The Emperor's System
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The Emperor's System
Author :Lazyfatmonk
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81 New title

Nick sat in his private study in the new residence and began to meditate. Trying his best to clean his tainted mind that had been repeatedly dirtied by the Emperor's women.

The first one was trying her best to tempt him into bed, with her actions, poses, and even words. She was a god damn succubus! The second one was a gangster that liked ruining his appetite, the exact opposite of the first one, picking her nose constantly and spitting phlegm onto her hands for a shake!

It was just too much for Nick to handle by this point! So he was now trying to take a break from those women and focus his attention on the mine west of the city, which, if what the Mr.Green guy said was true, contained enough Dark heavenly gold to feel his needs!

This was his first goal because the others were close and he could probably get to them at any time, even though it obviously wouldn't be easy! So, now he had to think of a way to get the Dark heavenly gold first.

It wasn't troublesome to actually steal some of the ore and escape, but with the amount he needed, he would at least need to break open the mine and suck it up entirely! And with that sort of commotion let alone the general protecting the mine, even the Emperor would surely arrive shortly to teach him a lesson!

And so, after thinking in that pose for about eight hours Nick heard Maggi calling his name and running around the residence trying to find him, and just as Nick was about to get up he suddenly understood why she was looking for him, and he was surprised to find his legs had fallen asleep, which based on his cultivation should never happen, It was truly a mystery.

"Big bro Nick, it is time to distribute rations! But...can't you give me one more? I have been such a good girl!"And even though Nick had come up with a great excuse not to head out and meet her by just assuming his leg was asleep, this didn't stop the persistent girl from sniffing him out!

"Where is your brother?" Nick completely ignored her request and diverted the topic. It was such a waste to buy and give away chocolate with one domineering point! Nick even swore not to buy anymore unless the kids did something that especially deserved it!

"He's in his bedroom weeping..." Maggi replied nonchalantly.

"I'll be going out for a while, you and your brother are to stay in the residence and behave yourselves! When Peter comes back, make sure to tell him that I've left him in charge of you and that I will return either tomorrow or late in the night so he shouldn't wait up." Nick then disappeared right in front of Maggi, making sure not to give her an opportunity to continue asking him for chocolate!

Nick who had left the palace grounds immediately found a secluded alley and used the disguise skill to change his appearance completely! No longer was he a handsome young man that would spark the envy of the heavens and attract the eyes of countless prostitutes, he was now an ordinary-looking old man whose cultivation was at the fifth rank of the Origin realm!

On the way back out of the city, the guards stopped him and asked him for an exit fee, and even though Nick was enraged at the stupifying request of asking for a fee both when one entered and left he still decided to pay it as he reached into the satchel on his waist.

But just as Nick was about to hand over the stones to the guard he was surprised to find the guard sprawled on the ground breathing unevenly and clutching his little guy as if it would run away the next second!

Nick couldn't understand what was wrong with the man, but he could only regretfully keep the stones back into the satchel and disappear at his fastest speed! And not even three seconds later a few other guards rushed over to help their fellow comrade!

"Hans!!! What's wrong with you buddy, what happened, why are sprawled out on the ground scrunched up in pain?!! Were you attacked?! Or maybe...did you maybe play too hard in the brothel?" A Guard who was good friends with the man on the ground kept on barraging him with questions.

"Trickery! Smile, man smile, hand in the satchel, tell me he give me tip, me happy!! But man then smirk, smirk so evil, then feet move to the middle of legs, baam, baam, baam, evil man say that was the tip, the tip of his foot!" Incoherently the man spoke out what happened but none of them understood him!

Nick who was miles away now had changed his appearance again, he knew that it was illegal not to pay the exit fee and that his poster will surely be posted everywhere!

But he really had to thank Maggi, after he saw her attacking the two fatties the other day using here feet, he got inspired and decide to try it out, and the results were truly satisfactory, the man was too busy staring at his hands that were grabbing energy stones that he didn't even notice the foot positioned right in the middle of his legs, which was exactly when Nick launched his strike!

