The Emperor's System
88 And, Action!
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The Emperor's System
Author :Lazyfatmonk
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88 And, Action!

Nick was all done now, and all that remained was leaving behind a person to blame. This was an easy task for Nick since he had the Disguise skill, but he had something a little bit special in mind for this one! If Nick had to describe it, he would say he was about to make a special drama...

Around an hour later, the group that had gone on a 'short' and 'slow' jog through the forest came back panting, with Nick's clone, who was currently disguised as General Kane leading them. General Kane was leading them while singing and the crowd following him were repeating it!

"I will run and lose this fat!" General Kane would sing.

"I will run and lose this fat!" The soldiers and miners would repeat.

"Or Kane and butt will have a chat!" General Kane would sing.

"Or Kane and butt will have chat!" The crowd would repeat, but you would notice that some of them would begin jogging faster!

"What?!!!!" Suddenly as the crowd finally entered the Mine camp from the forest they all gasped at empty and now plane field! Where did the mine go?!!

"What is going on here?!!" The clone, disguised as the General suddenly roared out, playing his part in the drama very well.

"Hahahaha!" Suddenly, from the right side of the camp, a boisterous laugh spread out through the camp as a figure dressed fully in a super tight suit approached step by step towards the General and the others.

Nick had thought very hard about what costume he should dress his clone for the show, and, after pacing around for a long time and thinking about it, he decided to dress his clone in a superman suit!

Yes, he chose to dress his clone as the hero in tights, the only hero perverted and daring enough to wear his underwear over his suit!

Then, Nick informed Clone Kane the plan, after which he sat on top of a very large tree with an amazing vantage point, while yelling, 'Action'!

The Clone wearing the superman outfit came out laughing like a typical villain in the movies. And now it was General Kane's scene.

"Hmph! Who are you?! And what did you do to the mine?!" General Kane roared out!

"Hehehe, my name is Greg!!!" Superman said.

Nick sighed, how were these his clones, such a terrible naming sense! How can he call himself a villain with a name like Greg?!

"So, Greg, what happened here?! Where is the Mine?!" General Kane was sticking to his lines perfectly, but he should be a little less stiff, Nick commented inside.

"I destroyed it! And I also took the Mine heart so it can't replenish itself!" Superman was really amazing with acting, but he should stop scratching his butt, even if the tight suit was itchy he should at least bear with it and not ruin my image, Nick commented inside!

After every line the Clones said out, Nick would make a professional comment inside about their acting. Nick really enjoyed this, it was no wonder that the Directors of movies are extremely abusive, the power of having a scene your mind come to life was just too addicting!

"Oh, you did what?! Today, I swear in the name of the Nova Empire and my title as its General that I will erase you from this world if it's the last thing I do!!!" General Kane 'enraged' roared out and walked towards the middle of the Minning camp with his dagger!

"Shesheshe, aren't you the lively one? A rat from a measly Nova Empire dares to declare war on someone from the Lion Empire?!" The Superman Clone laughed at General Kane in mockery.

"Lion Empire?!!" General Kane screamed in horror, making sure that the soldiers and Miners behind him heard it well.

"Damn it! It's actually the Lion Empire, this is terrible!" One of the soldiers suddenly said.

"Hmph! True, your Empire is stronger than ours, but, as the General of the Nova Empire, I can not let you trample on the dignity of this Empire! So, what I'm trying to say is...fuck your horny lion Empire!" General Kane, who had always been hated by his man was for once truly respected, such a heroic General!

"You dare insult my glorious Empire?! Then, I will also make an oath as well! Today, I will erase you, General Kane, from this earth!" Furious, the Superman clone walked up to the middle of the mine as well.

Then Nick, who was perched upon the tree gave out an order to his clones, now have a cat Fight! But he immediately regretted it, he had completely forgotten how his clones had to take his orders literally!

"Ahhh, bastard! You dare to scratch me?! I bite you! Bite! Bite! I Bite you to death!"

