a man's body?!!

"Master, are you that happy to see us? Are you really crying because we hugged you and welcomed you so warmly?" The two fatties who were now jumping up and down in excitement said.

Peter, who had been outside a moment ago soon notice Nick's clenched right fist and the devious eyes staring at the two particular parts on the fatties. So, not wanting his master to make a scene on his first day as the head chef he rushed over and dragged Nick away.

"Just one punch each, hmm, please, just one, okay just let me punch them in the stomach, they wouldn't even feel that. Hey Peter, okay, I won't do it, just let me go. You can trust me you know that right...never mind, even I don't trust myself, just drag me away!" Nick struggled for a while but soon stopped for fear of hurting Peter involuntarily.

Deception fist!

Everybody was stunned! Even Nick felt that Maggi shouldn't have done that! What was wrong with her?

Yes, Maggi who had been watching by the sideling all along rushed over and attacked the two fatties! But she didn't use Nick's technique and had only mimicked his actions.

In fact, hers couldn't be called deception fist since she had used her feet instead of her fists. Dean who always stood inches away from his sister immediately moved away. He wasn't doing this because he was scared, he was just plain terrified.

Maggi then ran up to Nick and stretched out her hands. Her meaning was clear, I have beaten up you're aggressors, please pay up using chocolates.

The two fatties could have of course avoided the attack, but they just didn't see it coming! The sweet and innocent looking girl had walked up to them acting like she was going in for a hug, and once she had made sure that they had their guards down she used her two hands as leverage to attack both of them simultaneously!

Nick patted the little girl's head in praise as he gave her two bars of chocolate immediately.

Dean who saw this ran over to the two already incapacitated fatties lying on the ground and struck them while they were down. But he didn't do it in a classy and dignified manner like his sister, instead, he used violence as just attacked one fatty after the other.

Then taking his turn, he rushed over to Nick and stretched out his hand as well. Nick felt tears well up in his eyes, he had raised the too well!

But after giving the two kids their chocolate he walked away. Of course, as he walked off he also raised his guard against the kids. They were just too cruel and would do anything for a bar of chocolate. So what if they decided to rebel against him one-day lusting after the seemingly endless bars of chocolate in his possession...?

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