The Emperor's System
80 The shy Empress
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The Emperor's System
Author :Lazyfatmonk
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80 The shy Empress

" really don't know what you did wrong?!!" The Emperor, if not trying so hard to maintain a level of majesty and grace would have grabbed Nick by the neck right now and shook him until something fell out! Even if he didn't know what he did wrong why did he have to be so annoying about it?

" But give me a week, I'll get back to you with the answer by then, promise!" Nick tried to come up with a way to squirm out of the situation, to be honest, he didn't exactly know what he did wrong but this was not because his mistakes were too few, but because they were just too many to count!

"Fine then!! Since you say you are innocent let me ask you this! Yesterday in my bed-chamber, my beautiful wife, Empress it was Lucia yesterday, or was it, Amanda?"

"Anyway my wife tells me you gave her something called a 'Cho-co-late'! Thankfully my wife was kind enough to keep me a piece and I was lucky enough to have a taste! But, how can the head chef of the palace gift such a delicacy away to anyone but the Emperor?!!"

"..." Nick now understood what was going on with the man. He must have tasted the chocolate Nick gifted the Empress yesterday and felt jealous, thinking, what about me chef, what about me?

"Oh, is the Emperor saying that you want chocolate too?!" Nick who was honestly stunned had to ask. Was the Emperor really angry because he didn't give him some chocolate, are the people of this world especially susceptible to chocolate addiction?

"Cough cough cough!! No!! That's not what I mean at all! I'm just trying to point out that you shouldn't do things that might cause misunderstandings!"

"Think about it, if you go to my bed chamber and give my wife sweets, wouldn't people suspect something fishy is going on, so, next time give it to me and I'll pass it to them." The Emperor was trying his best not to sound like a chocolate junky, but deep inside he was in love with that thing that melted in his mouth and left such a savory feeling.

The Emperor had tried using every move in his arsenal even resorting to begging his wife yesterday, but she didn't even bat an eye as she stuffed the remaining pieces into her mouth.

Nick also agreed with the Emperor, he didn't want others to misunderstand his intentions!

He was only here to rob the Emperor's throne, sleep with one of his wives, steal the palace walls, and poison the entire royal family with laxatives! But what would happen if people actually assumed the worst?! What if they thought he was here to ruin people's teeth with chocolate?!! Nick was definitely not that kind of person!!

Five minutes later, the bewildered Nick left the main hall of the palace and walked back to his residence, but with one less chocolate in his pocket.

"Hey did you hear?!"


"The Emperor actually poisoned the rest of the nobles during the banquet with the same thing that was used to poison him! Apparently, all the nobles had spent the whole night shiting their guts out in the middle of a crowded street!" Two guards who were patrolling the halls of the palace were talking with each other.

And immediately Nick's interest was peaked, was this the reason for the sudden increase in the percentage of the completion rate? Now it all made sense, but Nick was also sad that the system didn't grow senile or catch a virus as he thought it did, granting him free rewards!

Nick also grew wary, if the Emperor did somehow keep some of the dangerous laxatives on him, Nick has to be careful in the future and make sure not to fall into a trap and end up in the same sorry state as the other nobles. Nick even cursed the person that created and brought such a horrific poison into this world!

The Old geezer who was being cursed out though could only accept it. What could he do when he was dealing with someone as shameless as Nick?!!

"It is time, the daily Empress is arriving, places everyone!!" Suddenly a weirdly dressed man rushed throughout the palace announcing the arrival of the Empress of the day.

And then, as a crowd of guards lined up in order leading a handheld carriage into the palace, while another handheld carriage carrying the previous wife most probably the gangster Empress left the palace.

This was a daily ceremony so many people didn't seem too surprised or pay attention to it. But to Nick this was a very important issue, if he followed the carriage leaving the palace then wouldn't he be able to find the hiding spot of all the Empresses in the city?!

But he wasn't too anxious to do it at the moment, because why rush in to do something that can be done on any day, after all, this process will repeat tomorrow as well. And so, Nick forgot his previous conversation with the Emperor about not entering his bed chamber and entered it as soon as the ceremony ended!

"Ahhh, get out!!"

Nick who had walked in prepared with his usual line of introduction was stunned to find a girl shrieking while covering her chest! Startled Nick hurriedly walked back out and slammed the door shut!

But then, after a few seconds, he remembered what he saw in that room and was surprised, to say the least. So, unable to control his curiosity he walked back inside, only to be welcomed by another shriek!!

"Why do you keep coming inside?! Can't you see that I'm not fully dressed?!!" The woman was trying her hardest to use her hands to cover parts of her body, but sadly she couldn't cover all her body at the same time so she kept on screaming as she just kept her hand roaming all over her body, giving Nick the opportunity to see everything beneath her hands!

"Cough cough ahem, but lady, you are wearing a full body armor...?" Yes, Nick could not for the life of him understand what the woman was thinking. She was wearing an armor that covered her from head to toe not even showing her face through the helmet and yet she was shrieking like she was naked?!