"Fuck your mother with the tentacles of an octopus! You mother fucker, why are you pulling my hair?!!"

"I hope you go to prison and drop the soap! Why are you slapping me repeatedly just like I did to your wife's butt?!"

The miners, the soldiers, and even Nick, who was the mastermind behind this show was stunned speechless! They might sound like they were cursing each other but as his clones, their curses were actually directed at him, the main body!

'Enough! quickly finish up the fight and perform the last scene in the drama!' Nick furiously ordered his clones mentally.

"Hmph! Take this!" Suddenly Superman pushed the General away and unleashed his ultimate move!

Lion's roar!

Suddenly a majestic black lion appeared behind Superman and unleashed a roar that immediately weakened the General and knocked a few miners unconscious!

Superman didn't unleash the skill at full power, because Nick had instructed it not to. Nick needed people to witness this skill, not fall unconscious and miss it!

"OMG!!! So, you are truly a noble from the Lion Empire! The only people that cultivate the Black lion form of the technique are the royals of the Empire! With just one look at the black lion manifestation behind you, one would be able to tell your identity!!!" The General spoke so loud that the miners and soldiers behind him wondered why it sounded like he was talking to them instead.

"Snort! Now you know who you are dealing with right?!" Superman said pridefully!

"Hahahaha, never in my life have I feared an enemy, and I'm not about to start now!" The General suddenly seemed to have relaxed as he smiled slightly when he said these words.

Then, he turned to the soldiers and miners behind him and said.

"I know that most of you despise me, but I don't care! What I've done I did for my Empire and you all! Every butt I stabbed made you all more vigilant on the battlefield and saved your lives! I didn't stab you in the butt out of hate, I did it out of love!!!" The General made a touching speech, it was obvious that he was preparing to sacrifice himself!

Nick had written this scene to make it touching and tragic, he wanted the General to move his men, only then can his masterpiece be complete!

And it was working! All the soldiers felt their tears well up as they emotionally rubbed their butts. These butts carried so many memories.

"But what about when you stabbed your enemies in the butt?" The fat miner that had spoken up when Nick ordered them to jog spoke up again! He really hated this General and wouldn't let him die loved.

"Well...I didn't want to show favoritism..." Nick racked his brain until he began to sweat and fed the General a line.

The fat miner sneered, then was about to continue speaking when superman spoke up all of a sudden.

"Wow, even I am amazed at your dedication General Kane. Why don't you come and join my Empire?! I swear that your position wouldn't be any lower than it is here, and will in fact become higher!" Superman said admiringly, while, as if by accident throwing a large boulder at the fat miner!

Dong! The miner fell after rolling his eyes.

"Oupss! I was just throwing a pebble, I didn't intend on harming anyone. Sigh, sorry about that." Superman looked truly apologetic.

"Enough! I will never abandon Nova, not until the next life at least! Come!" Suddenly, the General roared and rushed up to superman and gave him a bear hug, before taking him flying into the air. Then activating the death monger skill he began to inflate, about to blow up any second!

"People of Novaaaaaaa!!! Never fear, I will always be with you, in your hearts and your butts!" From the General's eyes a single tear fell, and with it, the hearts of both soldiers and miners!

Booom!! A terrifying explosion spread through the sky!

"General! Wuuuuuu"

"Nooooo! Please don't leave us!!!"

"Why do heroes have to die so young?!!"

Nick was amazed, such an incredible drama, did he really write, direct and produce it?! Since when was he so talented?!

"You think that I will die like that?!! Damn it! It will take me a week to recuperate from these injuries!!!" The voice of superman suddenly appeared in another part of the forest!

"Damn it! He survived it! And he's escaping! Quickly inform the Emperor!" The soldiers gave chase into the forest.

But what the soldiers were chasing wasn't actually the first Superman clone but another with the same voice in the forest! The two clones, the General and superman had already blown up!

Nick then calmly dispersed his other clone which was being chased by the soldiers and ran back to Imperial city! He needed to be there later to help put the second plan in motion!

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