The Emperor's System
87 One material down!
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The Emperor's System
Author :Lazyfatmonk
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87 One material down!

Deep inside the metal forest, in a dark and creepy mine, a man covered with blue flames encompassing four meters around him was walking deeper steadily. The man that was putting on this ridiculous show was obviously Nick.

Earlier he had spent five minutes outside flooding the mine with flames only stopping when he felt his energy running a little low. So, even though Nick wasn't fully convinced that he had killed every spider in the mine he had no choice but to take the risk and walk inside.

But along the way, he figured the consumption of using the flames shouldn't be much if he just had it surround his body. So now Nick was walking inside calmly, fully confident that any spider within four meters would become grilled, crispy!

Wob wob, wob wob, wob wob!

Suddenly, from the deepest parts of the mine, a sound, akin to an amplified heartbeat spread out! And with each step Nick approached, the louder the sound became.

It wouldn't take a genius to figure that this was the heart of the mine. So, not willing to spend to much time in this dump of a mine, Nick hastened his pace and began running to the place the sound was coming from.

And after countless twists and turns, Nick finally appeared inside a large spacious cave. And at the end of this cave rested a beating cacoon covered with the liquid form of Dark heavenly gold!


Nick was unwilling to hear the heart out! First of all, its voice was incredibly eerie, and secondly and most importantly, it was just to slow!

Dragon eyes, soul attack!

Immediately after the attack, the heart released a high pitched scream then quieted back down, but one could see that it's beating had become slower! He had used the dragon eyes because the heart had a weak consciousness and was incredibly susceptible to soul attacks!

But if Nick had chosen to attack the heart with brute force then the heart would have used its incredible ability to manipulate the Dark heavenly gold in the mine to strike back, which would have been extremely disadvantageous considering Nick's current level of abilities.

'System, what now?' Nick had launched one attack already, and considering how weak the heart had already gotten it would immediately die if launched another one.

Ding! Host, please place your hand on the heart to commence heart extraction!

Nick looked at the pieces of Dark heavenly gold still being controlled by the heart as a shield and felt awkward. How was he going to place his hand on that thing when it was so well protected?!

"Hey there, sorry for the attack earlier, the reason for the sudden attack was because you had startled me. I am usually a very nonviolent person, you can ask anybody." Nick was unable to attack the heart again for fear of accidentally killing it, so he could only resort to coaxing the little bastard!

"" The heart had a lot left to say but wasn't given an opportunity since Nick interrupted prematurely. Nick just didn't have the patience to keep listening to this!

"No, I'm not lying! I swear! And I'm not a bad person at all, most people outside this mine call me the living buddha because I am just that kind, the beggars on the street call me a fool because anyone can take advantage of me, and I would give a person the shirt of my back, or even the underwear I'm wearing without hesitation!"


Nick wasn't even listening to the heart anymore, he was just steadily approaching the shield covering it! The heart also noticed Nick was getting closer but chose to ignore him since it was confident in the shield it had erected.

"Damn, you must be very wonder..." Nick simply made a comment as if by accident while his eyes inspected the shield created from Dark heavenly gold.

His thinking was simple, tell the heart it was ugly, make it mad so that it will show its appearance to prove him wrong, and then he would touch it and extract it! It was a plan that he remembered a legend in his previous world using!

That legend was known to most on earth. He was dedicated and had incredible stamina, he was the kind that didn't eat or sleep, relentlessly chasing after his target, episode after episode! His name was Tom, actor in the famous cartoon series, Tom and Jerry!

That cat had thought countless children around the world that no matter how many times you make a fool out of yourself and fuck up, you should never give up! This cat was Nick's childhood hero, screw Jerry, that mouse was a fucking tease, always appearing a playing around the cat yet never letting him get it!

But sadly Nick's impeccable plan failed since the heart didn't have a face, and truthfully didn't even know what ugly meant!

Unable to get through the shield with words or with force Nick could only pace around the room racking his brain for a solution!

"Hey, Old geezer, does a mine heart reproduce?" Nick asked a very weird question.

"Uhhhh, well, I wouldn't put anything past you...but to answer your question, no they don't reproduce, they only devour other ore hearts!"

Nick simply ignored the geezer's first remark as he instead focused on the second! Then Nick walked over to the other side of the wall and used the disguise skill.

The Dark heavenly gold heart was hiding behind the shield unable to see anything, he didn't even know if the mean stinky human had left, so it decides to check.

"Human," The wary heart asked.

" handsome, ahh I mean..," Damn it, it was difficult talking like that, Nick had never thought that speaking slowly would be his one true weakness!

The Dark heavenly gold heart was stunned for a moment but was soon unable to contain it's curiosity as he parted the shield lightly and took a peak. And the moment it did it was stupefied, there, on a wall that had been empty for years was an Ore heart that looked exactly like him swaying side to side!

"Who...?" The heart was confused, since when was there another heart in his mine.

"!!!" Nick was unable to handle this slow-paced situation, in fact, he was about to tell the system to simply extract the mineral and kill the heart, that thing was just to slow and annoying!

"Okay." The Dark heavenly gold heart didn't trust humans, but it trusted on of its own, it was natural for hearts to eat each other, and usually, the weaker would be devoured, but the eaten's consciousness wouldn't disappear but will become one with the eater's consciousness instead!

Nick had not expected the heart to come out of its shell and approach him so openly! Was it really that stupid, or was it just simply to lustful, but none of that mattered now since he was about to finish up here!

The Dark heavenly gold was approaching Nick while floating in the air, it was truly excited about finding another heart to meld with! Maybe with both of them combined they can force these stupid humans to stop plundering this mine!

But then, just as the Dark heavenly gold heart was within reach, Nick immediately transformed back into a human and hugged the Heart tightly, leaving it no room for escape!

Ding! Commencing extraction!

"You...ugly...fuck" This was all the heart was able to say before it was fully extracted!

Ding! Dark heavenly gold heart extracted. Placed in the host's personal storage space!

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

As soon as the system finished extracting the heart away it also began absorbing the Dark heavenly gold inside the Mine, and almost seconds later the mine began to tremble and collapse on itself!

"Shit! Can't you wait for me to leave first?!!" Nick roared out as he unleashed the Crimson steps and sped out! But in the middle of his escape, he realized that his speed just wasn't enough! So, Nick took a gamble and replace the red flames supporting his technique to the blue life flame!

Ding! The host has created a new technique! Blue life escape technique, grade- Immortal king level!


Nick was just running to fast and his perception was unable to keep up so he kept on repeatedly crashing into the walls of the mine! But thankfully the Dark heavenly gold in the walls had nearly all been extracted and Nick's physical body strength was at the Origin ream so he didn't suffer much.

And Nick didn't dare to slow down so he just kept going through each wall using his body, but he made sure to shield his precious face with his arms as he did.

Freedom! Finally, after being struck repeatedly by walls Nick managed to see the entrance and soon left the godforsaken mine.

Rumble! Rumble!

Nick stood panting outside the mine as he watched the mine collapse and pretty soon turn it a patch of even land!

Ding! Material for the main mission, Dark heavenly gold acquired, five hundred tons! The excess of the material has been stored in the host's storage space!

What was a fruitful reward, this was it! He had not only gained the material for the mission, but also gained a lot of it in excess, and even the mine heart to sweeten the deal!

Now Nick could return to the palace at ease! He had actually accomplished something so terrifying so easily! He had robbed a mine in just one night after coming here, in fact, if one were to be technical, it had only taken him a few hours to do it!

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