Unable to take it anymore the lady quickly ducked behind the large bed and only poked out her head and stared at Nick with righteous anger!

"Only the Emperor can see me this bare!! Please leave so that I can get fully dressed!" The woman cried out.

Nick was honestly confused, if wearing such a large piece of armor was considered bare then what did this silly woman consider properly dressed?

"It's fine, just stay behind the bed, it won't bother me anyway. My name is Jack sparrow, and I'm the new head chef of the palace! A pleasure to meet you, also, I officially start work tomorrow after you're gone so please don't try to order me around before then." Nick ignored the lady's pleas and went on with his introduction.

"Oh, ahh, I'm Angela, the...the Empress of the day! It...was a pleasure, meeting you...can you leave now, I need to get properly dressed, pleeeeease!" The woman now had tears in her eyes threatening to fall out at any time. She was so embarrassed!

Nick would have continued ignoring the woman but he was truly curious to see what this extremely shy lady considered fully dressed so he calmly walked out and waited to be called back in!

And after five or so minutes Nick finally had a chance to reenter the room.

" can come in now...but gently please." Nick could only follow the instruction as he slowly opened the door and walked inside.

"Hel...hello, did you want...something?" The woman asked when she saw Nick had walked in, only to receive utter silence as a response!

Mecha suit! The lady was wearing a small sized mecha suit! Nick couldn't believe his eyes, did this woman usually walk around wearing this large hunk of metal?!


"Ahhhh, sorry about that, I got distracted by your graceful beauty..." Nick had used his usually bullshitting line only to realize that what he said was pretty stupid, what beauty was he able to see from looking at a mech suit?

"Th...thank you, I try to dress up when I can..." The lady looked extremely shy as she gently fiddled with here large metal finger causing sparks to fly everywhere.

"Can I ask, why do you wear such a large piece of armor around, not that I think it lessens your beauty, I'm just curious that's all." Nick had already figured that none of the Emperor's women were sane so he could only pray that there was a reasonable explanation for how the woman dressed and acted.

"Umm, well, that, this, okay. I'll tell you, but you have to keep it a secret okay?! The only reason I'm telling you this is because you are the first person to understand the charm of my light clothing."

Nick was speechless, was this considered light clothing?!! Then what was her idea of heavy clothing, a transformer?!!

"Well, you see it all started a long time ago when I lived in a small village far away from the city! In that village, my parents were both known for their appearances and they were each named the charming prince and the gorgeous princes!"

"But one day, when I was eight I walked out of the house and walked around my neighborhood, trying to find something interesting to spend my time. But that's when I ran into him, the man that people in the neighborhood called the Blind Fool!"

"Although I don't know why people called him Blind Fool considering how his real name was Jeffery but I didn't mind it. But this time I was walking by him so I bowed to him and showed him a sunny smile, but the man just cruelly kept on walking while repeatedly spitting on the ground and scratching his bum!"

"I have never felt so humiliated in my life! How could someone ignore a cute little girl like me, was the man blind?! But then I slowly came to understand, it wasn't that he was ignoring me because he wanted to, it was just because I was too hideous!"

"And so after that day I kept on pilling on clothes to cover my self, but still not feeling secure I soon turned to metal and after a few years, I was able to design a multitude of armored clothing that could hide my true ugly appearance!"

"I was lucky though, I was able to encounter the Emperor by accident when I was bathing, and even though I was terrified and scared he complimented me and told me I was beautiful! So from then on, I've been his wife, loving and taking care of him, and after fifty-two years I will give my self to him!" The shy Empress finished.

Nick had never had his head hurt this much in his life! First of all, the man was blind, so of course, he didn't see you! Secondly, don't you think it's too dramatic to wear such a ridiculously large pieces of armor as clothing just because a man ignored you?!

And the third and most importantly did the woman just say that the Emperor will not have sex with her for another fifty-two years?!!

"Wh...pfttt...why fifty-two years?!!" Nick who was trying hard to stop himself from laughing asked.

"Well, I promised him I will remove on peace of my armor for every night we sleep together, and since I sleep in the same bed as him once a month, based on my calculations it will take be fifty-two years to remove my armor completely!"

NIck was lost for words, how many components or pieces did this armor have exactly?!

"Then, if I'm not intruding, can I ask, what do you and the Emperor do exactly when you are together at night?" Nick was honestly curious.

"I se...serve my husband with my hands...ahhh!" Unable to handle the embarrassment the shy little mecha turned around and covered her face with her hands.

" take off the armor on your hands when you service him right?!" Nick's eyes were about to pop out!

"No, I actually put on a more powerful a gauntlet to do it!" The confused Empress didn't understand, did cleaning the room for the Emperor require her to undress her hands?

Nick, who had a vivid imagination, that ran wild with any thought it encountered finally met its match as he the thought of a large metal hand playing with Emperor's little drill almost made him want to shoot himself!

Silently Nick walked out of the room and back to his residence! Today his innocent mind has been tainted...and the little innocent child in him also died...

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