The Emperor's System
83 Poor General
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The Emperor's System
Author :Lazyfatmonk
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83 Poor General

"What is going on here?!!!" Suddenly, amidst the wails and cries of the soldiers, General Kane walked back out of his tent and questioned.

He didn't understand, nobody was sounding the alarm so it was impossible for there to be an attack, yet, he definitely didn't stab too many butts tonight so it didn't explain why so many of them were crying in pain!

The soldiers that were previously convinced that it was their General attacking them were astonished when they saw him stepping out of his tent! Did this mean that it wasn't him shooting the arrows?! Then that meant...!

"Intruder!!! General, there's an intruder here!!!" The soldiers who had now realized what was going on cried out as they rang the alarm!

Nick who was watching all this on the tree wasn't the least bit flustered as he just kept on issuing commands to his clone and eating popcorn.

The clone then fired five arrows simultaneously at the vitals of General Kane before rushing deep into the forest!

"Hmph! Insignificant tricks!!!" The General had immediately noticed the arrows and following their trajectory of fire! He located the shadow on the tree who was now fleeing deep into the forest.


The General was surely worth his reputation as he actually blocked four of the arrows with his dagger while running rapidly deep into the forest! But, the fifth arrow was a little more tricky so he had to stop a moment to doge the arrow before keeping chase, the arrow that had missed its target sank into the ground as if it was a hot knife on butter!

Nick, of course, didn't plan on making his clone escape, he was just trying to make sure that there was a safe enough distance before he had his clone hide the bow in one of the denser bushes!

After doing that his clone kept on running for a few more minutes before the General caught up eventually. The clone which was made while Nick was using the disguise skill was also made in the form of Nick's last appearance so there was no risk of people finding out his identity.

"To think that there would be a day when someone would dare intrude on my camp alone!! This is a stain on my reputation that I can never wipe off!" General Kane furiously roared as he pointed his short dagger at the clone! But his eyes kept on darting toward the clone's butt insidiously!

It was as if he couldn't wait to vent his frustration on it! But Nick, who was going to view and remember everything that the clone would experience would definitely not let that happen!

"Sigh, to think that there would be a day, where I, the famous Butt arrow King, would be caught!" Nick's clone sighed out heavily with his eyes filled with regret!

Nick who was still on that tree beside the camp was watching this scene play out through the eyes of his clone and felt really emotional. His clone's acting skills were truly amazing, almost as good as his! The clone had perfectly portrayed the emotion and action of a lonely hero about meet his end!

"Do you regret it?!! It wouldn't matter if you do though, to actually attack my men while I'm still in the camp is a sin worth tens if not hundreds of stabs to the butt!" General Kane really seemed furious!

"Well, since I'm already caught then I might as well ask. Why do you stab people on the butt?" Nick really wanted to know, he was so curious that it was eating him up inside!

"Sigh, since you are surrendering then I'll tell you! Everyone looks down on me because of this issue, many generals, my family, and even my own men, yet there are only a few people that actually know the reason I do it!"

"It is your luck that you are now part of the few that know! I stab the butt because....... It is fun!"


"It's very fun, think about it, in this day and age where people like to lash people's backs, stab them in heart, chop of their necks, and break their skull, don't you find it a little too boring?!! I find it better to see my enemies having trouble walking, unable to sit down, and repeatedly cursing me out....isn't that just more fun?!!!"

The general was patiently explaining his reasons, and even though it might have sounded pointless and annoying to most where they wouldn't understand the General's weird way of thinking! But this wasn't an issue for Nick, because he also had the same theory!

Why chop of down your enemies when you can give them Stds!!!

Deception fist!!! Std level destruction!


While the General was explaining Nick's clone had been steadily getting closer and closer before launching the Deception fist!

And true to its name the General saw a fist approaching his face and raised his hands to guard it but, the true fist had deceptively appeared right beside his little joystick and struck!

"Woooo!!! Bastard!!" The General was suffering from unimaginable pain, but true to his name he remained standing and launched a counter-attack with his dagger!

Sneaky dagger technuie!

The General had suddenly appeared behind Nick's clone and was now stabbing his sharp transcendence level dagger at the clone's butt!

"Be careful where you stab, you might just detonate something!" The clone that was being attacked then some ominous words nervously, which were totally ignored by Kane!

And just as the dagger was a centimeter from the clone's butt, Nick remotely triggered the Death monger's ultimate skill, Clone Explosion!!!


An explosion ten times Nick's strongest attack could only be imagined as it immediately decimated a large portion of the forest and even destroyed the General's transcendence level armor and dagger! And even the study metal trees weren't spared as most of them were burnt to ash!

As for the General, he was still alive but heavily injured and breathing raggedly. He was in so much pain that he deeply regretted it! Why didn't he listen to the man when he said that he could detonate something if he attacked there?!!

Nick who was now running towards the explosion site felt a sense of loss. He was truly going to miss the Butt arrow king! But now wasn't the time to think of that since there was an important matter to deal with at the moment!

So, Nick traveled at his fastest speed towards the heavily injured general! Because Nick had to get to him before the soldiers did!!! Picking up the bow on his way, Nick was relieved when he saw that had to manage to arrive earlier than the soldiers did. Thankfully the Crimson step technique was true its name in being a transcendence realm technique!

Then Nick used Dragon eyes to see how close the soldiers had gotten, but was relieved when he saw that it would take them at least a minute to catch up.

Then, without delay, Nick changed his appearance to look like the General, while inspecting the General from head to toe to make sure he had the details right!

But then...

Uuagg! Vomit!

Nick couldn't understand what was wrong with the Generals Joystick?!! Was this really because he used the Std destruction level of the technique?!!

The thing was fully green and covered with mold!!! It looked so horrific that Nick had to vomit for a while before he created a clone to carry the General away!

But when the clone received the command he gave Nick a pleading look and sent Nick a request!

'Main body, can't you just blow me up!!! Please just blow me up!'

But Nick ignored the clone, and had him carry the general far away, deep onto the metal forest! He obviously wouldn't touch that Std infested body with his main body!

"General is the intruder dead?!!" The soldiers who had now arrived asked as they looked around alertly and covered Nick, who now looked like their general, defensively. The explosion had truly shocked them and looking at the General's favored armor and dagger broke to pieces on the ground, they were truly wary!

"Hmph! Ignorant! He thought that he could defeat me just because he was handsome, kind, and innocent!!! I stabbed him on the butt until the bastard exploded! Thankfully I survived the explosion though." Nick who was now pretending to be the general made a scornful remark before commanding the men to return to camp and following behind them.

"General, should we notify the palace of what happened?!!" A soldier that seemed to be his second in command asked on the way.

"Are you planning on making me and this troop a laughing stock?! How could we admit to such a thing?! Since we have already dealt with the culprit, and at such a high cost of losing my weapon and armor why also insist on losing my reputation?!" Nick then smack the soldier on the head hard, before walking ahead.

The soldier who had was being reprimanded had initially expected being attacked as he hurriedly grabbed his butt, yet he didn't expect the attack to land on his head and was planted face-first into the ground!

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