The Emperor's System
90 Scandal
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The Emperor's System
Author :Lazyfatmonk
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90 Scandal

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By this time Nick had already entered the city and was now in a dark remote alley changing his appearance back to look like himself.

"You there! What are you doing in a dark alley?! Don't you know that this part of the city is dangerous?!" Suddenly a patrol guard in charge of monitoring the city walked into the alley and scolded Nick.

"Huh? O...okay, sorry, I didn't know that it was dangerous. I will get going then." Nick couldn't insult or attack a man who warned him for his own good so found himself at a loss. It was against Nick's nature to be polite and silent, he was usually snarky, a know it all, annoying or sneaky! So he found honest people very hard to deal with!

"Okay boy, go home quickly! Your parents would be worried sick about you if they knew where you were, be filial and don't worry them so much, is that clear boy?!"

"Well...I actually don..." Nick found this kind of person very disconcerting.

"I said is that clear boy?!!!" The Patrol guard asked with a roar.

"WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU YELLING BASTARD?!! Go and mind your own fucking business!!!" Nick could only handle so much yelling, why can't people just speak softly, like him? After yelling till his heart content Nick walked out of the alley in angry stomps.

But after walking away from the alley and entering the main street Nick felt like he had done wrong! Why did he yell at the man who was trying to help him?! Was it perhaps because the man gave him a semblance of the parental love that he deeply desired?! Or was it because deep inside he didn't want to believe that there were good people in this world?!

As the hormonal side of Nick took over he began to think like a high school teenage girl as he ran back to the alley to apologize to the Patrol guard.

"Hehe, yes baby! Some brat was here just a while ago hanging in our secret sex spot! And you should have seen me, I chased the boy away by scaring him a little! But why do we always do it in the alley?! How come we never meet anywhere else?!" The Patrol guard's voice came from the alley and reached Nick who was just about to enter it.

The little bastard was actually using the alley to bed some woman?! Nick couldn't have been more furious! This was his second time going through puberty and yet he wasn't any less emotional. He had honestly felt touched with the patrol Guard's words and came to offer a sincere apology which was against his nature to begin with, but the fucktard was shagging in here while talking about him!

Angry, Nick used the blue flames to light up the very dark alley, he wanted to see the face of the bastard that played him clearly! As the alley lit up he caught the Patrol guard in the middle of undressing a woman, while his tongue licked her every were, and everywhere included her forehead...


"Aghhhhhhhhhh! Head chef?!"

"Gangster Empress?!" Nick hadn't expected the woman the Patrol guard was playing with to be the one and only Gangster Empress that picked her nose constantly and spat phlegm on her hands for a handshake!

"Head chef?! Empress?!" But the most terrified at this moment was the Patrol Guard, why was he so unlucky?! He had lectured the Head chef of the palace, and he was then caught tongue washing an Empress?!

But he was also confused, this woman was so uncouth and carried no feminine eloquence, so how in the hell did she become an Empress?! Even he, a mere Patrol guard was disgusted with her and only played with her because he didn't have anybody else to play with...

"Head chef! As your Empress, I command you to dig out your eyes, cut off your tongue, and puncture your eardrums! And you better do this before I go ahead and do it for you!" The Gangster Empress hurriedly put her cloth back on and took out a dagger she had hidden underneath her thigh, ready for murder!

"Oh, my, god! Such a ridiculous plot twist! Wait, is this patrol guard the Emperor's secret bastard brother?! No, maybe he's the noble of a rival Empire here to commit espionage and is using you as a main source of information, cause you know what they say, pillow talk is very dangerous!"

Nick was letting his imagination run wild as storylines from different dramas he watched in his previous life came flooding out. But to the ears of the Empress and the Patrol guard, they sounded like a death sentence! If one of the things Nick was saying ever reached the ears of the Emperor then not only them, even their families would be implicated!

"Didn't you hear me!! Blind yourself, deafen yourself, and cut off your tongue!! I will not say it again!" The Gangster Empress was now only a few meters away from Nick and was hiding the sharp dagger behind her back as she approached.

"Oh, I heard you, why are you so noisy?! As for harming my self...are you perhaps retarded, Empress?! Or did your finger slip while you were picking your nose and touch your brain?! Why the fuck would I listen to you?! You aren't even the Empress today, the last time I saw, it was Mecha girl sleeping in the Emperor's bed-chamber!"

Nick was now floating mid-air with his legs crossed as he spoke, he found standing on his feet a little, not swaggy enough.

"How dare you disrespect the Empress like that?! She is the mother of this Empire, a woman standing above all other women of this Empire!" The Patrol guard was scared and quickly realized that he needed to be a dog right now and humbly hump the Empress's leg if he wanted to survive through this ordeal!

The Empress who had hidden the dagger in her right hand behind her back, while she was scratching her butt hard with the other hand when she heard the guard's praise and couldn't help feeling pleased. Yes, she was awesome, in fact, she didn't want to sound petty in front of the other Empresses but, the Emperor always said she was his favorite!

But what would this retarded woman know, the Emperor usually said that to all his wives during sex. That was the goto line he always used to make the Empresses forget about how bad he was in bed by making them feel better about themselves.

"What mother of the Empire?! We have thirty Empresses, do the math buddy, how can she possibly be above all women in the Empire when she has so many equals! And if she is the Empire's mother, and you are fucking her, does that mean you are fucking your mother?!!!"

"Besides, there is currently another woman in the palace who carries more power than all the Empresses combined!" Nick snorted.

"What?! Who is this brazen woman that dares to make such claims?!" The Gangster Empress stopped where she stood and asked in total shock.

"Her name isn't important, but let me warn you, don't ever touch her chocolate stash, she's very touchy about that!!" Nick sincerely warned them.

"Enough! Let's fight!" The Empress roared and launched her attack, while the patrol guard behind her follow along with his sword.

Nick didn't even attack as he simply just used the Dragon eyes technique's suppression ability to pressure them to the ground! They were both just too weak, the Empress was at the profound realm while the guard was at the first rank of the Origin realm! This wasn't a fair fight at all.

"Now now, don't get too ahead of yourselves! Why attack someone to keep a secret when you can just bribe him?!" Nick then raised his right hand and rubbed his thumb to his index finger, this was the common sign he had seen the traffic officers use when they were asking for a little...' donation' to the 'pay up unless you want to get a ticket' fund.

"Bribe?! Head chef, you've changed! Wuuuuu, and I even educated that perverted boy for you!!!" The Empress found that force wouldn't solve anything in her current situation, so she used the most lethal weapon given to women since birth, tears, and charm!

"Hey, and here I was, about to let the matter rest with a simple bribe, but you had to insult my little brother didn't you?! Only I can call that boy perverted, who gave you the right?! That young boy has a dream, a dream to be Hokage...I mean the Harem King! Who the hell do you think you are to make fun of my little brother's dream!"

Nick was speaking with so much conviction that one wouldn't believe he had just sent his brother to this Empress recently begging her to teach the little pervert a lesson!

"Ummm, excuse me, can I leave? I actually still have a lot of streets to patrol...why don't you and the Empress have a nice chat while I finish up and return." The Patrol guard suggested.

Nick didn't say anything, he just simply stared at the man in awe, what was the meaning of ' hit it and quit it'? This was the meaning!

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