The Emperor's System
77 Mr.Green
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The Emperor's System
Author :Lazyfatmonk
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77 Mr.Green

"You! Stop it!! It is the crown prince of the Empire you are attacking!!!" The leader of the armed guards soon woke up from his stupor as he roared out and began rushing over to the now battered and bruised crown prince.

The crown prince was crying miserably on the inside. Why did he have to meet such an unreasonable person here? The man didn't give a damn about his identity and went on to beat him up! It has been two years now since he, the crown prince decided to leave the Palace and be independent.

But never in all those years has anyone ever disregarded his identity like this. Truthfully speaking, he actually enjoyed that feeling, the feeling of others bragging about their background and preparing to attack while he casually mentioned his identity and scaring the shit out of them, sometimes literally!

"Sigh, why don't people just ever simply follow orders?!" Nick sighed heavily before he began walking towards the Pavillion.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing?!!! Your boss has already left! Who do you think you are to keep on attacking the Crown price?!" The Leader of the armed guards dragged away Peter, who had been so deeply invested in wacking the crown prince that he didn't hear or notice anything.

Peter who was deeply dissatisfied with being interrupted was about to curse out the man when he noticed that Nick had already entered the pavilion!

"Hello, I'm Lord Peter, humble servant of the palace's head chef." Peter immediately announced himself, deeply emphasizing his relationship with the palace. Damn it, he couldn't depend on Nick to attack people in the future, the sneaky little bastard just left him here to deal with these people after causing a mess!

Of course, Nick left knowing full well that the armed soldiers wouldn't attack Peter, because he had shown their leader his identity token before leaving! And if the man chose to ignore that and harmed Peter? Then Peter would just be unlucky, he would take revenge for him, later on, to relieve his guilt though.

"Wait for me master!" Peter called out as he rapidly chased after Nick.

Inside the pavilion, Nick was surprised by the absence of store clerks but soon noticed that there were no commodities on this floor. So after spending a few seconds waiting for Peter to catch up, Nick headed upstairs.

As soon as Nick arrived on the second floor, loud noises of both store clerks and customers sprung out welcoming him.

"Hello sir, welcome to the Radiance Pavillion! Where anything between heaven and earth can be found! I'm Mr. Green!" A middle-aged sales clerk soon walked over to welcome Nick, Green spoke mostly by using his hands since his hands spasmed about as he spoke.

"Hi there, I'm the new head chef of the Imperial palace, a holder of the general's token, and close friend of the Emperor!" Nick introduce himself humbly. He really enjoyed seeing the drastic change in people's actions when they heard of his position.


"No need to feel frightened, I am not a person that uses his position to threaten or coerce others!"

"Well...I see, but it..."

"Stop stuttering will you, haha, is my position so intimidating? Sigh, maybe I shouldn't have said it."

"No sir, it's not that, the problem is you told me of your position but not your name, so I was wondering how to address you?" Mr. Green finally said the words out. He was unable to speak earlier due to being momentarily surprised. He had never expected that the decent looking young man would be such a liar and bragger!

"Umm...My name is Jack sparrow! The head chef of the palace, the..." Nick who noticed the lack of fear and respect in the eyes of Mr.Green began restating his position but was rudely interrupted.

"Okay okay, I heard you the first time, The head chef, the General, and the Emperor's Bff, right? Just tell me what you want, and go away!"

"Seriously, why are so many young people so into bragging and lying these days! And this isn't the first time this has happened, just last week a young man who works here as a greeter outside kept on claiming to be the Crown prince! What the hell is this world coming to anyway?!!" Mr. Green got worked up just thinking about how the generation was on the verge of ruin.

"You doubt me?" Nick's smile stiffened, it was okay to doubt the stupid crown price outside since no one would believe that he would work here with his status. But he was just a costumer and a handsome one at that, how could the man doubt him?!

Nick quickly reached into his pocket and threw the general's token at the man's face!

Immediately the face of the store clerk changed, quickly looking around to confirm no one was watching he walked hurriedly into one of the closed doors and quickly urged Nick to follow!

