The Emperor's System
91 He knows?!
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The Emperor's System
Author :Lazyfatmonk
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91 He knows?!

The Empress felt betrayed when she heard the Patrol guard she usually had meaningless sex with trying to leave her here while he escaped! Where was the love?! But what she found weird was that Nick was holding an odd silver thing in his hands and was currently staring at it intently!

"Head chef! You better know your place! Yes, I have had sex with this man and countless others in this dark alley, but so what?! I am a woman with needs, should I be waiting a whole month just for sex and such an unsatisfactory one at that?!"

"Now let me warn you, you may be able to tell the Emperor what you've found, but who do you think he will believe, you, a stupid little chef, or me, his Empress wife?! So, before you mouth off something you might regret, let's end it all here! Swear an allegiance oath to me, and we shall pretend nothing happened!" The Gangster Empress finally showed some pride and grace of an Empress!

"Shut the fuck up! How dare you, as an Empress sleep with a man in broad daylight, have you no shame?!" Nick scolded the woman with conviction but then continued staring at the silver thing in hands in anticipation.

"I already told you! My husband is terrible in bed, even sleeping with a carrot would be better! Also, do you think that the Emperor would let you go even if he believed you?! He would probably silence you to stop the spread of rumors then kill me silently! Let's help each other here, you keep my secret, while I also keep my secret, it's a win-win situation!"

"Okay, that's enough! I think I have enough for the camera. Now let's get back to my demands, if you fall short on even one of them then beware that this video will reach the Emperor!" Nick warned, then held the camera he just purchased from the system in front of the Empress while replaying their conversation.

"I already told you! My husband is terrible in bed, even sleeping with a carrot would be better! Also, do you think that the Emperor would let you go even if he believed you?! He would probably silence you to..." Nick paused the video there and retrieved the camera!

"What is this?! How could a measly chef carry around the legendary recording talisman?!" The Empress screamed in shock.

"Enough talking, from now on you speak only to answer my questions! If I even hear one Extra word out of you, then you better prepare yourself for the Emperor might just pay you a visit in the middle of the night, and it won't be to do things that you were currently doing with the patrol guard. hehe"

"Now, the first question, where do all the other Empresses reside when they aren't in the palace? Two, where is the palace vault located? And three, which Empress is the horniest in out of the thirty...?" Nick had asked the first two questions solemnly but couldn't do it with the last one as he felt slightly ashamed, but what can he do, it as all because of that damn geezer!

"Huh? I can tell you what you want to know, but why do you want to know the location of the palace vault?! Also, why did you ask who was the slutiest, don't tell me you actually want to bed one of the other wives?! Well, if you really want to...we can..." By the end of her speech, she seemed to be blushing and trying to act cute.

Nick threw up a little in his mouth, but this seemed to happen a lot when he dealt with this woman.

"Just answer the questions you've been asked! Don't make me strip you naked and throw you both right in the most crowded area of the city! Also, Patrol guard, how are you feeling now that you know that you and the Emperor have had the same woman?"

" be honest sir, I feel slightly underwhelmed, I would have never thought that the Emperor's taste to be so...' refined'." The patrol guard who had already given up on his life didn't mind being a little honest.

"You! Fine, just wait! As for you, chef, I'll answer the questions, and I hope you keep your word and won't spread false...rumors about me! The vault is actually located in the Emperor's bed-chamber, specifically underneath the bed, but he keeps a false vault on the easter side of the palace to hide the true location of the real one!"

Nick had guessed as much when he saw the lack of security on the one Luke showed him, which was exactly why he asked the Gangster Empress this question.

"And the other Empresses and I stay in the Empress town residence in the northern part of the city. We stay there until it is our turn to visit the palace! The place bars all from entering unless they are Empresses or their followers, and even the Emperor isn't allowed inside without the invitation of an Empress! "

"As for your last question, the horniest one of us should be Ariana, she usually doesn't leave her room, and there have been rumors that she plays with herself all day long in there!" The Empress immediately got into 'Gossip mode' as she spoke.

Nick needed information if he was going to proceed forward, and the information received from an Empress should be the most reliable. And considering how he now held something that could ruin this Empress it would be a shame not to use it, right?

"Good, now you only need to do a few other things for me, then we can forget what I saw here. First, use your position as Empress to assign this Patrol guard to the Empress town residence as a guard! Secondly, you will also give me access to the residence so that I can tour the place when I have time!"

