The Emperor's System
78 Vivid description
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The Emperor's System
Author :Lazyfatmonk
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78 Vivid description

"Hahaha, now this is the kind of man I like doing business with! Straight forward and decisive!" Mr. Greel laughed out loud while his hands placed the general's token into a small metal box!

"Let's stop the empty praises here. Even though I might not look like it, I do have to go prepare the Emperor's meal you know?" Nick, who was a little too anxious for the information hastened Mr.Green.

But Mr.Green scorned Nick on the inside, this thief was still pretending to be a big shot after selling him the general's token?! Did he perhaps repeat the lie so many times that he was now convinced it was the truth?

"Well then, the fist item in your list, the Dark heavenly gold can be found in a mine west of the city. The mine is situated in the middle of the Metal forest, and is now being guarded by the followers of all the princes and princesses! And to top it all of, the General, General Kane is also there as the head of security!"

Mr.Green was of course giving away the information because it wasn't of any use to him. Otherwise, with such a large reserve of Dark heavenly gold, he could buy the token from the General's themselves!

"The second material on your list, the Holy spirit jade, now this will probably be easier to reach for you since you work in the Palace, have you ever wondered why cultivation in the palace is multiplied a hundredfold compared to the outside?!" Green was taking joy of the fact that he could give the little thief all this worthless information for something so precious!

This was not because the information he gave Nick was a lie, but because nobody could actually put this information to any use! So what if he found out where the Dark heavenly gold is, would he actually dare to approach an area protected by a general to rob it?!! And how was he even going to carry it away afterward?!

"No, I haven't noticed it. So, are you saying that this enhancement effect on one's cultivation is because of the Holy spirit jade?!" Nick asked back, and he wasn't lying either, due to his dependency on experience point he didn't need to use the energy around him to cultivate.

But to the ears of Mr.Green, Nick's words were an admission of guilt! If he had an ounce of belief that Nick was the head chef of the palace before, then now it had been completely erased. How was it possible for a cultivator not to notice such a thing while working at the palace?

"Oh, so you haven't noticed it? That is weird, usually, people notice these things as soon as they begin working at the palace, but whatever. Anyway, the main cause of this powerful enhancement is the palace walls, which are all made of one key component, the holy spirit jade!"

Nick almost flipped the table over by this point! It was fine if the Dark heavenly gold was in a protected mine since he had already anticipated it, but the Holy spirit jade, how the hell was he going to take away the palace walls?!

"And the last material on your list, the star confining space stone!" Mr.Green hurriedly got to the last material on the list upon seeing Nick's enraged eyes that were about spew fire.

"This material is easier to take away, and is much easier to get to considering your position!"Mr.Green continued. Making Nick, who was about to attack calm down, and wait, for he hoped that this one would be much easier than the last two considering its small quantity.

"This material and three others were found by the First Emperor of nova, and was then given to a master class forger, to forge the most luxurious and beautiful throne in the history of the Empire! And this throne now sits comfortably in the main hall of the palace!" Mr.Green finished.

Nick who was about to lose his head soon calmed down, for a sudden plan had come to his mind. So, without saying another word Nick left the room and began descending the Pavilion.

"Sigh, master, I guess you will have to give up on the materials for the time being." Peter who was following closely behind said as a look of regret shadowed him.

"Peter, have I really thought you nothing?! When have you seen me give up due to a tiny inconvenience?!" Nick scolded as he left the pavilion gates.

Outside the pavilion, the rowdy crowd and the armed guards were not there anymore, instead, what was left was some bloodstains on the empty street, probably from the wounded crown prince.

As soon as Nick entered the carriage they made their way back to the palace. Nick wanted to get back quickly so that he could perfect his plan, as well as save little Dean from that hungry Gangster Empress!

When they arrived by the palace gates Nick had Peter stop for a moment as he stepped out of the carriage. But when he did, he was surprised to find the two guards by the gate, that were so full of life and energetic while kneeling just a day ago now looked utterly ragged and exhausted and were still kneeling!

"Why are you on your knees today, did you offend another high ranking noble?" Nick asked curiously.

"No...sir, It was you that ordered us, so we can't get up until you forgive and relieve us." One of the guards explained.

Stunned, Nick first looked at Peter, who was looking around in every direction except his. Why did this bastard seem like he knew about this and was punishing the poor guards?! And even if he was taking revenge, couldn't he have at least told them to stop kneeling earlier, when they left the palace, did he really have to be so vengeful?!!

After commanding the guards to get up, Nick then ordered one of the guards to accompany Peter and act as a guide, also giving instructions to Peter.

"Listen, Peter, this guard will be your guide and will lead you to the general that handed the token to us last time. Once you find him tell him that we have just come from the Pavillion and left his identity token with a man called Mr.Green. Tell him to go there and retrieve it immediately, before the man sells it off!"

Nick then entered the palace grounds on foot after sending Peter away. But on the way there he heard something interesting.

"Hey, have you heard, a new head chef has been appointed, and from what I've heard, he's one handsome fellow!" Maid1 said to Maid2.

"Really, what is he like?" Maid2 Asked.

"No one has ever seen him so nobody really knows, but from what I've heard, he is a man so tall that he has to duck to enter the door!" Maid1 said.

Nick who was by the side looked at his hight and grew confused, which door did he duck to get into, the door of a dwarf?

"His eyes are so bright and shiny that one could just take them out and play with them!" Maid1 continued.

Nick immediately hid his eyes, why the hell would someone take out his cute little eyes?!

"His teeth are so white that they are transparent, so you can't even see them!"

Nick swore that he would stop using the toothpastes provided by the system from now on!

"His ears are so pointy and cute that you would want to just rub them until they catch fire!"

Nick was now wearing a helmet, daring the maid to come and try.

"But the best feature of his is not his teeth, ears, eyes, or mouth, but his kind and gentle temperament, that causes him to turn the other cheek in all situations!" Maid1 finished excitedly.

Nick who was on his way to see if Deception fist worked on girls immediately stopped, why did this girl understand his heart so much?! He was just a bundle of joy and kindness, that would turn the other cheek even if his friend was slapped!

As for what would happen if he was slapped, that was impossible to know since people seem to mysteriously lose their hands before they could do so...sigh, what a miracle of life am I right?!

"Hmm, he does seem pretty cool! But I don't think he can compare to that man!" Maid2 said.

"You mean him?! The man so mysterious and romantic, the man who comes and goes like the wind, only leaving a romantic poem to show he was there! The man that has used his poems to conquer every woman in this palace?! That man?" Maid1 asked, looking incredibly shocked and infatuated at the same time.

"Yes, him, the haram king! The man so muscular and fit, that you can build a house on his abs, the man with such a large chest that it can welcome a thousand women at the same time! The heart so bit that it couldn't be tamed by just one woman and instead seeks more never to be satiated!"

Maid2 also fascinated said out loud almost squealing from pleasure!

Nick who knew that they were talking about Dean was confused, did the Empress actually punish that boy so hard that he actually reincarnated into a different body? Unable to remain calm any more Nick then ran back to the palace, honestly scared of what Dean might be facing!!

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