Ding! New title acquired! Genitalia Crusher!

[Genetalia Crusher: The host's extremely weird obsession about attacking other people's reproductive organs has gained him this title! The title grants the user the ability to choose what level of destruction the enemy will suffer when the Deception fist is used! The choices are, Erectile dysfunction, ballbusting, Super Std, and completed destruction!

Erectile dysfunction- if this level of destruction is chosen, the attacked person if male will not be able to make his little soldier stand in attention ever again! Never will he be able to entertain the ladies!

If the person attacked is female, the woman will not be able to feel any source of excitement or pleasure in that area no matter how hard she tries!

Ball busting-if this level of destruction is used it will not cause the male or female to suffer and will only make sure that they can never have children!

"Super std- This will give the attacked a super pumped dose of STDs with a special blend of herpes, Hiv, chlamydia, gonorrhea and so many more! (Reminder, please wear a glove when using this level, stay safe!)

Complete destruction-Don't ever use this, it's too gruesome!]

Nick was stupefied by his new title! The system had given him the deception fist technique and when he used it, accused him of being obsessed with attacking that area! but he didn't mind, this way was good too, he can now control and choose the level of destruction he will cause and no longer need to make every person he attacks hopeless!

But the std part scared him a little, if he used that and attacked with his fist wouldn't he also catch them?! He was honestly scared of using that one. And the last one was even more horrifying, how horrifying was it that even the system classified it as gruesome!

"Hey, old geezer, when you get a physical body let me practice this technique on you. please? Don't worry I will only use the Erectile dysfunction level of destruction when I attack you! Well...I might also use the Complete destruction level of the attack because I'm curious to see what the system considered gruesome!"

While traveling Nick kept on trying to initiate a conversation with Old geezer out of boredom but only received the silent treatment the whole way.

But what Nick didn't know was that the Old geezer that had always been overbearing was now pleading with the system to retract this insane title!

"Come on system, please just this once! I will not ask for anything ever again! Please take away this horrific title! The day that I need to materialize in front of the boy is fast approaching, and if he decided to get revenge on me then...Ahhhh! Please help me, take away the skill and title!!"

Ding! Sorry, request denied! Rewards handed out cannot be retracted!

"Ahhh, I'm screwed, the boy is vengeful, and with all the stupid and insane quests that I've handed him, he will definitely attack me! Oh, my poor little guy!!! You will have to suffer the evil man's wrath!! You did no wrong, so innocent, swaying in the wind carefree, why did daddy annoy the Evil man and make an enemy for you!"

Nick who was focused on running toward the metal forest was stunned when he suddenly received a reply from the Old geezer and almost tripped!

"Little brat, let's be friends from now on! Let's let bygones be bygones, and swear never to attack or harm each other in any way!" The Old geezer that had always taught others to be domineering was now doing the exact opposite! But no one would blame him considering what was at stake!

He had previously witnessed countless years ago the horror of the Complete destruction level of the Deception fist skill! And the outcome was horrifying! If that ever happened to him then he didn't know if he could continue living!

Nick who notice the unusual behavior of the geezer just ignored him and kept on traveling. The old geezer might have offered a cease-fire but who knows if he could be as trustworthy as Nick and keep his promise! Nick in his life could only trust people as honest and open-minded as he was, not people that were so calculative and cruel as the Old geezer!

Deep in the night in the middle of a dark forest, a shadow kept on hopping from tree to tree. The shadow was agile as a monkey as he didn't stay on a tree for more than a second before jumping to the next one! But the man was able to accomplish this due to the wild flames on his feet that gave him enough speed!

But weirdly, even though the man's feet were bathed in flames of an extremely high temperature, the trees he stepped on didn't burn or catch fire! Instead, every time he stepped on a tree a weird metal clang was heard as if he was stepping on a metal plate!

This was the metal forest, known for having weird trees made of metal, and the shadow leaping about was Nick, who was heading deeper into the forest in the direction of the mine!

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