Nick needed a lot of things to finish his missions, and one of them was help from the inside.

"Okay, bye for now! Quickly finish the tasks that I've assigned! I want everything I asked for, done by the end of tomorrow!" Nick commanded before he vanished, he was now racing back to the palace so that he would be there when the Emperor received news of what happened at the mine.

Nick didn't slow down until he reached the palace gates, and only then did he slow down and begin walking to the gate calmly with his hands behind his back. He couldn't show that he was anxious or in a hurry right now or it would cause suspicion if the Emperor heard about it later.

Nodding slightly at the guards by the gate Nick then walked in as the gates opened themselves automatically to his arrival. Nick then walked around the palace and slipped in through the back door.

Walking at a faster pace Nick soon arrived at the main hall, this would be where the Emperor usually stayed, so he came here to see if he had heard of the news yet.

"Chef Jack sparrow! Where in the hell have you been?! That measly amount of chocolate you gave me wasn't even enough to fill the gap between my teeth! Quickly hand over all the chocolate bars in your possession! This will be your punishment for not appearing right after you've been called!"

The Emperor was sitting on the throne bored, but when he saw Nick arrive he got so excited that he literally jumped off his seat and ran over to Nick.

"Huh? I think you need to get your teeth checked at, how big is the gap between your teeth when a large chocolate bar can't even fill it?! Anyway, I'm out of chocolate for now, and I won't be able to make it without some special ingredients that can't be found in this Empire."

Nick was able to speak comfortably with the Emperor because he knew that the man won't attack him without a substantial reason, this was especially true since he had already shown that he held some sort of relationship with the lightning sage.

"Ridiculous! How could there be an ingredient found in other Empires that can't be found in mine?!" The Emperor seemed to hold an inferiority complex about his Empire as looked really worked up over what Nick said.

"Well do you have any cocoa?! Any buttermilk?!" Nick asked scornfully.

"Oh, we definitely don't have those here...but wait! How come that little girl that came with you always has chocolate with her?! If she has some shouldn't she offer it to the Emperor?!"

"Shhhhhhh! Are you trying to get us killed?!! Come closer, let me tell you something!" Nick called the Emperor, who was also curious as he inched closer to Nick and looked around the main hall to make sure no one was listening.

"Listen here buddy, even the Lightning sage has to speak politely to that girl! You shouldn't bother her much, her background isn't something the likes of this Empire could handle! Even I am just her chocolate slave, I was tasked to specifically feed her chocolate whenever she asks!"

"Oh, what kind of background are we talking about here?!" The Emperor seemed to had quite the gossip girl in him as he asked.

"I don't know much about them, but I hear they call themselves the Avengers! A band of beings from different origins but with the same goal! To protect that girl, the child of destiny!" Even Nick had no idea where his stories will lead most of the time as they seem to just simply take lives of their own after he begins talking.

"Damn, really?! That is one incredible background that girls got. But, sigh, let me be honest with you Chef Jack." The Emperor seemed utterly depressed as he said talked.


"Today, I found out that six of my women were cheating on me in different parts of the city...wuuuuuuuuuu!" The Emperor that was alright just a moment ago turned to Nick covered with snot and tears as he wailed miserably! The Emperor even shut the doors to the main hall tight in order to make sure no one saw him in his current state.

"Uhhhh, are you sure it's six...?!" Nick asked stupefied.

"Uha, that's what I've heard, I was okay yesterday since it was just three of them, but today six of them cheated on me?! Wuuuuuu, why do women enjoy sleeping around?! Why can't they be like me, faithful!!" The Emperor began crying even more miserably.

"Since...when did the cheating begin though?" This goddamn bitch knows that he's a cockhold already?! He Knows?!

"Wuuuu, that, it began right after I had that...I mean that impersonator sprayed shit all over the city gates! After that I seemed to have lost the respect of my women!! I swear that if I find the man that poisoned...I mean impersonated me, I will make sure to tear his ass with my sword so that he leaks out everywhere!!!"

The Emperor even grabbed at the sword by his waist threateningly.

"Ahhhh, your highness, have you ever heard of the phrase, forgiving your enemy is like forgiving yourself?" Nick clamped his butt tight as he spoke with a slight shiver!

"No, all I know is return blood with blood, and shit with shit, I hope that person is close, only that way can I sniff him out! Do you know, I'm actually blessed with an ability to sense by enemies from miles away!" The Emperor bragged a little.

"..." Nick had nothing else to say, those were some damn good senses!


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