How could Nick not understand that he was about to receive the Vip treatment?! Puffing out his chest Nick followed the man, and as soon as he and Peter entered the room the man quickly closed the door maintaining caution and sat on the main seat before indicating for them to follow suit on the other seats in front of him.

Nick then calmly sat and prepared to tell the man his orders but was interrupted by the man for the second time today!

"Okay, so you are a thief! To actually think that someone would dare steal General's token! You sure are bold, but I like that! So, name your price. The pavilion will be buying it from you!" Mr.Green said excitedly.

Nick and Peter then exchanged looks, only to find wry smiles on each other's faces.

But Mr. Green couldn't be blamed for this. His years of experience had led him to learn of how the Palace worked. And he knew that the head chef of the palace would definitely have his own identity token and wouldn't go around carrying a general's. Which meant that this man came in here to sell the token.

Yet, Green was overjoyed because of this! How couldn't he be when he had gained such a powerful token! With this little token alone he will be able to slip through inspections and military taxes!

"How much will you buy it for?!" Nick asked curiously, of course, he wouldn't sell it though. Since it wasn't his to begin with, selling it off wasn't something he could do...right?

"First let me ask you, do you have any materials you need from the pavilion?!" Mr.Green slyly asked. If there was something that Nick desperately needed then he could perhaps get the token for cheap.

" Dark heavenly gold, Holy spirit jade, Star confining space stone, do you have any of these?!" Nick asked straightforwardly.

He knew that getting these materials wouldn't be easy though. But this wasn't because they were too rare, but the quantity he needed was just too ridiculous!

Since they were usually sold as materials for forging swords and other weapons they were sole by grams or kilograms, but he needed five hundred tons of the first two materials!!

"Dark heavenly gold?! Sorry, that is strictly being monitored by he the palace so we only have five kilograms in stock!!" Mr.Green said this sadly, but inside he was roaring in pride! How hard was it to get one's hands on the material, but they managed to get a whole five kilograms?!

He was now just waiting to see the shock, surprise, and joy on Nick's face. He knew that five kilograms were more than enough for any project big or small!

"Sigh, how can your Pavillion boast about selling anything between heaven and earth when you only have a measly five kilograms?!" Nick chided.

"What about the other materials on my list, do you have any of those for me?!" Nick although disheartened decided to ask.

"Huh? Maybe sir didn't hear me, I said we have Five kilograms of Dark heavenly gold..."

"Shut up now, will you! Stop angering me by boasting so pointlessly! I need five hundred tons of Dark heavenly gold, five hundred tons of Holy spirit jade, and thirty kilograms of Star confining space stone! Do you have any one of these in the quantities I need?!" Nick said unwilling to talk any more nonsense with the man.

"Fuck your mom! Fuck your dad and all of your ancestors! Get the fuck out now! Here, take the token with you!! It isn't worth it if it means dealing with an unreasonable and insane person like you!" Green also had enough!

"So you don't have them?! Sigh, how annoying. where am I even gonna get these materials then?!!" Nick banged on the table in rage!

"That? I do actually have information on the materials you want?! And even with your outrageous demands in quantity I know of places where you can find them!!" The upset Mr. Green seemed to have had a genius idea suddenly as he rubbed his hands together and grinned slyly.

"That is good. But why are you grinning like that?"

"Grinning like what?"

"Grinning like you are about to sell your wife to a brothel."

"Oh, that is my natural smile, hehehe!"

"Okay, but why did you hehehe at the end there?"

"Isn't it normal to laugh when one is happy?"

"Sure it is, and what you say makes sense. But why do you keep on turning your head as you do it? As if you are doing something deceitful."

"Deceitful? Me? Never! I don't even know the meaning of the word!"

"If you don't know the meaning of the word than how can you know that you aren't deceitful? And I don't believe a person that doesn't even know of this word could possibly know where I can find the materials."

"Enough! Do you want the Information or not?!" Green snapped. Why was the young man so talkative and observant! Can't he just be stupid and make it easier on others?!

"Fine, the token for the location of all the materials, deal?!!" Nick who considered the proposal for a few seconds, finally gave in.

"Deal!" Mr.Green was overjoyed, he had succeeded!

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